Saturday, December 26, 2009

Remembering The Dec 26 Tsunami ..

So, what were you doing on that fateful Boxing Day five years ago when the world -- in some places -- seemed to have come to an end?


Anonymous said...

I was at a restaurant with a friend when I heard the news. Then I also heard that it hit Penang and Kedah. Some died.

Then I recalled many years ago my school teacher said that Malaysia was blessed because we didn't have natural disasters like other countries.

The times, they are a changing...

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


It was no ordinary Boxing Day
When nature was not at bay
With huge waves gone astray
Whom to blame is difficult to say

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 271209
SUN. 27th Dec. 2009.

Zan said...

I was there in Kuala Muda when it happened. Remembered the story of the postman who had to celebrate his wedding in temporary shelter? My family and I were there to attend his wedding. We were saved only by his insistence to follow him to the bride's home. Once there we got the news a big flood had hit his home but we did not know the magnitude until later when we watched the news on tv in Pangkor Island. To this date I remember this near miss..if not for his insistence we would probably had perished..

Anonymous said...

The Tsunami awakened the world.
To the greatness of the forces of nature around us.
What is simply calm and serene like sea waves could indeed turn into a frightful force of brutal calamity to the living both animal and man.
Yes, the living are indeed vulnerable to the forces of nature which can indeed turn very alive in our midst.
So what is the lesson here?
I would that the lesson is the living especially humans who are even less equipped or trained in sixth senses unlike the animals, be more humble about their own greatness on this planet called Earth.
That instead of fighting one another we should not just understand or only respect but really interact with others whoever they maybe especially irrespective of religion or race.
Because when disaster falls, just about ANYBODY of any nationality or race is going to be the person who is going to be near you to help you immediately and later be a part of those who help recover your tragic circumstance.


Noor Hasilah Ismail said...

dear ina, pada tarikh inilah juga ibunda saya yang tercinta meninggal dunia kerana jantung tersumbat. pada masa orang meratapi peristiwa tsunami, hati saya luluh kehilangan ibu.

Anonymous said...

Al - Fatihah kepada yang telah pergi.

My Acheh friend; She lost her beloved grandmother due to Dec 26 tsunami. Back then, she was struggling with master when the news came down creeping.....

Thank you for the remembrance,Sis.

ps: I didn't go to any mall during the latest Boxing day. Tak cukup duit lah. Bil melambung setiap kali winter. Makan chips je :-(

Take care, Malaysia. Cheerio.

Asri said...

It was a normal working day for me in Terengganu.

I seem to remember more of 9/11 because back then I was squatting at my brother in-law's bachelor pad while taking a short business course at UiTM. Still remember those first images of the planes hurtling towards the WTC.

26/12/2004 is a hazy memory to me, probably because I was and still am in the east coast. And I know nobody who was involved.

Still can't shake those rotting bodies on TV out of my mind though. And can't quite imagine losing my own children.....

Anonymous said...

I was in Sabah giving talk on seminar/workshop for entrepreneur

Anonymous said...

Natural calamity, God's will, can't do much about it. The authority should plant more mangrove trees as buffer to big wave. Put warning system in place, and test the system from time to time. Also test evacuation system too. Saw in news last nite, 2 kids drowned in Dungun beach. You can't blame God all the time.


Anonymous said...

The God of Heaven and Earth created Mother Nature and its forces. However Mother Nature and its forces are guided by PHYSICAL LAWS like for example Gravity which works on set priciples of physics.
So nobody can blame God for all these Creative Forces of Nature which from time to time exibit results of dynamic ongoing turbulence within but as mentioned earlier we should set in place safety measures which will ensure greater precaution and safety to Mankind from future Never Ending Catastrophies.
Even our beloved country Malaysia is no longer save from future natural disasters since just like the climate change, corresponding natural earth changes are also occuring on a greater accelaration even more so after the Dec 2004 incident.
So pleasse be ALERT ALWAYS.


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Anonymous said...

I remember feeling abashed that I was reading about the tsunami like a foreign news at a relatively safe place KL.

We had been flooded with one bad news after another and the easiest way out was to push it to the back of the mind.

As it turned out, the disaster was not something you can ever forget.

Thank you so much for sharing your Blog. Wishing you and your family all he Best in the New Year.


Anonymous said...

sss = kkk !?
now, i call for NNN !