Monday, July 23, 2012

RM180million For Indian Entrepreneurs

Okay. So people will say that this is an election bribe. So what. You can call it whatever. Bagi bising, tak bagi bising.

MIC chief G. Palanivel will be managing this special government allocation.

Let bygones be bygones so I shan't go into MIC's failure in helping the Indian community..
Palanivel, as MIC chief is supposed to open a new book for the MIC and the Indian community in Malaysia.
This special allocation for Indian entrepreneurs is the latest of a slew of funds and allocations for the community.

I'm all for that. Let's hope Palanivel manages it well and, as he has said, "to ensure that genuine and deserving Indian entrepreneurs have access to finance to grow their business."


Anonymous said...

I bet that allotment will be misused by mic.Leaders and their children will form the bulk of receipents until and unless the disbursement is checked, double checked and triple checked by independant auditors.
A good deed but knowing mic and its culture ,that sum will soon disappear.

Anonymous said...

One little, two little , three little Indians.

One for you, two for me.

One for you, three for me.

P Ramlee fan.

Anonymous said...

100 million will be gone in 60 seconds with nothing to show for

Anonymous said...

my father was married into a family with strong connections in MIC back in the 80's and what i witnessed in them was extraordinarily embarassing.

Low cost housing allocations given to MIC leaders to be disbursed to deserving poors were instead passed to their own siblings. My mum had 5 brothers running their own business and suprisingly each, until now has a low cost house rented to someone else.

Until now i despise them for this.

I hope Najib will keep a close eye on such allocations to ensure the same does not happen again.

Mr Bojangles said...

The eternal optimist, this schoolgirl blogger.

What was it, they who forget the past are doomed to repeat it?
Or fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me?

Maybe the money will be put to good use after all. But shouldn't them injuns clamor for more seeing what a pittance it is against G Kent, the Cow's Cow Farms, the impending Langat Dams.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please set up a blog for Mic so they can update daily details of every disbursement made from this fund. That way the public can monitor the taxpayers money.

Anonymous said...


Indians all over Malaysia are fed less than the Cowgate project of RM250 million.

Orang beli kondo untuk lembu, sini menyalak bagi Indians "low cost homes".


Anonymous said...

hey ns - next post on money for felda settlers....becoming a habit this giving away our money, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Enough lah this giving of money to Indians. This time it is for entrepreneurs. Indians have so many millionaires and self-proclaimed brahmins as compared to the Malays. What does Palaivel know except to bodek and syiok sendiri. So much money given to so few people. If you tally the goodies given to Indians and Bais, it far surpassed that given to the Malays who formed more than 60% of Malaysians.

IndiansforUMNO said...

We all hope this piece of RM180 million goodwill from UMNO President is well received by the Indian community.
Over the years UMNO Presidents have always been generous to the MIC or even the Indian directly. An ex UMNO Deputy President supposedly ultra malay, tennis partner was an Indian. Of course according to RPK list of Indians he is also Indian.
A past UMNO President have given 2 airbus for only RM1 plus a RM20 million business a year to Indian music expert Tony Fernandes to run his own airline. And Indians should not forget the gambling licenses for Ananda Krishnan, IPP license for Ananda Krishnan, Astro broadcasting monopoly to Ananda Krishnan, Satellite monopoly from TM to Ananda Krishnan etc etc.
And how about the thousands of AP to SM Nasimuddin? Is he a bumiputera? He is definitely not Malay.

Recently an Indian Ali Hamsa, Najib made him Chief Secretary.
The Education Review committee by Najib consist of musix expert Tony Fernandes.
Another Indian Nor Yakcob was today made by Najib, Chairman of Tun Razak Exchange. Is there any doubt that UMNO Presidents have the Indians interests at heart? According to RPK list of recycled Indians even the ex UMNO President was Indian, Syed Bukhari is an Indian of DRB Hicom fame, KJ an Indian, Mukhriz of course.
So there is no reason for Indians not to vote for UMNO. Of course whether the Malays will vote for UMNO like 2008 is another question. For Indians it is clear cut. UMNO for Indians!