Saturday, June 26, 2010

Johor's Sultan Ibrahim Wants The Bridge

...and the PM says he'll look into it.

I'm not going into a debate on whether or not the bridge project should be revived. I've already said my piece on the subject.

Let's see where this will take us following the new development on Tanjung Pagar.

I stand corrected, but I've been told that the people of Johor are with the Sultan on this.


donplaypuks® said...

We have 2toll bridges from JB to S'pore, one of which is underutilised because it's a bit out of the way and the toll charges are higher. With the proposed 30% cut in Gelang Patah toll, perhaps traffic will incresae.

Previously, through the connivance of Dr.M and Samy Velu, a croney was given a one-sided contract to build a stupid crooked bridge and when the project was aborted, compensated to the tune of some $700 million in total!!

It was also announced recently that S'pore and M'sia had agreed to the construction of a MRT from Woodland to JB.

So, if the Sultan of Johor and "his people" still want a crooked bridge, by all means let them collect the funds for it from Johorians and build it.

But don't take our and taxpayers' money, inflate constructin cost by 100%, build the bridge and give a 30 or 40-year toll contract to another croney and rip us off!!

We have had enough of this kind of blatant, filthy highway robbery to last us an eternity!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Wake UP! said...

Just build the scenic bridge.

Anonymous said...

the bridge is most welcomed, but please please please, carilah contractor yg credible, not the current one yg buat the new ciq...

one more thing, please assess and push it on merit and rakyat's benefits, and do not politicize it.

rakyat tak bodoh, kita nampak contractor bersusah payah spinning here and there guna nama rakyat, to get what they want....

by all means, iam with the people of johor, the bridge is overdue....


liyas said...

Macam tu lah hidup ini..sekejap di atas sekejap di bawah...yang untung/rugi ialah rakyat di bawahnya.

Anonymous said...

just like the people of malaysia want legalized gambling especially with VT's companies running the book so that contributions can be made to both sides!

how about an editorial on the voice of the people of malaysia?


Habib RAK said...

...else, all the titles bestowed on you shall be striped. Be warned!

Habib RAK said...

Bridge, bridge, bridge. A bridge is to connect two or more points. Thus, the two parties (Msian n Spore) must agree, else its pointless. Bravado would cannot solve the problem. Whats the point of having a state of the art, best in the world bridge on our side when it connects to a bottleneck on Spore side? Silly isnt it when the main issue is to solve the traffic congestion.

Oldstock said...

Salam Puan Ena,

I have also written about my views on this subject but allow me to re-state what I hope can be done - yes, build a bridge... but make it a straight one. In light of the progress of the Tg Pagar railway station issue, I'm sure both governments can agree to the best solutions for both sides.

Rasputin Beliong said...

Ever consider how many km. more have the pedestrians and bicyclists have to walk/pedal and how many hundred calories more have each of these poor people to burn to go up the crooked sloping bridge?

Anonymous said...!

CodeNameSomaliPirate said...

U might be wrong Nuraina!

Nazri Aziz says most of johorean opposed the bridge. Why don't you check with him

Anonymous said...

Tuanku + Bridge = $
Rakyat Jhr + Bridge = $

All will benefit...hopefully


Mr NoYesNoYes said...

Asik "will look into it". Yes or No, be firm when you say so, jgn flip flop. no yes yes no no no yes yes, mana satu nih?

Anonymous said...

The issue is not the bridge. The main issue is why they sell Tg Pagar.
Where has all PEKASAM men or swords and daggers when it come to Tg Pagar and KTM land in Singapura?
How come the deal made in early 90s was never mentioned and done secretly?
Did Mahathir sell the land? Did Daim involve?
How many in UMNO knows this?

Anonymous said...

how come i didnt see any comments??