Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The GE over.

We all know the results. BN won by a slim majority in parliament. It recaptured Kedah and Perak.

And the DAP won big, I must say. In some of the constituencies (mainly Chinese majority) they increased their majority.

What I remember most about  May 5 were the lies and unsubstantiated reports of black-outs, busloads of foreigners and illegal ballot boxes.

They remain unsubstantiated. So they are lies spread by irresponsible people. And then made out to be fact and used to condemn the elections as unfair. Electoral fraud?

Democracy is dead?  Oh come on.. Jangan lah berdrama. Bersandiwara. Berwayang..

Senang, senang nak burukkan Malaysia, ya?

So many are not happy with the outcome because the BN should have lost. Stolen elections?


Mr Karpal Singh is happy with the outcome. Lim Guan Eng has been sworn in as CM. Kelantan has a new MB.

Another black mark was the harassment and attacks on Malaysianswhom some thugs linked to the opposition suspected them to be foreigners and tried to prevent them from casting their votes.

 I call them samseng.

Yes,. samseng.

The GE is over. Time to move on and get on with our life.

But, looks like, for some people, it ain't over yet.


adham said...

Malaysian need rabies shot. Now their start pogrom against bangladeshi and everyone with dark complexion.

May i ask why only Bangla people is suspected of phantom voter? What about Vietnamese, Cambodian or Chinese immigrant? There is a reason we coin the term "china doll"

This is just pure racism

Anak jati Johor said...

Adham, the one opposition leader, who keeps on harping on fraud, just conveniently left out the chinese in his list of phantom voters. Followers are just that, followers.

Nuraina, these are what the so-called samseng do lah, otherwise they will not be called that.