Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nazri: No More Mahathir-bashing

According to the Star, Naz­ri Aziz will not speak anymore on Biro Tatanegara or argue about it with former PM Dr Mahathir Mohamad with whom he has had a spat.

Nazri, who is Minister in the Prime Minis­ter’s Department was summoned by PM Najib Razak to his office in Putrajaya early yesterday for a meeting over the issue.

Here's the rest of the Star report by Joceline Tan.

"He declined to elaborate on what transpired between him and the Prime Minister but said he had given his word that he would not speak any more on NCB or argue about it with Dr Ma­­hathir.

“What I can say is that the Prime Minister is very concerned that some quarters may think that I am being used by the leadership to criticise Dr Mahathir. That is not true at all. What I said and did was on my own free will. You know me, I am my own man.

“I agreed to end this whole thing because I do not want to make things difficult for the Prime Minister, I don’t want to hurt his image,” he said,

Alluding to media reports of him as the “Last Samurai” or the last of the fearless politicians, he said there would be no hara kiri.

“Muslim Samurais do not commit harakiri,” he said.

Referring to Najib as the Shogun, he added: “My Shogun has spoken. As a Samurai, I have to do as he says.”

Najib, 57, and Nazri, 56, were contemporaries in the Umno Youth in the early 1990s.

Nazri’s war of words with Dr Mahathir over the NCB issue erupted earlier this week. Dr Mahathir defended the NCB system, saying it was useful in promoting values like discipline, honesty and rejecting corruption.

Nazri argued that the system should be revamped because it promoted racial sentiments and was out of tune with the changing political landscape.

However, Nazri came under severe criticism from Malay nationalists and pro-Mahathir quarters when he used the word “racist” on the statesman."


armouris said...

Rahsia awet muda Tun Dr. Mahathir? - Rahsia Muda Dr. Mahathir

Anonymous said...

dah lah rambut pendek, akal pun pendek jugak.
Tak pernah nak menghargai jasa org,mungkin sebab dia tu tak pernah berjasa..apa ye jasa dia?

Anonymous said...

Death before dishonour. That was the Samurai code. Saying something so that your elders loose face is very dihonourable. Especially an elder that has done a lot for the country.

Anonymous said...

When I retire some day if money is no more a problem, I want to devote all my remaining years to glorify God and to help the nation rise up again and unite all the people in our country.Sadly, I don't see any of our retired leaders doing this but instead go on to earn more easy money and positions,to them dividing the people is necessary collateral damage.

House PK said...

We want Nazri to resign!

Anonymous said...

Mahu jadi Samurai konon tapi perbuatan menderhaka yg amat kurang ajar dan biadab itu bertentangan dengan sifat mulia Samurai.Perbuatan itu memperlihatkan sifat kerakusan dan kebinatangan yg sungguh memalukan bukan sahaja diri kamu tetapi keluarga,keturunan dan bangsa kamu.Semoga kamu insaf sedarlah di atas kesalahan dan kesilapan kamu itu wahai Nazri angkoh dan bertaubatlah .Askartua

Rocky's Bru said...

Nazri: “My Shogun has spoken. As a Samurai, I have to do as he says.”

Dear Ena,

This man has to be told by his Shogun (Najib) for him to realize what's good and what's bad for the Shogun's image? Biar betul!

As I see it, Nazri has just made Najib look worse.

He has just told the world that:

1. Najib has forced a gag order on him (therefore, Najib is dictatorial)

2. The PM "is very concerned that some quarters may think that I am being used by the leadership to criticize Dr Mahathir".. (therefore, Najib is fearful of what people think and even more fearful of Dr Mahathir)

Thank you.

zainal mokhtar said...

Harakiri would have been too honourable.

charleskiw said...

It is indeed sad to learn of the latest development ! Three cheers to Nazri for his courage to speak up against the sadist !

Anonymous said...

Nazri a Samurai? Don't make me laugh. He doesn't understand what samurai stands for. Samurai got grace and honour. He is a disgrace to a Malaysians and all Samurais!

jokersland said...

I totally agree with what Nazri said. He is the only one at present in the cabinets that accept the true reality.

It's great that he heed the PM advice to stop all the bickering with TDM because it's not going bring us anywhere. There are still a lot of important issues to seriously address such as human capital. AS Tengku Razaleigh rightly pointed out, we are now really trap with our vast natural resources wealth.

Old Fart said...

More important than whether we continue with BTN or not is the the upliftment of Najib's image. Who cares if Nazri is right or wrong on this occasion!! So what happens now? BTN continues with its Ketuanan Melayu tirades?

konte said...

mahathir is no longer relevent.

Anonymous said...

You are our Man, Sir.

It takes gut to speak out.It takes even more gut to speak out against this particular gentleman.

Most of all it takes real guts to back down when you feel the futility of your effort and the inane wall infront.

I salute you !


shamshul anuar said...

Saudari Noraina,

Saya kecewa dengan sikap Nazri. Nampak benar dia ada isu peribadi tak puas hati dengan Tun Dr Mahathir.

Yang menyakitkan hati saya ialah beliau menuduh Tun sebagai perkauman. Tun adalah PM untuk tempoh lebih 20 tahun. Menuduh Tun sebagai perkauman sama seperti menuduh Kerajaan sebagai perkauman.

Menuduh Kerajaan sebagai perkauman sama seperti menuduh UMNO sebagai perkauman. Dan menuduh UMNO perkauman samalah seperti menuduh Melayu sebagai Perkauman.

Nampak gaya tak perlu lagi LKS dari DAP tuduh( fitnah) UMNO perkauman. Menteri dari UMNO sendiri tuduh UMNO perkauman.

Yang nampak buruk ialah UMNO juga. Dan akhirnya Orang Melayu sendiri dianngap bermasalaH. BTn tidak selitkan unsur perkauman.

Saya sendiri hadir kursus BTN. Ia cuma selitkan unsur sejarah dari zaman Raja-Raja Melayu, penjajahan British, Malayan Union dan Perlembagaan Malaya .

Kerana menghadiri kursus BTn lah saya sedar akan betapa Perlembagaan Malaya begitu adil pada bukan Melayu.

Tahukah kita semua bahawa satu rekod dunia tercatat pada 31 Ogos 1957 dengan lebih 1 juta bukan Melayu dapat jadi warganegara dalam sehari.

Tiada negara lain sanggup buat macam ini. Dan orang Melayu tak beri secara percuma. Mesti ada sesuatu diberi pada orang Melayu. Maka adalah sistem berteraskan Melayu seperti Institusi raja-Raja, Bahasa Melayu, ugama Islam dan keutamaan dalam perkhidmatan awam.

Tahukah kita dalam Perlembagaan dsebut 4 dari 5 kakitangan awam hendaklah Melayu kecuali dengan perkenan Yang Dipertuan Agung dalam kes tertentu jika tiada Melayu dapat mengisi kekosongan tersebut.

Inilah "Ketuanan Melayu" iaitu pengiktirafan British akan hak orang Melayu. Ketuanan Melayu melambangkan penerimaan akan sejarah yang asalnya negeri ini adalah Negeri Melayu.

Itu saja. Tiada langsung unsur mahu menghambakan bukan Melayu. Kalau UMNO nak zalim pada bukan Melayu, dah 52 tahun UMNO berpeluang berbuat demikian. Ingatlah satu ketika dulu hampir 70% dari kerusi Parlimen adalah dari UMNO.

Dr Mahathir dalam Malay Dilemma berkata "... besides Malaya without Sultans will mean coomplete eclipse of Malays. It is the Sultans who give the Malay characters in this land. Remove the royalty and last vestige of old Malaya will dissapear".

Nampaknya kini zaman Beraja kini sudah sampai ke penghujungnya. Orang Melayu kini sudah sanggup berbaring atas jalanraya untuk halang Sultan.

Dan bila Melayu sudah sanggup biadap dengan satu sistem yang mengingatkan dunia yang asalnya negeri ini adalah negeri melayu, maka jangan haraplah bukan Melayu mahu hormat pada sistem itu.

Ingatlah bila berakhirny kuasa politik , maka berakhirlh segala-galanya.

Dan pada Nazri, jagalah mulut anda. Pada saya, anda sebenarnya biadap.

artchan said...

so najib also fears with all umno fellas..
maybe only rosemary dares to clash head on with mahathir.

eekaa said...

I don't know we have a shogun and the samurai here. I thought they (shogun and samurai) had left us with a cruel war.

We have Pok Dogol in our wayang kulit, the kind of character depicting this sort of behavior and should describe this person well for Malaysia and not the last samurai. Perhaps the last Pok Dogol would be a fair description.

kluangman said...

Nazri - tolong sorok muka kamu yang tak hensem tu.

Anonymous said...

Politicians always play to the gallery! Just think why Nazri's sudden outburst? Of all people against TDM and a subject that does not go well with the Malays.To please the other races in Malyasia? To be in-line with the opposition? Nazri is not so dump dump to put his head on the chopping block without a good reason.He may stop the bashing but the old TDM will not stop!
Watch the next episode.....

Anonymous said...

It is open secret that Nazri is Najib henchmen.

Najib, we are no fools.

If you believe in what Nazri says of Mahathir, i too would suggest you step down.

If not, than you should sack Nazri from minister post.

The choice is yours.

Najib, afterall 1Malaysia is akin to Malaysian Malaysia.

The choice is yours.

Anonymous said...

dear friends

i must say, what does Anwar-badawi-Nazri, has in common?

They were all chosen and nurtured by the very Tdm. Preferred and selected by him.

Dear Tdm, old sins are catching up with you.

All those three above are definitely NOT among the best of people in UMNO. shallow, fake lots. you like fake ones Tdm?

being a strategist, a seasoned politician and all; what were they, and what are they, to you? why did you do what you did?

To the current PM, DSN, you must stay clear of all these trouble signs and trouble lots. These are your tests and obstacles. dont see any value add in these people to you and your current management tasks.

Focus ob what you are doing now, to get the Nation back on its feet. back to quality of life, volunteerisms, sincerity, true unity and loyalty to the country.

These lots, are, but distractions and nuisance....

All 4 should shut de zuck up, AI-AB-NA-Tdm. Like walt disney said, if you has nothing good to say, dont say nothin at all.

-ikan masak singgang-

tder said...

On “Nazri argued that… promoted racial sentiments…...”

I attended BTN at Ulu Sepri, Rembau, Negeri Sembilan, love only 3 of its activities.In my wee opinion, BTN didn’t promote racial sentiments at all. It was about kenegaraan (like what Tun M said and honestly I love this part), team spirit, discipline, kerohanian etc. But I dislike any activity that involves big crowd, kawat itu ini………..issshhhh….

Nevertheless, majority of BTN staffs….argghh...Sometimes could be one massive pain in the arse. Total Hellish. One of them made me cry because he was being very very very celupar when all I did...respect every single of them. So confuse. Well…..there were good staffs too.

I am not proud but the truth needs to be said. In a way, they (majority of them) have transformed BTN ideas into horrible ones successfully...a long sharp rusty blade for BN.

Cheers :-)

Anonymous said...


ada ke samurai Islam? ini joke umno eh?

The MIND!!!

Namza Norman said...

Dah sampai masa nya Nazri nie dipencenkan. Tak sedar diri, sanggup mengaku dia seorang yg kurang ajar. Tak tau lah apa rasa kedua orang tua dia. Apa yg pasti, sy tidak akan mengundi dia kalau BN masih letak dia menjadi calun di padang renggas. PM patut ambil tindakan segera, jangan asyik pantau masalah MCA je

the witch's broo said...


i don't know what to make of Nazri's shenanigans.
according to joceline, Nazri dated one of Dr Mahathir's daughters.
I can make a very educated guess..must have been Marina.
Did his relationship have anything to do with his views of Dr M?
can't imagine how.

All I can see is Nazri has no regard and respect for the old man.

we call it biadap and kurang ajar. oh yeah. I can hear some grunts in the background that Dr M deserved what he got from nazri.

you may hate Dr M for whatever you believe him to have done but come on...i wouldn't even wish Nazri on Pak Lah.
Nazri was simply too much!

Anonymous said...

Sebenarnya, Malaysia ini bukan milik Melayu, Cina, India, UMNO, dan sebagainya. Tak usah nak gaduh sesama kaum, dengan kaum lain atau dengan parti lain.

Ini adalah kerana Malaysia adalah hak milik Allah s.w.t. Bukan milik manusia. Kita hanya pinjam dari DIA sahaja.

Mike Tan said...

Saudara Shamshul,
Please enlightened me which section of the Federal Constituitions decree that 4 out of 5 civil servants must be Malay?

a not so well read retired government servant.T.Q

Anonymous said...

MYSTERY: Anwar tukar sampel DNA untuk bukti Afifa anak Azmin?

di laman web The Unspinners di

Anonymous said...

Tun, you are da original bro, bro. How come these people pandai komen on you. Kuwang ajak! Mai saya bubuh depa punya muka kat sini jugak. Pandai komen satu benda pon depa tak buat noh? Eksyen aja lebih. Piiiiii dahhhhh!

Go Kedah

xmizanx said...

biasalah sapa yang makan cili die yg terasa pedas

selampit said...

Nazri: “My Shogun has spoken. As a Samurai, I have to do as he says.”

Nazri my dear, you are not a Samurai, you are a bloody YAKUZA, and as brader Rocky aptly put it, "Nazri has just made Najib look worse."

I agree with what tder wrote, I too have attended the BTN course, and from my observations BTN courses are designed to instill the senses of patriotism, teamwork, toughness and courage in you.

I did not hear phrases like 'Melayu hebat' or 'undilah Barisan Nasional' or anything like that thrown at us.

Sure, I despised the course in some ways, but only because I had to endure sleep deprivation and 'sakit urat' due to the tough physical activities heaped on us.

But that was my fault for not being a 'soldier' material.

hak55 said...

Nazri, please take a look at this suggestion.

The problems commuters have been facing since a long time with some taxi drivers in the country who are dishonest and unscrupulous by overcharging their customers or some refusing to use meters may be solved once-and-for-all just by simply installing card readers that are able to read cash cards, debit cards or Touch ‘n Go cards. Touch ‘n Go cards are already being used in trains, LRTs, monorails and buses so why not in taxis too. These card readers must be calibrated to read distances and fares are set based on the distances travelled, not by the time spent in the taxis. These card readers must also be able to accept top-ups from a minimum of RM10.00 to perhaps, a maximum of RM200.00, in case the balance in the commuters’ cards are insufficient. Otherwise, it will essentially be a cashless system.

Commuters will just need to tap their cards onto the card readers’ touch sensors upon boarding the taxis and they are then charged for the taxi rides automatically upon reaching their respective destinations by tapping their cards onto the taxis’ card readers’ sensors again before alighting. The system must be configured in such a way that it won’t enable taxi drivers or any third party to meddle or tamper with them. Taxi drivers may collect their day’s takings from participating banks or finance companies or through their 24-hr ATMs throughout the country after operating for at least 12 hours.

The costs of installing the systems in the taxis may be partly subsidised by the government, the taxi companies, owners, operators and users as well. An accepted formula needs to be worked out by the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board (CVLB/LPKP) for this as well as the standard nationwide taxi fares. Different fares can be worked out for the different types of taxis ranging from the basic Proton Saga saloons to the Mercedes Benz limousines and for short hauls and long distances inter-state taxis. After installing the system, a countrywide publicity blitz need to be carried out over a certain period involving the printed and the electronic media to inform everyone including tourists and visitors so that the system will run smoothly right from day one. Topping-up stations must be easily available and accessible all over the country and at all entry points and maybe, all the 7-Eleven stores in the country could be used as topping stations as well, thus providing convenience to the fullest.

I am sure there are many companies in this country that can supply the hardware, software and the system for this and if they are not available, there are many local hardware, software and system developers including some quasi-government organisations or agencies that can come up with something suitable for this.
This system, if implemented carefully and properly and assisted by some form of enforcement, the minimum possible, by the relevant authority, will surely make everybody in this country very happy.

Best regards.

hak55 said...

Can anyone who has the contacts at The Star and NST please help me to get my suggestion above published?

I have sent the letter to both but so far there is no response.

If it is published, maybe, the right people will pick it up and implement the idea as I suggested and we all could benefit.

Thank you and best regards.