Friday, December 04, 2009

Ex-Top Cop's RM47m Estate.

A former deputy IGP who died in September left RM47m in property and savings.

His son and brother are fighting over his estate in the court.

Tan Sri Jaafar Abdul (who was 77 when he died on Sept 1 at the Gleneagles Hospital after massive upper gastronomical bleeding) left RM37.3m in savings and RM9.7m in property.

The NST has the story on page one today.

Here's an excerpt:

"Jeffri Jaafar, son of Tan Sri Jaafar Abdul, obtained an interim order against Ahmad Bedul in the Syariah Court in Muar on Nov 4 to freeze all moveable properties of his father until a decision by the court".

Jeffri, 39, wants Ahmad's bank accounts frozen and an order that financial insitutions, inclduing Lembaga Urusan Tabung Haji, permodalan Nasional Bhd Bursa Malaysia and enforcement agencies, adhere to the syariah court order.

He also wants Islamic religious enforcement agencies, the police , the court and other relevant departments to help him enforce the order.

The court will be hearing the case on Monday (Dec 7).

I've been made to understand that Ahmad, 70, is the late Jaafar's only surviving brother. Jaafar's own wife, a Brunei Chinese died earlier (in 1987). Jeffri is the couple's only child.

I've also been told that a chunk of the estate is family inheritance (harta pesaka) as the late Jaafar's mother was from the Muar landed gentry and his father from Brunei.
After retirement he went into corporate life. He also led a frugal life and was a shrewd and conservative investor.


Anonymous said...

This is common

Caimin Lawrence said...

Mmm? 47M? Were his families rich?

If it was family inheritance, then let leave his family alone.

telur dua said...

In the end it's earth to earth, dust to dust.

Such fortune is no good to the dead and makes the living fight over it. Didn't they learn anything from the Prophet (pbuh)?

cicitHJHASSANu said...

salam puan...

that's mean kaya sebelum miskin,isn't it?

Anonymous said...

To them who hath much.
Much more would be expected of.
So do good while there is time.
Help the poor.
Save the animals.
That God's mercy be upon you.

Anonymous said...

well.. im d relatives for both of them..

for ur info.. aboy@jefri jaafar, was an adopt son of my late atok.

dlm islam,telah clear how d harta will be divide.

but still,late arwah atok dah buat wasiat ade tinggalkan for aboy, n where's d rest will be go..

but now,aboy are fight to get all of it. for those yg close dgn aboy, we know him very well...

we dont want d harta habis mcm tu shj.. to be fair.. juz bg je all of it kat petubuhan kebajikan islam ke ape, dari rebut2 mcm ni

ڤنا مينڠ / PENA MINANG said...


Ini pun nak kecoh!!!

Yang bangsa lain kaya tak dia kecoh pun.

Bagi lah bangsa sendiri peluang

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Abu Kassim, the new MACC chief can help the late Deputy IGP clear his name. If he can do a transparent investigation and inform the public, it would help. Generally, Malaysians are prepared to give the benefit of the doubt to the accused. RM47M is indeed a very big sum even if he was a frugal person and who had inherited most of it. The fact that he was a top cop, draws our keen interest to know. So, pls Abu Kassim, help us all in this matter.
Habib RAK

Anonymous said...

47 saja kah ? dat's nothing laa !!

Anonymous said...

47k...sikit jer tu... mengingatkan kita supaya beramal dan bersedekah pada orang lain...

tapi aku kesian kat orang yang mempunyai hati busuk, prasangka buruk, banyak buat fitnah, suka cari kesalahan orang lain menyangka yang bukan2 dengan jumlah sebanyak itu...
semoga mereka berubah.