Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rocky's Hearing

Never Alone, Brother!
Tomorrow, Thursday the 22nd of February, at Wisma Denmark at 2.30pm, Rocky goes back to court to face NSTP and 4 Others.
Rocky says he does not feel alone anymore.
"I've got Bloggers United behind me," he said in his blog.
You sure ain't alone no more, Rocky!
See you in court, bro!


politikus said...

mmmm .... cake :)

Maverick SM said...


Sadly, I won't be in KL as I am still outstation. Would have wanted to be at Wisma Denmark to show my presence of support. I had wrote a comment in Rocky's place informing him.

BigDogDotCom said...

No....we shall see for your sister's Mee Rebus, first. We have been talking about of this mee rebus outing since our ramblings at the PGPO Perdana Peace Forum III Media Centre, remember?

Anon. Fm Miri said...

Dear Sis,

In the WWW we are very near, but in the real world, the South China Sea separates us thus I cannot be there in person to joint the Bloggers United (BU) tomorrow:( When the whole group of BU meet our spirit will also be there.

May ALLAH Bless you & your loved ones.


p/s Send my regards to bro rocky

zewt said...

indeed, bro rocky has the entire band of bloggers behind him. this case will set a precedent for things to come...

Anonymous said...

Sebutan Kes Rocky's

Agungnya Kebenaran

Jam 2.30 petang tadi di Wisma Denmark sudah tentunya berlaku pertarungan diantara hak dan bathil - diantara kebenaran dan kepalsuan, diantara cerah dan gelap, diantara ilmu dan ummi dan diantara ketelusan dan hipokrit serta diantara keinsanan dan kemanusiaan. Kebenaran tidak semestinya sentiasa di atas dan tidak sentiasa menang namun kebenaran tetap benar, akan berjaya dan diingati serta merapatkan dirinya kepada keagungan hari ini, esok dan selamanya.