Thursday, December 03, 2009


Fatine (who was born Mohammed Fazdil Bin Min Bahari) is a transsexual and is happily married to 30 year-old Ian Young. They are in the UK.

They met in KL. Ian, from Derby, England, knew from the start that Fatine, 36, was a transsexual.

Anyway to cut a story short, Fatine faces deportation due to an irregularity in her Visa application.

Ian has appealed yet again for Fatine to be able to stay in the UK. But the couple is not expecting any good news and it is highly likely that Fatine will have to return to Malaysia.
The UK immigration office has told Fatine that her visitor's pass has expired and she has to retrun home to re-apply. That was that!

Fatine is so distressed and fears for her life if she returns home because she has been receiving threatening e-mails and messages since the story of her marriage with Ian which was originally reported in The Sun (of the UK) was highlighted in a Malay tabloid, Kosmo.

It did not help that Immigration Department director-general Abdul Rahman Othman had to say that Fatine may face action when she returns home if it was found that she violated laws here.

Actually what Abdul Rahman said amounts to nothing. Of course no action will be taken against her if she had not broken any law in this country.

But, being what she is and fully aware of the prejudices that she may face from people here, even a nothing statement from such a powerful man, was enough to spook her.

I don't know what lies in store for Fatine when she comes home.
Will things be okay with her? Why shouldn't they be?
Will people even be bothered with her?

There are so many Fatines in the country.
In fact, there are among them we call friends.

I thought that most people have already accepted them as they are.

Read the Sun (UK) report HERE

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chicnchomel said...

If Kartini gets canning for drinking beer, I wonder what kind of punishment awaits here when she comes back.

armouris said...

info on transsexual kat sini - Gender Identity Disorder

Anonymous said...

what the difference between fatine and yasmin ahmad?

Anonymous said...

Can't Fatine apply for amnesty residency in UK based on perceived persecution in Malaysia?

On a separate note, I don't post often but am a daily reader from the US - thanks for your objectivity and open mindedness on all issues.

fyi - we might have known each other growing up as I grew up near Kawasan Melayu and hung out with the boys all the time and in fact, was the first non-Malay to play football for the area team - coached by Embung!

Anonymous said...

Yasmin Ahmad was famous. Fatine is not. VERY big difference.

You must understand that in Malaysia, it's always about being either somebody, having lots of money or both.

cicitHJHASSANu said...

don't let it be 'a precedent case' so on

Anonymous said...

It's a dicey issue. Perhaps the PKR chief may throw some light into the issue.


Anonymous said...

If a man thinks he's a woman and wants to wear women's clothing it's his (or her) business. She don't kacau me I don't kacau him.

But I don't think she has "brought great shame" as the DG of Immigration put it.

I think people who have 'allowed' illegals to enter and commit crime or work as prostitutes have "brought great shame" to religion, to the people and to the nation. These people who have allowed illegals to enter have indirectly caused the misery and even deaths of some Malaysians.

Shameful to think that the word shame is used on seemingly trival issues when bigger more pressing issues are more deserving of the word.

hasnira said...

interesting topic..i do respect fatine as a human being,but i disagree with his action...others will think that i'm a typical malaysian who do not accept fatine bcz as muslim we have to concern about all this is x bcz malay culture x allow transexual but it is more towards our religion ISLAM...i gv an e.g laa..hv u ever heard about ANDROGEN INSENSITIVITY SYNDROME? actually this person has normal 46 chromosome, XY gene (which mean suppose to be man laa), but appears to be normal this case it is due to lack of androgen receptors in genital area or failure of those tissue to response.As a result androgens produced by the testis are ineffective in inducing differentiation of male genitalia..
And for yasmin, i think she was a HERMAPHRODITES or in malay we call it as a khunsa..which mean she has male & female reproductive organ together..
so,in this condition that person can choose which sex r more dominant in their life..and people can't be busy body b'cz it is ALLAH who creates it to be like that...
p/s:correct me if i wrong k ;)