Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Hero From Sungai Siput...

I know Shamsul Akmar, one of the six Malaysians on board the Gaza-bound MV Rachel Corrie that was seized by the Israelis last week, must have been reluctant to accept the invitation to his homecoming -- with a hero's welcome to boot.

I reckon he must have finally relented, seeing that it was his hometown of Sungai Siput, and among kin and kith, family and friends.

Shamsul Akmar Musa Kamal, 47, has been passionate about Palestine and the plight of the Palestinians. Anyone who's been with him, around him --- and not necessarily long enough -- knows that.

A journalist for more than two decades, Shamsul Akmar began his journalistic career with the NST. He later joined the Star and, much later, returned to the NST where he was made the deputy political editor and columnist.
In 2004, he left the newspaper but freelanced as a writer. He later became special officer to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Shamsul Akmar is a graduate of Universiti Teknologi Mara and holds a Masters Degree in War Studies from King's College, University of London.

He is not new to being in dangerous situations in conflict areas. He was on (NST) assignment in Iraq at the height of the US invasion and occupation in 2003, and, before that, in Acheh.

Shamsul was also with the Viva Palestina humanitarian convoy from London to Gaza via Egypt in December last year.

Welcoming their "wira" at the town centre were some 200 people, including Lintang assemblyman Ahamad Pakeh Adam who organised the event with the support of local non-governmental organisations.
Shamsul's wife Hasinah Mohd Ali, 42, and daughters Anis Syuhada, 19, and Anis Juhanna, 15 were with him but his parents Musa Kamal Jabanullah, 73, and Ramlah Mohd Dawi, 71, were unable to be there.

*Shamsul has written three instalments of his journey on the Rachel Corrie for the NST. Read them HERE, HERE and HERE.

(Caption: Top pix- Shamsul gets a hero's welcome. Bottom pix: Baca doa. Pix, courtesy NST)


Old Fart said...

One thing that still escapes me. Why everyone describes the flotilla expedition as dangerous! Why should it be if everyone participating in it are pacifists who would rather die than to raise their hand in anger? What more against the Israeli Commandos! After all had not the Israeli's already told everyone in advance as to what they would do?

I dare say it is even more dangerous holding a candle light vigil anywhere in Malaysia than participating in this flotilla. So why the participants are regarded as heroes, really escapes me. Foolish? Maybe!!

Bingai @ Bangang said...

He might not need the spotlight but his spirit is needed to boost others.

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Das said...

The admission by Reuters that they have been 'spin doctoring' their reports and manually altering their photographs put a different complexion on this incident.
May not be welcome news but the truth should prevail.

AuntieYan said...

Salam Nuraina,

Syabas kepada Em Shamsul! semoga Allah melihat akan niat ikhlas beliau.

Tapi, saya sangat musykil kerana masih ada 'suara-suara sumbang' yang mempertikaikan gelaran 'hero' atau 'wira' kepada mereka-mereka ini. Bagi saya kesanggupan mereka mengikuti misi sedemikian bukanlah satu perkara mainan semata. wajar sangatlah mereka diberi penghormatan.

Kita ni dah le tak pergi...dok kutuk-kutuk orang le pulak....adui!!

Pengikut Ford Zion said...

Perhaps we would have made a bigger splash if Dr M himself was on the MV or the Corrie..!Nothing to lose kan.That is the only way to wake the world up..yahudi memang degil bila dipayungini UK, US and Singapore!

Ada Yahudi haluan kiri yang anti-Israel (anti-Zionist); but how to treat them ya..englighten me plse.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Nuraina,
My Mama says to send her salams to Uncle Shamsul Akmar. Hidup Palestin!!!!

wak segen said...

Lagi la ramai peminat Shamsul ni ..nak nak kalangan wanita..hehe

And to OF ..ur an old fool to compare this to the candle light vigil.

rinandamku said...

blogger PAS yg banyak mainkan isu ini , depa ni kena cakap macam2 , kata bodoh la , penakut la , berlakon la , ..

apapun , bangga dengan samsul dan rakan2nya , pedulikan dengan cakap2 orang , Allah maha tahu segalanya ,

Anonymous said...

of late its quite difficult to get a copy of the NST south of Perak. Retailers only have 1 or 2 copies at their shop. But Utusan dan Harian Metro are doing very well. Kenapa ek?

Habib RAK said...

Sorry off topic. Very important and urgent. Please read Anil's blog on radio active plant in Gebeng, Pahang.

Afzainizam said...

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Bukan datang sebarang datang.
Datang membawa hajat di hati.

Anak raja main congkak,
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Boleh saya tumpang bertanya,
salam dihulur tanda persahabatan,

~۞~ Kembara~Mahkota~~Johor~۞~
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