Thursday, March 01, 2012

Dear Yitzhak., Dear Ehud

21 December 1993

His Excellency
Mr Yitzhak Rabin
Prime Minister of Israel

I would like to thank you for your letter of 17 October informing me about
the Agreement of Principles and Mutual Recognition between Israel and the PLO.

My government supports this positive development and views it as a first
step towards the realization of a comprehensive solution to the Middle East
problem. As a demonstration of Malaysia's support to this development my
country was represented at the Donor's Conference to support The Middle East
Peace held in Washington and subsequently pledged a modest financial
contribution to the Palestinians to assist in their new tasks. My government has
also offered the Palestinians technical assistance under the Malaysian Technical
Cooperation Programme.

Malaysia as a matter of general principle is prepared to develop relations
with Israel at the appropriate time. In the meantime, we would like to see
tangible progress in the implementation of the peace agreement.

The Middle East problem particularly the Palestinian issue has been a cause
of instability to the region and I hope the recent agreement between Israel and
PLO would contribute to lasting peace to the area.

I look forward to normal relations with Israel. (this last sentence is hand


This is to Ehud Barak.

8 June 1999

His Excellency
Mr Ehud Barak
Prime Minister Elect of Israel

Your Excellency,

May I extend my congratulations on your victory in the recent elections.
With this impressive mandate, I hope that you and your coalition partners will
be able to guide the destiny of the people of Israel at the threshold of a new

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that Malaysia has always
sought peace and the settlement of problems between neighbours through
negotiations. It is therefore our hope to see the mutual implementation of the
agreements signed between the PLO and Israel. We also believe that if the peace
process is to be salvaged, sincere and effective steps must be taken to honour

As an important partner in the peace process it is crucial for Israel to be
more accommodating. The Palestinians have made major sacrifices. They no longer
demand the elimination of Israel. They are even prepared to share Jerusalem with
you. It is therefore timely that Israel respond positively so as to sustain the
hopes of the people in both Palestine and Israel. Solemn commitments made by a
previous Goverment must be honoured. The alternative I am afraid, would be a
permanent state of conflict and regional instability extending into the next
Century. This is certainly a prospect that must be avoided.

The crux of the problem is that no party should revert to the old ways of
taking what belongs to others, on the one hand and instigating hatred and
violence, on the other. Malaysia cannot countenance aggression by anyone,
whether friend or foe. Any country that focibly takes over land and properties
of others, or demolishes dwellings belonging to others in order to set up its
own settlements cannot be said to be sincere in wanting peace.

Malaysia is of the firm conviction that the security of all countries in
West Asia can only be assured with the establishment of a just, lasting, and
comprehensive peace in the region. This must be based on the principle of
"exchange of land for peace" and the establishment of an independent Palestinian
state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The world looks foward to Israel under your leadership, to push foward the
peace process with true determination. It is my sincere hope that the attainment
of a comprehensive settlement in the region would allow Malaysia to
realistically envisage a positive move towards the establishment of normal
relations with Israel.

Yours sincerely,



Anonymous said...

Our "Dear Mahathir" was looking forward to relations with Israel!Looks like "pagar makan padi!" as far as OIC policies are concerned.
Dear me.


anon@1:45PM: Nope...not as simple as that,..normalisation of relations if and when israel no longer oppresses the palestinian people. peace in the middle-east is what malaysia hopes for and with peace comes normalisation of relations with israel - the only country with which malaysia has no diplomatic relations.

Tan Tin Tun said...

anon@1:45PM nampaknya cuba membodohkan diri sendiri dengan memutarkan maksud " normalisation of relations" itu...adakah ini tahap mentaliti mereka yg tidak menyukai Tun M atau mereka sengaja memutarkan maksud ayat tersebut kerana penyokong2 mereka sebenarnya mudah diperbodohkan.

Anonymous said...

anon 1.45pm, wow clearly misinterpreting the letter eh? Despite the letter clearly says it differently!

Anonymous said...

What Tun said and what DSAI said is the same.

Isreal should make peace with Palestinian, stop occupying them, then Malaysia will recognized Israel.

Both leaders intention is honorable. They are aware what is the problem and what is the most reasonable solution.

What happened is that the media is exploiting the average Malaysian who are not well informed about the Palestinian struggle by twisting the words of DSAI and now the opposition is doing the same tactic.

The politics of the land is still far away from maturity.

bruno said...

Nuraina,if Malaysia were to wait for total peace in Palestine before restoring normal diplomatic relations with Israel,it will have to wait till tens of generations of cows coming home.

If our leaders think that it is in the best interest if Malaysia have diplomatic relations with Israel,so be it.But what our leaders do is to let events in Palestine or the middle east dictate the terms for us.

First of all Palestine is like a midget compared to Israel the Goliath.So the Palestinian authorities let their terrorists and militant groups go on suicide missions and firing rockets into Israel.Sometimes dozens of rockets are fired into Israel for days and weeks.

When the Palestinians act like naughty boys nobody scolded them.But when the Israelis got fed up and started spanking the naughty boys the whole world cried wold,except maybe the US and some of its allies.It doesn't matter if the Palestinians are the ones provoking the Israelis.To the whole world,the Israelis can do no right.

It is because of the behaviourial blind support of the majority of Muslim and the bulk of the Eurozone countries that encourages the Palestinians to act the way they do.They always have a shoulder to cry on when they get bruised up black and purple.

The only time there will be peace in Palestine is when the supporters of Palestine wakes up realising that they themselves are the cause of the prolonging distablity there.

OrgTmnTun said...


Lama tak nampak ek kat kedai mee kari kat food court Pasar Tmn Tun tu..

Harap sihat sejahtera hendaknyer..

You were saying about "normalisation" of relation is consider normal for a country leader to say such a thing..

But the real issue here was, did anwar say "differently"?

This is what happen if mata & telinga TUTUP and PEKAK sebelah jer..

kena la ADIL SAKSAMA utk bagi tahu rakyat mana satu yg BETUL..

What say u akak?

Iskkk.. Mind Power!

Anonymous said...

why are decades old things like this important to you.....

what no posts on current affairs like lynas, the nfc, billions being lost by mas, rafidah back in the news talking about correcting things and the like....


anon@7:33PM: i've been living in a cave or what? i agree, this is old issue (Dr M's letters) but if you've been up-to-date, this issue was resurrected. not by me, but by people-lah.
malaysia, you know. we can talk and discuss about everything.
you want me to discuss Lynas. Can also. But i am no rare earth expert so i cannot be talking about it. the thing is, you want to talk about lynas, people politicize it.
NFC? what do you want me to say? good? bad? even this was politicised beyond the merit of the issue. police already investigated and now up to AG to decide whether to frame charges.
Malaysia Airlines? what can i say? poorly-run? WTF is coing on with our one and only national carrier? those people who were put there should not have been put there at all? bring back the likes of tan sri aziz rahman? accountants cannot run corporations like airlines? i'm no aviation expert.
rafidah back in the news? good for her. old politicians never die, nor fade away...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7.33pm

Decades old things like this is important because this particular decades old things that is one of the reason that the terrorist bomb here and there.

If middle east in total chaos then the petrol price increase. If the petrol price increase then you have to pay more for chicken, meat, rice, the whole lot.

MAS will be in more trouble if the petrol cost increase.

So, this problem effect us but you are not aware of.

The most important thing is that we should care for what happened to people from other part of the world.

The Palestinian have gone endure serious hardship for so long from the Jews. We should support them.


Anonymous said...


If your land have been taken away from you, what are you going to do? Talk your way out of this problem.

The Jews, based on 3000 years of history claimed that land in Palestine is theirs up to the Jordan River. This include the West Bank and Gaza.

They have no intention of giving up the West Bank, in fact they are building more and more settlement in the west bank.

You can refer the map as below,

Please check before commenting against the Palestinian.

In order to liberate their country, the Palestinian have to fight for it.By negotiation or by force.

Once the Jews army have pulled our from the Palestinian territory then you can talk about asking the Palestinian being peaceful lot.


bruno said...

Anon 1:36pm

I am just giving my view as I see events unfolding there.You are blindly ignoring the events that are taking place in the Middle East.

Since the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and some territory of its neighbours,it has given back quite a lot to them.Even some Israeli settlements have been relocated.

Before,the Palestinian rockets landed miles from Iraesli settlements.Being some land being given back and more advanced weapons being given by the Iranians and its allies,the Palestinian rockets have now landed in some smaller towns too.If more land were to be given back,the Israelis would have to live under the Red Sea.

A lot of technical assistance regarding agriculture and financial have been given by the Israelis to the Palestinian people too.But industrial technology assistance is at its minimun because of the manufacturing of weapons.

The reason why the Palestinians are the only ones creating all the problems is because of the bigger Middle Eastern countries.Countries like Iran and Syria are the ones dictating the actions of the Palestian militant groups.

And when they kept sending suicide bombers and firing rockets into Israel,the Israelis retaliated.The IDF sent bombers,tanks and troops over and who suffered.The ordinary civilians.And where were the militants and their terrorist chiefs.They ran over to Syria and Iran for shelter.

And then the media and the rest of the world started screaming.The Palestinians are being used for political purposes by its neighbours.What the Israelis are asking is gurrantee for peace,in return for giving back more land,but not all as to create a buffer for the rockets.

Regarding your comments 'If your land has been taken away from you,what are you going to do?Talk your way out of this problem'

Well,for starters the Palestinians have the world's superpower trying their asses off trying to mediate a peace treaty for them.But it takes two to tango.The Palestinians prefer to tango with the Iranians.

Regarding your comment 'once the Jews army have pulled out from the Palestinian territory then you can talk about asking the Palestinian being a peaceful lot'.If everybody has the same attitude as you,like I said 'wait till tens of generations of cows coming home.

Anonymous said...

ns 11.44 - surely you can discuss the merits or demerits even if it has been politicised - unless you want to avoid the do not have to be an expert to know right from wrong!


anon@2:49PM: can you understand if i tell you that i wish not to discuss these issues that have already been discussed beyond their merit/demerit.
i'm supposed to say no to Lynas, whack shahrizat and family and, as for malaysia airlines? oh come on..
thank you for showing deep interest in wanting to know my views...

Anonymous said...


We do not want the Israel to give land bit by bit to the Palestinian. We want to them to get out.

Based on the 1967 border, the occupation of Palestine is illegal according to UN. Full Stop.

Israel have to pull out of Palestine. Period. Then we can talk about peace.

The Arabs do not want to turn up like the red indian who end up in reservations in their own land.

Again, I would ask you, if the your land is being taken away, from you, would it suffice if the occupier give back to you piece by piece.

Last September, Palestine applied to become a member of the UN. 69% of the world agreed. US however vetoed.

Sarcozy even said that the President of Israel is a liar.

They (Israel and US)have no intention of giving back the West Bank to the Palestinian.

Like it or not, Palestinian have to fight for their liberation, by negotiation or by force.

You do not want to talk to a bully and appeal for their better nature.

About Syria, Israel is occpying Golan Height which belong to Syiria therefore, you can expect Syria involvement.

In fact you can expect the whole Arab state to involve in this as Jerusalem is one of Muslim state and Palestinian is Arab.

Bottom line, occupation of Palestine is illegal. Hence Israel to respect the international law and get out.


bruno said...

Anon/Hashimoto 8:53am

we can argue about the Palestinian issue until the cows have great grand babies and this issue will still never solved.

Let us look at another issue that is more important.Iran's nuclear weapons.Experts give it six to twelve months before it finally has one.You think that the Arab states there are not afraid of this.

But what are they doing.Sitting on their hands,playing dumb.All waiting and hoping for the Israelis to take the lead and do the dirty work.