Monday, February 19, 2007

General Election Soon, You Say?

Not According to Khairy..
So, let's not waste our time and energy speculating about a snap general election because Khairy Jamaluddin has spoken. And we know better than not to believe him, don't we?
Khairy, who is deputy Umno Youth chief, said in Rembau Saturday (Feb 17) that the government is unlikely to call for a general election anytime soon.
The current strong economic situation is not going to be the push factor to have the elections.
Khairy said there are other factors to be considered such as politics, the country's development and "issues outside the party".
He also noted that the projects under the Ninth Malaysia Plan had to take effect at the grassroots level.
The government, he remarked, should be given time to fulfil its promises made during the last elections.
Khairy told this to reporters after flagging off the Taman Rembau Utama National Park expedition convoy.
Now how can you not believe the boy. Even father-in-law Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said the same thing yesterday (Sunday).
At a Gerakan-hosted Chinese New Year open house, he said all the feel-good stories about the economy are not an indication that the general election will be held soon.
He said the current strong economic growth instead presented a chance for the government to use the existing momentum to actively pursue its national development agenda.
"What is important is that we have the momentum now and it is moving forward and upwards. "But we need to raise the momentum and build on what we have already achieved so that we can develop our economy even further," Abdullah was quoted by the Star as saying.
Now, if you are among those who have been playing PM, speculating about a snap general election because of those trillion-ringgit trade and those incredibly impressive growth figures (all in the newspapers), you can now take a break.
Stop bitching now. Son-in-law and father-in-law have spoken.
You are not taking their word for it?
Shame on you!


lubokmelayu said...

Tepat kata Nuraina. Memang sah pilihanraya tak akan diadakan pada masa terdekat.

Walaupun nampaknya cukup faktor-faktor buat Pak Lah bubar Parlimen dan mengadakan pilihanraya, beliau tidak akan berbuat demikian. Ini kerana ada faktor-faktor lain, kata anak menantu Perdana Menteri. Faktor-faktor itu termasuk politik, pembangunan negara, dan isu-isu luaran.

Kita patut gembira kerana Pak Lah dan KJ begitu telus dan terang-terang mengatakan tidak akan ada pilihanraya. Ini bermakna berita2 "baik" tentang ekonomi negara yang diperbesarkan media tempatan (Najib kata bukan digoreng, tetapi statistik tulen) bukanlah helah untuk membuai rakyat untuk mengundi BN lagi.

Inilah yang kita kehendaki. Dengan penjelasan KJ dan PM, dapatlah saya menusukkan fokus saya pada hal-hal yang lebih penting dan genting bagi saya. Contohnya, kesan kenaikan harga minyak dan diesel masih tak dapat saya imbangi. Kenaikan tol yang melampau baru2 ini membuat saya berfikir yang mungkin ada eloknya bermotosikal (tapi Ops Raya Cina menunjukkan bahayanya naik motosikal - bilangan paling tinggi yang maut dalam kemalangan jalanraya ialah penunggang dan pembonceng motosikal!). Balanja harian dah melambung walaupun kita diberitahu yang ekonomi tak menghadapi inflasi!
Bila kemarau nanti, diharap tak ada pihak2 yang menjual air untuk mengaut keuntungan pulak.

Syukurlah tak payah berteka-teki tentang pilihanraya. Kita tunggu tahun depan kalau7 nak tukar kerajaan pun.

Cuma saya teringat sesuatu. Tak berapa lama dulu KJ ada kata nak perrrangi peniaga dan pelabur yang menyokong Israel. Tak ada apa2 pun. Dan tak berapa lama dulu Pak Lah ada kata yang tidak ada syarikat Malaysia yang dimiliki pihak asing (tak benar, dia sendiri terpaksa mengaku lepas tu). Dia jugak kata nak suruh akhbar Turki betulkan berita tentang kapal layar mewah yang dia kata dia tak beli (tak ada pun). Dan dia kata kerajaan tak beli pesawat RM200 million (Khazanah yang beli dan Khazanah kan kerajaan)?

Ini yang buat saya risau. Boleh percaya ke si KJ dan Bapak Mertua dia ni?

Rembo said...

Wah, his boss the Pemuda chief has not said anything but Khairy the Prince of Hadhari has opened his big mouth and issued the decree!

Looks like Hishamudin Hussein Onn will have to toe the line again!

Or s0meone else will kiss the keris next year!!

By the way, nobody believed what Khairy and his Daddy Mertua said.

BigDogDotCom said...

I was in the pool earlier, late afternoon and met this Selangor UMNO Youth bigwigs. His opinion seems to go with Khairy lately have been keeping quiet, crossing his fingers to be made a Senator and appointed Deputy Minister in a Cabinet reshuffle.

Is that the more probable scenario? Maybe. Yesterday, another UMNO bigwig strongly pointed that Genereal Elections is not any near time soon, despite all of these "feel good" media hype; the one trillion economy, Bursa's outstanding transactions and indications, increased TH dividends et al. Simple explanation; money have not trickle down to the pockets yet!

So it will be sometime till we get to see the blues be flown on the streets of the nation, for the 13th time. With 199 seats Dewan Rakyat to defend, that seems a tall order.

Anonymous said...

They don't lie do they?
Well thats it then, its two years from now befor ewe need to sharpen our voting barbs and barbs they are for they prick a politician like nothing you can imagine, that is why they are willing to buy it to prick their opponent, be damned the consequences and let us not be fooled into thinking that they have yet to start buying us out,

it is a matter of time before they start reminding us who made the country into what it is today (all developed and perfect, according to NST et al) and if we let anyione else into office the country would be reduced to rubble in three seconds flat....

anak muda said...

They want more time to rob & collect money to fill the war chest, mah.

Still many projects in the pipe line & in the process of dishing out the goodies among themselves, cronies & their yes-men.

But daddy-in-law & son-in-law, two very powerful men in the country can always change their mind wat.

Today say no, tomorrow say yes, flip=flop decision is the hallmark of the badawi had ada hari administration.

mekyam said...

Dear Nuraina & fellow visitors of 3540 Jalan Sudin,

Clearly our country has two Prime Ministers. One PM, the Start-Up; the other, the Upstart!

Penarik Beca said...

kutu doeas not want to add anything. Kuda Ranggi has said enough.

shanghaistephen said...

Yes M.D.
So this up-start decides when we will have the elections eh ??
And he dah man mah...? calling the shots... Not shy meh? our PM is sleeping, so faithful SIL don't want to disturb him from his slumber !!And shame on Krishamudin too !!
Goes to show ,In Bolehland you don't need the mandate to put the show on the road !You just gotta be the SIL !

Anonymous said...

It scares me when he talks about 'momentum'---i mean , really, really scared.

He's got the monsoon race, the yatch, the luxury jet, stopped the text-book loan, abandoned the flood-stricken state--for what ?--a nasi keranda restaurant---what next.
And, oh---what about Michelle Yeoh.....

That is some momentum !!!

Mr. Smith said...

He promised to fight corruption. He lied.
He promised transparency and good governance? He lied.
He promised more media freedom. He lied.
He promised to reform the Police Force. He lied.
He said no government contracts given to his son. He lied.
He bought a plane. He lied.
He asked the people to walk with him but when there was flood he flew away.
Now, you trust this man. Shame on you if you do!!!

Gerubuk said...

We had better believe that it is general erection in progress, is more like it. Isn't it already a foregone conclusion, as both F(A)IL and SI(A)L have raging testoterones : one slightly ageing and, perhaps, rusty, while the other has No Ri and dreams of May Ah and KaR In and never comes out.

The Malaysian powers have spoken!!

zewt said...

Some school of thoughts are saying that the snap election is possible as the power to be would not want to wait till anwar steps out of his ban.... interesting isnt it?

hmmm... you're nog blogging about tony joining DAP?

Tak Peduli said...

Vote early and vote often.

nasikgorengusa said...

Talking abt trillion ringgit trade that made headline for days, it doesnt happen in 3years. it was build from previous 15years so called "momentum". Your report card is still showing redmarks Mr PM. Do not be proud of the outcome from someone else's job and determination.