Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gila-Lah Si Haris

Haris Ibrahim's ABU people are ready to die, ke?

No way, says  uber blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK)

"Malaysians bunch of cowards. Nak comment kat internet pun tak berani reveal real name."

The Mole spoke to RPK on Haris Ibrahim's "ready to die" statement he made on video on behalf of ABU (Anything But Umno).

That was said in a message to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
 “To Najib, understand this. [...] We will go to all lengths and at all cost to ensure that on polling day the will of the people will be heard. We hear that you and your party intend to cause trouble before, during and after polling. We are ready for you. We, many of us, are ready to die. Are you ready to die?”

Here's RPK's interview:

The Mole: "Were you part of this movement (Anything But UMNO) which Isham (Hishamuddin Rais) started in 2008?"

Raja Petra: "We were part of the All-Blogs movement, if you can remember. And also Bersih 1.0 in 2007.

There were so many different groups. Even one group that worked with Ku Li (Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah), you included."

The Mole: "You and Haris were part of the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM). Why and how did the fall-out happen?"

Raja Petra: "Because I attacked ABU and he got mad with me. I said it is not Umno that we should oppose but the Umno culture.

That got him angry. And I also attacked Anwar. That made him pissed. I also opposed Bersih 3.0 and said it is a lost cause. If we can't do it in Bersih 1.0 and 2.0 what makes you think Bersih 3.0 is going to achieve anything?"

The Mole: "How about what you think of Haris Ibrahim's 'ready to die' ABU squads?"

Raja Petra: "Gila (Crazy)".

The Mole: "Do you think Haris Ibrahim is serious about 'ready to die' and that there will actually be people like that in every polling centre/constituency?"

Raja Petra: "No way. Malaysians bunch of cowards. Nak comment kat internet pun tak berani reveal real name." (Even when they want to comment on the internet they're not brave enough to reveal their real names.)


Haris quit as the President of the MCLM in January 2012 after a fall-out with Raja Petra following their meeting in Thailand in late 2011. It is believed that Haris wanted to make the MCLM a staging platform for funds to be channeled, in preparation for the ‘Malaysian Spring’. 
In a posting at his blog The People’s Parliament in August 2012, Haris  asked readers to contribute to his ABU efforts. He provided his CIMB account number for the contributions to be channeled.
The ABU Facebook page recorded 22,249 likes and 4,620 people talking about it. That is hardly a few oddballs, probably taken in by ABU’s hatred towards UMNO/BN and their ‘Politics of Hatred’ strategy.
Considering there are 222 Parliamentary and 505 State Assembly constituencies in this upcoming 13GE, it is hardly believable that as per Haris’s claim ABU squads will monitor each of the 8,139 polling stations and escort each ballot box to the 222 tally centres.
Raja Petra is probably right to refer to Haris' plans as ‘Gila’. After all, making threats like “Ready to die” is somewhat delusional bordering on madness.-The Mole


Anonymous said...

Haris ni muncul sama timing dengan Wong Tack Bakaq,Bakau,Bakar. He's same species like Gwo Burne, Ambiga,Patrick Teoh who hope that Guan Eng and Anwar will name them in PRU13.


anon@12:42PM: actually...i don't think so..
Haris isn't interested in being a fact, I don't think he trusts the..

Anonymous said...


Please circulate:

A list of eminent Malaysian academics list financial and debt problems and demand reform from both PR and BN.

Bahasa Melayu version here:

Anonymous said...

He is just anti establishment to the core....or he is just lunatic.

Anonymous said...

As Anonymous, even if I am a coward I am still better than Pakatan cybertroopers who shamelessly steal pseudonyms of regular posters and post crap on pro BN sites.

tebing tinggi said...

People on the streets are getting confused ,to them it's irrelevant to blame UMNO for anything and it's not right to target only one party as there are 14 members in the component .
The best joke is that to them ABU means "Asalkan Bukan Unuar" because seldom pronounce Anuar with the sound of "A" but Unuar.
So let cries for ABU (Asalkan Bukan Unuar)

the mean machine said...

First of all nobody should pay any attention to RPK.Afterall he has shown that he smacks the left hand and kissed the right hand that feeds him.Hehehe.

manmanlai said...

Of course as we all know the Mole(Rocky) and RPK are in the same boat.They serve the same organisation that issued their paychecks.Hahaha,pots and kettle calling each other black.

aGhaf said...

Saorang manusia yang didorong dengan hasat dengki dan berdedam tak kehabisan. Kalau ada kekacauan sewaktu pilihan raya nanti, PDRM pasti akan menahan beliau dulu

aGhaf said...

Manusia yang berhasat dengki dan berdedam tak kesudahan. Kalau ada kekacuan dihari pengudian nanti, tangkap dia dulu.

the mean machine said...

Haris is fighting for a better Malaysia for all Malaysians.Rocky and RPK are fighting for a corrupted minority,their political bosses.What more is there to say.

Harris got screwed upside down by RPK.They used to be like brothers.But like they say,politics have no permanent friends or enemies.Hahaha.

Harris is a true patriot.Rocky and RPK?No need to say lah,malu sahaja lah.Hehehe.


the mean machine: and that's because haris and you talk the same language.

pariotic? patriotism? : nobody has the right to say that haris is not patriotic. by the same token, no one has the right, including you, to say that rocky is not.

It's Me Again said...


About Rocky and Haris, there is a major difference in their patriotism.

Rocky prefers to defend Taib Mahmud and his corrupt riches.

Rocky prefers to overlook Mahathir and the dubious ways in which his sons acquired their millions.

Rocky supports Najib and other UMNO politicians who are badly tainted, who should have long stepped down if they had honour or respected the people's mandate.

Haris rejects all of the above.

Haris says it is criminal to keep in power those who are tainted.

Rocky prefers to keep these criminals in for reasons known to only him, just as you support these criminals for reasons only known to you.

Between Haris and Rocky, many of us know who the real patriot is.

For Malaysians who listen to their conscience, the answer is also clear.

Anonymous said...

This A.B.U. guy looks and sounds like an U.M.I. = (U)gly (M)alaysian (I)nside.

Kind of a malay samseng type speaking ok english

ThuraisinghamHarisIbrahim said...

Thuraisingham is Haris Ibrahim name. I always thought who is this malay until I google thuraisingham haris.

He is as Indian as Mahathir or Subahan Kamal..or Nor yakub enjoying the strange poor malay naivete.