Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nurul's Alleged Killer(s) Nabbed

Four people - two of whom were Nurul Nadirah's neighbours have been nabbed.

Johor police chief Mokhtar Shariff said three of them were drug addicts and two have previous records on drug offences and kidnapping.
The three drug addicts - aged between 30 and 40 -- were found positive of methamphetamine and ice.

Police are still awaiting the chemist's report.
The New Straits Times learnt that the couple who were Nurul's neighbours was9* staying in a unit across her home.

They had held a grudge against Nurul's family since they moved into the unit last December.

The source said a feud had become a motive which led to the kidnapping and murder.
"Even the flat they occupied is actually being put on an auction by a bank. They just broke into the doors and moved in as squatters back in December. A family member of the victim often scolded them, telling them to move out and to stop stealing things."

Nurul Nadirah - may you rest in peace. Al Fatehah.


Quiet said...

Good God, squabbling squatting neighbours did this to her? (ok, allegedly, and still under police investigation)...what is this world coming to?

Please let them close the case asap on this, with full conviction and the death penalty.

Every time I see that lil' girl's picture, drinking through the straw, drives me to tears..

Norman said...

Kak Nur.

Yes,The police have nabbeb Nuruls killer.He is a drug addict.

Well done Johore Police.

Anonymous said...

PDRM, well done on swiftly catching those animals. Lets hope the perps get a lifetime in Sungai Buloh soon or hanged for their actions.

One thing that I find hard to believe, how is it that drug addicts and kidnappers were allowed to go free in the first place?? If they were convicted before, why werent they being monitored closely?! Sentence not long enough? Which judge allowed these animals back in the Society?!!

Semoga adik Nurul dicucuri Rahmat.. Al-fatihah.

Concerned citizen

Anonymous said...

"Well done" should be reserved if PDRM catch them BEFORE she was found dead. What difference does it make now for the parents? Or to us parents with children. I dont feel safe!

Anonymous said...

Only ass-licking comments allowed here.