Thursday, June 28, 2012

Not Another One....

I know you're innocent until proven guilty...
but just so many of them. And they have enough people who believe in them.

That is why I never trust people in kopiah....
or those who show off their "religiousness".

Too many (who appear to be so religious)  have been proven to be fraud, fakes, cheats, liars....

This case of City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee in Singapore reminds me of THIS and so many others...

(a couple of readers took exception to my above remarks about people wearing kopiah. I apologize. I agree it is a sweeping statement. Let me just say that I don't trust people who show off their religiousness. If they happen to wear a kopiah, that's a coincident. I've known of real cases of supposedly religious people who were caught in intimate and compromising situations with women (not their wives), steal from orphans and haj pilgrims. They happen to wear  a kopiah. Again, my apologies for my sweeping remark.)


Anonymous said...

'....i never trust people in kopiah...'

I am surprised at this statement, especially coming from you. When your daughter wants to get married, you nak suruh siapa nikahkan dia? Kalau ada kematian siapa nak mandikan jenazah? Yang tak pakai kopiah semua baik?

Common! What a sweeping remark. From you of all people. Disappointed.

Anonymous said...


"Kopiah-cladded lebais are not trustworthy"
"Tudung girls are easy"
"All religious people are cheats"

This kind of blanketing statements exposes its narrator as one who have full bigotry towards anything religious. I know outward appearances do not necessarily show the inward structures of a person but to generalize an adage associating any form of cheats and evils to anyone wearing tudung or kopiah or have some inkling of inclination towards amal or ibadat can come from the likes of George Bush or Tony Blair. Or even perhaps to closet-atheists like your friend Syed but from a muslim?

It saddens me.

Anonymous said...

"That is why I never trust people in kopiah....
or those who show off their "religiousness"."

Same here! Lagi panjang the janggut, lagi tak boleh percaya. Most especially when it is combined with untrustworthy eyes..

Another group of people that you shouldn't trust are the ones that refuse to commit and will unashamedly use the word "insyaAllah" when pressed to commit. Needless to say, they will not deliver what they "promised".

1st class munafiq.. if you ask me!



anon@12:55pm: sorry for this generalization. It is quite reckless. but don't take it personally. I should have been clear. I meant at people who wear kopiah and judge others etc...i have met many of them.
I won't elaborate.
Oh jangan lah marah. it is a sweeping statement. And I do apologise.

when my daughter gets married, i'll call the kadi.


anon@6:46PM: er... sorry...not all kopiah-clad lebais are cheats (altho there are reported cases of supposedly religious people caught berkhalwat, makan duit anak yatim, duit pilgrims...."

of course, not all tudung girls are easy...your words not mine.

not all religious people are cheats.

now now...don't get personal. and judge people.

akalkupendek said...

Saya lagi tidak percaya orang yang tidak menunaikan solat. Hehe.


Ish ish these people meh. cepat sangat melatah. My dad wears a kopiah (lebai) all the time - he's the bilal of the masjid, and part of the masjid's jama'ah after all - but even I don't take umbrage from Nuraina's comments.

It may look like a sweeping generalization but there's a grain of truth in it. Trust should be earned, not through appearance but action.

Having said that, Ustaz Azhar Idrus's quote may be worth repeating here:

"Bukan semua yang bertudung itu baik, tapi semua yang baik itu bertudung" or words to that effect.

Salam jumaat y'all !

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you say.Never people, just because they look religious.
Some even put on the scull cap just to hide their receding hairline. They also, usually have more than one wife, especially the ones in politic. Sex drive also very strong, some of them. With all that Ubat Kuat, never trust, even old fella.


bru said...

Haha, I knew you'd get stoned by the masses for your remarks, Ena. That's the price you have to pay for having the gumption to make a stand and not being Anonymous about it.

The fact of the matter is, it's true: we Malays generally pay too much regards for the kopiahs. It's in our nature to respect form and appearance, to judge a book by a cover. But the Malays are also not idiots. Given time, they see through the kopiahs and behind the tudungs. Unfortunately, some of us take advantage of the naive regards for serban and jubah to advance their own well-being. The many cults we have seen are a result. In some ways, PAS the party has evolved into this. Some of its leaders play with the Malays' excessive fear-regards for holy men to promote their own political extensions.

Of course, there are lebais who are baik hati and suci, just as there are good-hearted people in jeans and long hair. I don't find your statement sweeping at all; there are enough number of instances to warn people against form, kopiahs and tudungs, robes and shaved heads included..



oh..betul lawak tu.

tapi saya tak percaya gitu. adakah senua orang yang menunaikan solat boleh di percayai?

saya tahu ramai orang yang tak solat sangat sangat trustworthy.

dan saya kenal ramai orang yang solat yang perangai buruk dan tidak bisa di percayai.

solat itu wajib. our obligation. baik tak baik, kita mesti menunaikan nya.


hafiz: biasa lah.

anyway - i do agree that yang baik bertudung, generally.

RD: as they say never judge a book by its cover...


Bru: know where i'm coming from.

people get so uptight, so sensitive.

it happens everywhere - not just in malaysia.

the easiest way to con people is to speak the language of God.

take the extreme - politicians do that.


the witch's broo said...

why so angry with Nuraina? She's not aiming at kadis and imams. Just the fake ones who put on ketayap, kopiahs whatever to fool everyone else.

As though you all don't know. As Nuraina said - the oldest trick in the world - use religion and religious appearance wit in the hearts and minds of the gullible.

There have been so many stories sof ustads molesting pupils...and all sorts of abuses in religious schools..You all don;t read, huh?

There is more than a grain of truth in Nuraina's statements.

Anonymous said...

That comment about 'Jijik' in AIDC.

I think I forgot to put my initials.


Anonymous said...

Why saddened, disappointed or surprised at ‘I never trust people with kopiah’?

I am not saddened, disappointed or surprised by ‘I never trust people with kopiah’ at all. To kopiah die-hard fans, hey baby, why be so defensive? Jeeeeezzzz……

I dedicate Arrested Development’s Tennessee to kopiah die-hard fans :-P
Holly Molly Polly! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

That makes noraina at par w sny bigots! For god sake.

UstazAzhariklim said...

There is nothing wrong in saying you dont trust men in kopiah. It is just like
saying that I dont trust parking lots.This doesnt mean all parking lots are unsafe, but that women have to be carefull at all time with parking lots.

More so with public display of piety with special uniform or adornments like kopiah, serban, robe etc. The misuse of religion for personal gain and to gain trusts of unsuspecting peope is well documented through history.

Take for example, if you are an ex bass guitarist of the rock band ikim,
No one would ask you for simple religious advice. But put on a white robe, wear a beard and white cap and voila you have Ustaz Azhar Idrus muahaha..

And when you are in such pious costume, you can do what you want like going into women toilet within Trengganu in the wee morning.

Religion should be a personal salvation but some smart alec see ways to use human natural search for understanding with ways to gain influence and THEN to make money! Azhar Idrus the iklim bass player now has his own book soal jawab ugama hehehe...