Thursday, February 22, 2007

Rocky's Case Adjourned To April 2 2007

And He Was Not Alone
Yet again, it was over so quickly.
The judge hearing Rocky's application to strike out the defamation suit by NSTP and 4 others adjourned the case to 2.30pm on April 2.
This was because the plaintiffs had amended the claims in their suit, and their lawyers had submitted them to Rocky's lawyers only last Friday (February 16).
Given that it was just two days before the Chinese New Year holidays, Rocky's lawyers clearly needed time to go through the amended claims.
Some 50 bloggers and wellwishers accompanied Rocky to court this afternoon. Among the bloggers were Jeff Ooi (Screenshots), Sheih (Kickdefella), Ruhanie Ahmad (Kuda Kepang), Zahrin Yasin (Sang Kelembai), Marina Mahathir (Rantings by MM), Bernard Khoo (Zorro Unmasked), Stephen Francis (Shanghaifish), Mulah and Rajahram.
Also there were Shar101, What A Lulu (who gave us two plastic boxes of scrumptious cupcakes), Walski, Politikus, Alliedmarster, Lame Basket, I Am Malaysian, Malaysian Man, Salahuddin, BigGuyDotCom, Galadriel and PC Teh, as well as the Gen-M guys.
And what a delightful surprise it was for me to see someone from the old NST days -- Saad Hashim, a former Berita Harian editor and NSTP London correspondent.
He was living in UK for some 20 years before returning home 3 years ago.
There he was, grinning at me, looking quite unrecognisable. It has been so long, Pak Cik Saad.
I have to confess - Marina and I arrived there at about 2.45pm. By the time we got to the 10th floor, we could see the plaintiffs' counsel giving an impromptu Press conference along the busy corridor and Rocky being interviewed by a reporter.
All the way from down south were three of Rocky's older siblings (Rocky is the baby in the family) -- Ismail (Bang Long), Zainal Abidin and Rafiah and her husband, Jakariah Simen.
Rafiah and her husband had come all the way from Singapore, fetching along the way Zainal in Johor and Ismail in Malacca.
Their parents have passed away and as Rocky's older siblings, they are naturally very concerned for the welfare and wellbeing of their adik bongsu.
Meanwhile, Marina and I were late for a good reason. We were in Bangsar buying a birthday cake for Bloggers' United.
The Bloggers' United - No Fear logo was created by Sheih last month following the action by NSTP and the 4 individuals to sue Rocky and the NSTP and 3 of the individuals to sue Jeff for defamation.
Hundreds of blogs carry this logo.
The little birthday party was held at the canteen, next to Denmark House.
And everybody had a piece of the delicious chocolate chiffon cake from Berry's in Bangsar.
Earlier in the day, at about 11am, the same group enjoyed a mee rebus brunch at Kafe 4-teen (oppositie the Section 14 Mosque in PJ).
How did that happen? Well, Rocky, having grown up in Singapore, could never resist a good mee rebus.
I told him that I always have mee rebus at a cafe run by Ariffin Hashim (my sister, Maria's brother-in-law).
It's really sedap because it is prepared by Maria and she makes it the way she likes it. The way we all like it.
One day, he decided to give it a try. He loved it and wanted everyone else (read:bloggers) to share his bliss. So, today seemed the perfect occasion to do so.
Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong was the first to arrive. And then Tony Gayandato (The Stand-up Philosopher) and then Zorro, Mulah, Sheih, Jeff, Tony Pua, JuneX2, BigGuyDotCom, Syed Akbar Ali, Salahuddin, and then Marina, Alliedmarster,the Gen-M guys.......
Editor of Forward magazine, Zul Othman also dropped by for the mee rebus, and to do a story on the little band of bloggers having mee rebus.


groupie said...

was there. it's like victory party. they should show it on tv. these guys are not from this world. they getting sued and they act so cooool.

Anonymous said...

Berani (dan gembira, riang, tak gundah, makan mi rebus, tiup lilin, potong kek, teh tarik, roti canai, gelak ketawa, sesi bergambar) kerana benar.

Anonymous said...

Wahh...It is so cool la! Wish i'm there. But i'm across the causeway la... and i envy you guys cause here, this kinda occasion,it's like Money Back Guarantee TAK ADA dan tak akan terjadi!.

And ya know what, i find Bloggers United GEREK!!!


Hi&Lo said...

The camaderie spirit is very inspiring and gives hope to Malaysia as a nation.

Anon. Fm Miri said...


Wish I'm there.... looking foward to see it in pictures.... Tks for the updates.


Kak Teh said...

ena, aaah, has he never mentioned my mee bandung? I likeeee! So, good turn-out eh? saad hashim pun pergi?

tokasid said...

Looks like the press team 'ubah tiang gol' to face Rocky. And how are we to know they won't ubah tiang gol again? Appears they will drag this case for a long time to make Rocky and bloggers united 'letih' and lost steam.

fabmama said...

So heartwarming to see this celebration of courage, conviction and camaraderie. All the best to all bloggers, especially Rocky and Jeff.

Anonymous said...

sounds more like a party than a court hearing. trust malaysians to find a cause to eat and feast.

and to be late on account of a cake sounds typically malaysian too.

i suppose people need causes to fight for and you can create one if you are convincing enough or have the right supporters.

i suppose a bloggers' jihad is as good as any if the people involved are sincere and honest about the issues they are confronting.

but i've always been sceptical of "truth" in the human world - the capacity of the human mind is so large it can interpret and analyse most things to suit its interests.

legal truth is sometimes just clever bullshitting. justice in the courts as we know is warped.

there is nothing absolute EXCEPT GOD'S TRUTH and GOD'S JUSTICE!



Anonymous said...

sounds more like a party than a court hearing. trust malaysians to find a reason to eat and feast.

and to be late on account of a cake sounds typically malaysian too, the malaysian concept of time being quite fluid.

i suppose we all need causes to deserve this life. we need to know we are willing to die for something worth living for.

and the bloggers' cause is as good as any if the people fighting are honest about why they are there in the first place.

and the bloggers' cause will be as good or as bad as the people that lead it because as we know, leaders in the human world determine our raison d'etre.

this is the "truth" that bloggers always blog about.

but i've always been sceptical of human "truth". i've grown weary of too much "truth".

the capacity of the human mind is so large and its interpretive ability so huge, we can analyse and argue out anything and everything to suit our interests.

legal truth as we learn again and again is just clever bullshitting. court justice as we know is warped.

so what do i do?

there is no absolute truth except GOD'S TRUTH and no justice except GOD'S JUSTICE!

so what i do is search for GOD deep within me and most of the time he tells me the TRUTH. and for me this is JUSTICE enough.

so bloggers - STAND UNITED, WALK TOGETHER but WALK WITH GOD! Be sincere and honest and have the integrity that we say others lack. and live your JUSTICE!


syed syahrul zarizi said...

can we have some pictures, please?

tony said...

Hi Kak, it was nice having been able to meet Rocky, after some thirteen years! And of course to meet all of you was pleasantly nice.
Thanks for the words of encouragement.
As for the mee rebus, I am now looking forward to dropping in one of this days to sample it!
Thanks for being a great host!

tony a.k.a alliedmartster

Anonymous said...

Saya suka sangat makan mee rebus. Nak juga cuba kafe 14teen. Jam berapa waktu operasi restoren tu?

zorro said...

Nuraina, my saturday schedule I have overhauled. Saturday, I take my 87 year old mama for her weeklly hairwash and blowjob (stop smirking) at Section 17. I then pop into a copi-tiam just opposite. Commencing tomorrow, and forever, I will be at Cafe Four-teen for Maria's mee-rebus. Her mee-rebus has dislodged the bottom two of my top five meerebus joints in Selangor. And I promised her I will drag Musa Scully every Saturday if he has no morning-(after) sickness. I like even the ambience of the cafe...ideal for my MUST every morning BE-ALONE quality time reading and scheming on who to zap on my blog.

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Dear Ms NAS,

It was a pleasant company with great food and cool place to boot...i couldnt have asked for more.

Envious of the afternoon company of yours ,glad that many came to show support.

Dear SR Rocky and Jeff,
You'll never be alone!!

maria said...


Am very sorry, but the cafe is closed on Sat & Sun.

Abu rabu aka ash wednesday said...

All mee rebus fans

You have not tasted Maria's laksa Johor yet. It's out of this world.

Anonymous said...

picture at the mee rebus maria can be viewed here-

pic at wisma denmark -

laksa johor lover said...

Abu rabu aka ash wednesday said...
All mee rebus fans

You have not tasted Maria's laksa Johor yet. It's out of this world.

6:10 PM

Ahhh! Laksa johor, my favourite. Cant seem to get good laksa Johor here in PJ & KL.

Does Maria also sell laksa johor at her cafe besides mee rebus, which I also luvvvvvvvv?

Laksa johor lover

maria said...

Anonymous 1:53 PM

My mee rebus is available from 9am-4pm daily except on Saturdays & Sundays.

maria said...

abu rabu aka ash wednesday,

Siapa nak puji kalau bukan adik sendiri. Lol!

Laksa johor lover, I don’t sell laksa johor. I make laksa johor for my siblings and close friends only.

And only during Hari Raya.

Anonymous said...

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