Monday, June 07, 2010

Six Malaysians On MV Rachel Corrie Arriving Home Today


Shamsul Akmar Musa Kamal and Matthias Chang of Perdana Global Peace Organisation (PGPO) and four others -- Parit Member of Parliament Mohd Nizar Zakaria, Ahmad Faizal Azumu, and Halim Mohamed and Mohd Jufri Judin of TV3 -- arrived at KLIA at 7.12pm, from Amman, Jordan.

They were together with five Irish nationals on board the MV Rachel Corrie carrying humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza.

My earlier posting:

The MV Rachel Corrie carrying humanitarian aid for Gaza went as far as it could -- but not far enough, said Shamsul Akmar Musa Kamal, one of the 11 passengers on board the ship.

"We tried our best, but our best was not good enough," he said on arrival in Amman, Jordan.

The MV Rachel Corrie failed in its attempt to break the Israeli siege on Gaza because Israeli forces intercepted it and escorted it to Israel's Ashdod Port.

The passengers were detained in Israel and later sent to Amman, Jordan.

Today, Shamsul Akmar and the five other Malaysians are on their way home and are scheduled to land at KLIA at 7.30pm.


Wake UP! said...

Alhamdulillah they remain unharmed by the Israeli soldiers.

The world must unite in condemning the brutality of the terrorist Israel.

UN should sanction Israel.

Lies by the Israeli terrorists.

Anonymous said...


I pity the people at Gaza and I pity the people who attempted to give them aid.

It says a lot strength, power and unity. Or lack thereof.

Anonymous said...

Why no big heroes welcome & breakfast at Perdana like Sunday's??


Anonymous said...

WHY just pity the Gazans & NOT us poor residents back home !?

Anonymous said...

What are Israeli ships doing at our ports?


Funny how they have been coming and going since 1998. Who are they doing business with here in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

Learn from the Israelis. They opened shop in Hong Kong and operate from there to able to do business with muslim countries as well as Malaysia. They send cargo via ship and fly flags of different countries. Their crew hold passports from different countries. Thus, they are able to go to Port Klang and Penang.

Go undercover. Go as someone or something else. Don't go straight out while announcing it to the whole world. The objective won't be achieved.

Belt Tightener said...

How about us Malaysians being given a primer on the Palestinian conflict. The majority of us are anti-Israel for their expansionist greed, wanton aggression and high-handedness with the blessings of the US, UK and SINGAPORE!

But let's also get all the information. When we say Palestinians, Gaza and West Bank, there are also Christians among them who are similarly persecuted by the Israelis. Hamas is shunned by the Egyptians because of their Muslim Brotherhood origins. Fatah is anti-Hamas. Who is Shia, who is Sunni, at least give some background so we don't make sweeping statements in our support of their plight against the Israeli aggressors.
And another thing, no need to send Foreign Minister all the way to wherever to arrange for our heroes' safe return. Same with sending AG to Uruguay to do bloody what chasing after the lost engines.Jimat blanjer la OOOIIII...!!!

Anonymous said...

The 1st batch of 12 heroes appeared twice on tv1 ...famous already !
pls give the same chance to the 2nd batch !
3rd batch will be kj & crew !
4th .....perkasa ?
5th ......mamaks !?
6th .......!!??

Anonymous said...

Just send 4 people. One who can think of a plan, one who can communicate verbally and non-verbally very well, one who is the muscle and one who is as nutty as a bat but damn good with transport.

The key word here is plan. Have a plan to get the goods delivered. Heroes are those that succeed in their quest.

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