Friday, March 16, 2012

Baby On Board

Are you one of those who get irritated with bawling babies on flight? Are you among parents with baby-on-board who have had bad experience with fellow passengers?

Baby-on-board has become a pretty heated issue of late. Only recently, a two year-old child was "kicked off" an American aircraft for throwing tantrums.

It's a huge debate out there.

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Anonymous said...

yeah... a pain in the *ss. Crying, yelling away on especially on long haul flights. A real nuisance, disturbing others. Maybe I shud ask for a discount from the airline company? Fuck parents who travel with small kids!

bruno said...

Nuraina,sometimes crying and tantrum throwing babies can be a pain to other passengers.But babies have a right to fly with their parents as any other paying passengers.So the next best thing is for the airlines to come up with a special section for parents with minors.Have a nice weekend.

Quiet said...

Anon @ 10:11pm, you gotta be kidding me, right? So crying kids are a nuisance, and should be barred from travel?

Can I say the same of overweight and obese people who block the aisles of the airplanes then, can I ban them from flying?

Or what about people with BO and smelly feet, can I bar them from flying?

Heck, why not restrict air travel to people of a certain ethnicity then?

Your parents never took you overseas when you were a child, did they?