Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"I am An Umno Member!" : Musa Hitam

Without a doubt, former deputy prime minister Tun Musa Hitam got a lot of Barisn Nasional people wondering what was going on when he made  his "Negara tak akan bankrap jika Pakatan Rakyat memerintah" remarks at a forum on March 12.

"Is he Umno or what?" - some people must have uttered, openly or quietly.

You can't blame them when they read it -- screaming like that.

Was he endorsing Pakatan?is he supporting Pakatan?

Well, no, says the man, in response to all this.

"I am an Umno and Barisan member, and I certainly wish that they win in GE13,” he said.
"As an Umno and BN member, and by that very same token, I certainly wish for BN to win this election. Indeed, I am certain that BN will win this time."

In fact, he issued a statement on this because Pakatan Rakyat has used his remarks in their campaign -- on billboards.
He's asked them to cease and desist.

"Pakatan Rakyat  seems so desperate to promote themselves and woo the electorates' support that they had resorted to using me as their major weapon to hit back at Barisan Nasional."

Musa described Pakatan's move as an "abuse of democratic privilege".

Read the report  HERE and  HERE.

I wasn't at the forum. But I've read the news reports quoting him on this. But, I still can't say whether his remarks were taken out of context.

I don't know-lah, Musa. What did you expect your friends in the BN to think?

Then again, they should know better. Musa had always been one to speak his mind.

He said he would continue to express his personal views on any political matters as and when he felt the need to.

"This is the freedom that I have always enjoyed as a member of Umno, a party which has played a most significant role in the development of our beloved country.

And, well...can't blame Pakatan, either. Won't let a good opportunity pass -- to use his words against the BN.


Anonymous said...

Petronas post available?

Din Pekan said...

Alahai Musa the fox memang begitu. Bila dah nampak PR payah nak menang maka dia pun tukar haluan balik. Memang foxy lah kawan kita ni...

Anonymous said...


Musa Hitam is a true muth*r f*cker. Why dont he just go and join the Pakatan Ranjang?

Anonymous said...

We have 2 Tuns. One, a very smart Tun and the other a silly Tun. No wonder the silly Tun resigned because he was not smart enough.

Anonymous said...

Kalau Musa Hitam,aku tak percaya,he suddenly realise which side of his bread being buttered.

Anonymous said...

Why the heck he chose to make that statement at a time like this? Why, when everyone else was saying that PR's economic policies would bankrupt the country? I'm still flabbergasted!

My take on this is that his stature is waning so he needs to make a STATEMENT that he's still around. Donnolah this fellow.

bruno said...

Nuraina,well it serves Musa right.When he left Umno and joined Razaleigh in Semangat 46,when closing the new party and come back rejoining Umno and enjoy the spoils in Sime Darby.

They should have known that by rejoining Umno they will be treated as political hasbeens.By closing down Semangat 46,they should have stayed outside Umno,joined other political parties or retired from active politics.Good horses do not come back and feed on old pasture.

Rina said...

Dear Kak

Malaysian academics ask Pakatan Rakyat to explain how they will manage nation's finances and debt..... manifesto kan banyak promises...

Tolong circulate..

Anonymous said...

I am an UMNO member!

Pakatan rakyat is not as desperate as BN. Pakatan lost all the time. But BN get away with all the mistakes over the years.

The rakyat is desperate. Desperate to change the current gov because it can get away with so many wrong doing and stupidity.

Take Kluang Johor for example where is talk is just well talk only.

Gan was not accepted by rakyat in Kluang, thus lost Mengkibol seat to DAP. Even UMNO members vote for DAP in Mengkibol because of the wrong choice of candidate. Mahkota almost lost. Losing more than 16K votes to PAS because of the wrong choice of candidate.

Lets talk about Gan. He is the MCA Chief. He lost. So, MB Ghani appoint him as JKKM so as not to allow the DAP (the real wakil rakyat) get any fund or attend any DO meeting. Then, Gan was appointed Senator, while UMNO Kluang senator slot was taken away. No more senator for UMNO Kluang. How do you think that makes us Malay feel??? Then PM Najib appointed Gan as Timbalan Menteri. WAHHHHHH talk about a beaten winnable candidate.

Now, blogger MB Ghani trying hard to promote YB Hou againts Gan. YB Dr Hou is a quiet man. You can only see him on billboards. So quiet even the UMNO Kluang warlords never get a call from him let alone get a a visit in their home unless invited for kenduri kawin. Dr Hou don't even recognized the faces that work hard to win him.

Maybe he just copied what YB Jais of Mahkota (Kluang UMNO chief) is practising. UMNO jaga UMNO, MCA jaga MCA. Rakyat boleh pegi mamp*sss. 80,OOO voters and MCA+UMNO only take care of selected few. May I remind you that only 7ooo out of 12,000 UMNO Kluang members are still reachable? I can go on and on. Wanna fight 80K voters ha?

This coming from an UMNO veteran. All, YB Jais, Dr Hou or Gan are not winnable candidates. Put them as candidates and we will join DAP and PAS on ceramah stages.

BTW, didnt you notice almost all exco UMNO Johor are warga emas??? During Ghani, newcomers semua kena pancung except the KJ boy, YB Jais who from Youth chief to wakil rakyat to ketua bahagian to exco within a year. How do you think the over forties in UMNO Kluang feel?

Harap you lebih berani siarkan komen ini berbanding blogger lain yang tak berani siarkan.

BeggarsInOwnCountry said...

Musa was the problem for the Malays. Musa and Mahathir. They both dont know what to do. Musa wanted to sound liberal socialist marrying a peruvian and so on. He talks like he is for the common man but secretly he wants to
be Sime Darby chairman with all the grapes at the MCM meetings plus the rich women golfers sime darby, the low wage workers company, sponsored.

Mahathir culture of enriching families is everywhere in UMNO but the Malays are not so concern as everyone was poor. But the new generations of educated malays want a larger piece of the pie not 20% to be shared by 70% like Muhyidin and Mahathir generasi basi thinks is good enough for the Malays.

Why? Because the Chinese tokeys are kind to their sons and daughters/menantus/brothers to get some of the pie. So 20% for the Malays are definitely enough if shared only among UMNO MBs, Ketua Pemuda/Wanita/Puteri/Presiden/Vice Presiden etc.

But what about the other 50% of the Malays and bumiputeras? Why they remain poor of course.

Now, UMNO leaders like Mahathir are subjects of ridiculed for not understanding even basic things like TUNAI or maths.

20% even if they are equally divided by 70% is very small compared to 80% divided by the Chinese and Indians 30%.

2 divided by 7 will be 0.285.
8 divided by 3 equal 2.67

That means Chinese and Indians are 10 times richer than the Malays!!! I hope these old Malays will not mind if we call them terencat akal..haha.

Of course the situation is worse still when UMNO Presidents brothers like Pak Lah and sons like Mahathir own billions in the malay share.

Not only that the 20% are also owned by Indians like Mydin, Mokhtar Rahmeit (albukahri), nasimuddin, nor yakob etc.

So Mahathir is right. The Malays are indeed beggars in their own country!

Anonymous said...

It has now become a global fashion to lose ones moral compass because even the west has lost its moral values because of financial greed. There is enough wealth in this world for all of us but there is not enough wealth in this for the greed of one man.(Adapted from a quote by M. Ghandi)May be the subject of your article is that one man.

the gaffe guy who know's said...

Nuraina,as usual run out of articles to write.With the GE just around the corner,there are 1,001 things to write about.Just got to have those grey hair on your scalps,that is all.Hahaha.


the gaffe guy: haha... i know i know...everytime nak sit down to blog...ada saja kerja...
memabg banyak grey hair dah.

manmanlai said...

Nuraina,some interesting things to write about.

1)First time in Malaysian history we have a self confessed and confirmed porn actor as president of a major political party.And a non winnable candidate too.

2)Hindraf's Warthamoorthy make's a U-turn after pact with Umno in UK.And a Bollywood style hunger strike.

3)Zulkifli Noordin the self proclaimed champion of Malay rights,master of ridiculing the Indians from Perkasa standing under the BN's banner.A sure loss for BN in a Malay majority area.

4)First time in history an Umno candidate surrender seconds before nomination to Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali.Perkasa's patron is still the kingmaker.A blackeye for Najib/Umno.

I can go on and on,but these few suggestions will keep kak busy for some time.

Anonymous said...

Salam Datuk,
I wanted to read your posts (two recent posts actually) , but in vain.

When I clicked the post title, I got ''Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.''


elizabeth said...

Is speaking the truth against BN culture?

Anonymous said...

Kak, betul ke u kena rompak? Either yes or no, our crime rate is another interesting topic - kan?


Jemma Khan said...

Dear Kak,

Tried contacting NST. No luck. This is my last shot by trying your blog. Why is the NST committing biased and mischievous reporting? You need to respond to the complainant. I quote Kit Siang, whom you reported on:

For instance, in an interview today with the UMNO-owned and controlled New Straits Times, which claims to be a newspaper when it is in fact a “lies-paper”, the Johor Mentri Besar was asked a loaded and completely untruthful question and Ghani gave an equally baseless and untruth answer because it was founded on lies and falsehoods.

This is the Q and A I am referring to:

“Question: Your opponent had tried to paint a picture of you being a Malay chauvinist. Do you think it will influence the Chinese electorate, who make up the majority of voters in Gelang Patah?

“Answer: It is cruel. I’m quite sad about the attempts to label me a racist. But Johoreans know me.

“I have been here for the past 18 years and the Chinese community here knows that I have always engaged them. I work with them directly on community issues as well as on education, culture and welfare.

“Since (Lim) Kit Siang decided to come here to contest (Gelang Patah), he has been provoking the Chinese.”

The interviewer from the News Straits Times “lies-paper” asked not only a loaded a question, but a completely fabricated query as I had never “tried to paint” Ghani Othman as “a Malay chauvinist” in my campaign in Gelang Patah.

NurainaUnpinned said...

I am sorry to see that your blog has been unpinned from the NST website.

Your journalistic integrity is very much admired in publishing commentators who are against the flow of mindless propaganda by some would be emperor.

Luckily we can still read your blog and hope that one day NST will be cleared of those self serving interest who dont like to hear or read the truth from the Malays.

And NST is supposed to be an UMNOs paper.

sara5en said...

My empathy goes out to Nuraina who survived two incident of robbery attacks in the past and one recently where crimes are rampant these days under the BN rule.

Ant yet (I dont get it) she is still a big fan of UMNO BN.

NotUMNOSultanate said...

We are all UMNOians..we Malays.
Independence was fought by the Malays through UMNO.

The fact that UMNO has been infiltrated by greedy and self serving Indians and Malays doesnt mean we are going to abandon it.

There is another easy way. Dont vote for these UMNO leadership who are not winnable because of the history of their corruption.

Or those who denigrate Malays and insult Malays just because some chinese give them shares or lend them their humvees or yatch or directorship.

These people just need to be exposed so that we can protect the Malays in the kampung, in the civil service, army, courts and teachers know that UMNO is the servants of the Malays. We must protect all the Mak cik who sat outside PWTC on the floors watching what they thought was a Malay UMNO perhimpunan not some hypocrites just mouthing slogans and kissing keris.

Those who want to lead UMNO must be subservient to Malays not expect gratitude or praise or billions.

Or else form your own party.