Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bukit Aman To Meet Mall Management on Security

From The Star
KUALA LUMPUR: Bukit Aman will be meeting with shopping mall security management teams to address the recent cases of women who were attacked at several shopping mall car parks in the city.
Federal CID director Comm Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin said he planned to organise the meeting as soon as possible to discuss security measures employed by the shopping malls.

Comm Mohd Bakri said most cases of theft and armed robbery involved male suspects.

“These suspects are highly opportunistic and look for the easiest way to rob a victim.
“The reason most of these criminals attack women is because they are less likely to fight back,” he told The Star.

He added that the environment and surrounding area also played a big part in criminal activity.

“In most of these cases, the attacks took place in dark, secluded areas and criminals are more likely to attack in these areas as there is less likelihood of people witnessing their crimes.”
Comm Mohd Bakri said upgrading closed-circuit camera systems (CCTV) at shopping mall car parks would be one of the topics discussed as it helped in identifying criminals.

The cases of women being attacked by armed men came to light after Internet marketeer Chin Xin-Ci posted on Facebook her ordeal of being attacked and almost kidnapped by two men at a shopping mall car park.
Less than 24 hours after that incident, two women were robbed of RM80,000 from the same place.
Following that, another woman was robbed at the outdoor parking lot near 1Utama shopping centre on June 4.
The suspect who was armed with a parang approached her as she was getting into her car and forced her to drive to an ATM.
More recently a woman nearly had her finger severed by an armed robber as she stopped in front of her friend’s house along Jalan Datuk Sulaiman 4 at Taman Tun Dr Ismail.
Just 32 hours earlier, another woman was robbed and slashed on the head while she was walking towards her car at the Mid Valley MegaMall car park.


I beg to differ with Bakri: these days criminals are targeting "ordinary" neighbourhoods and relatively safe areas. 

That is why you hear sighs of dismay and despair : "It's not safe to walk to your neighbour's house now", "it's not safe to be in front of your gate now", "it's not safe to park in shopping centres anymore".


We've all got to learn to accept that no where is safe?That is so sad.
 Anywhere can be a criminal's target because, most times, these criminals are "opportunistic", yet they do their own background checks. that is why they know where to best get their victims.

The Curve parking area is one of the safest, I'll tell you that. I've been there at 10pm at night to join my siblings or friends at Red Box...Balik lambat - tak ada hal dan tak takut sebab bright at all levels.

Where the girl was mugged and slashed in Mid Valley -- that is near the GSC  and bright and lots of people coming by.

It is "that moment"  the the criminals wait for and seize. 

The victim at Jalan Datuk Sulaiman 4 - well, I know the case personally because the mother of  the girl whose friend was mugged and robbed is a close friend of mine and she called me early that morning to relate the incident.

Her friend (the victim) was slashed and had her finger almost severed. Thank God the neighbours came out when she screamed, and seconds later my friend's daughter also screamed when she came out after hearing her friend's scream. 

My friend was in Taiping and when it happened, her daughter called her -- panic and all. I facebooked and tweeted the incident.

The entrance leading to Jalan Datuk Sulaiman 4 at one end, and at the other end (exit/entrance) are manned by security guards. And these bad guys still find their way into the area.

Just two days ago, my nephew's friend was chased by a motorcyclist near Plaza Damansara, Bukit Damansara.. It's crazy.

Some time ago, a close friend of my daughter's was robbed by two men armed with parangs in front of her house in Section 17, PJ. They were in a Proton. Thank God she was not harmed.

It is frightening. 

One more thing the Bukit Aman must take note -- these muggers are getting more and more violent. They do not just snatch your bag -- theymakesure they hit your head or slash you first. Before or after the act. That is the most horrific part. In isolated cases, they use acid to bring you down or "alat renjatan elektrik" to cripple you momentarily.

That is why, the police must must hunt them down and send the message that these b*****d cannot get away with it!

As for shopping centres and malls -- well -- unless they're happy seeing their patrons get mugged and slashed and bloodied -- they can happily pretend security and safety are not important.

 And ladies, young and old, stay alert, and safe.

If you're up to it -- take up martial arts. Seriously!


Anonymous said...

to remedy this problem, the minister of home affairs must first admit that there this is a very serious problem and that all the resources available to him will be used to malaysia as safe as it used to be!

as long as he quotes statistics to say that the crime rate has gone down, he is kidding himself.

why is it so difficult to be honest - is it because there is no such thing as an honest politician!

Anonymous said...

every person in the klang valley has a story of mugging and theft to tell.....

why doesn't the government declare that this is a major crisis?

why doesn't the government engage the services of imams, priests and swamis to condemm those who commit these crimes?

is the government afraid that if they admit there is a problem, it will be used against them and therefore are prepared to let their citizens life and limb be endangered?

Safety Products said...

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Anonymous said...

Dear NA
We still remember your successful NURAlert campaign and its time to start another? We mortal human beings dont get the time of day with our many proposals that malls and complexes must be made responsible for safety in their parking bays and surrounding.

Surely their malls are not only responsible for ringing in money.They must be made to stop putting notices in their parking bays that they are not responsible for customers safety.It invites the criminals. That in itself is irresponsible. Their permit and licence must require them to prioritise safety and if it means they must use cctv cameras thats operating (not just for show and should be fined if security system is not operating), and increase security , then they should be hauled up for their failing to do so.

Security guards are also sometimes not at their post , reason for being understaff cannot be accepted nor tolerated.Your company report say you increase profit each year mah.

If malls have to cough up expenses to increase security guards and measures they should be made to do so. Dont let us stretch our imagination that in some complexes -the guards are themselves involved when they are not around.?

We are angry because not just us but our friends and families have become victims, not just at malls but near banks and near our office in good old middle class Taman Tun! Whats happening with the police. Wher are you?


Anonymous said...

I think we now have to look at Uncle Sam. Have gun, will travel. Public should be issued with a gun. The gomen also can create opportunity for the Rakyat to be become businessman, i.e. licensed arms dealers. Can collect income tax too.

That will make criminals think twice, before committing a crime. The police must make it a policy of 'Shoot to kill' or create a secret unit to hunt & eliminate these bad people. This will instill fear among these criminals.

Damn those BAR, Suaram or other Human Rights groups, a majority of them, lawyers. Many of them are only interested in dirty politics and to make money for themselves. A matter of facts, more crimes, more money they make in courts, defending these criminals, and the victims too.

They (BAR, Suaram, Human Rights Group) have not, at the slightest, make us feel safe, even in our own homes.


kps said...

I surely hope that one of these days these people from the Bar Coincil and Suaram or any similar organizations will become victims of these scums of society which they will happily defend them in court.

Anonymous said...

These thieves, armed robbers and rapists when arrested should be handcuffed and parading in the streets. They should be jailed heavily and canned.

bruno said...

Nuraina,I think that the gomen should form some sort of a task force,similiar to that of the Jakarta authorities in the sixties and seventies to clean the country of cowboys.

bruno said...

Nuraina,I do not like to sound like a doomsayer,but how can ordinary citizens feel safe when an OCPD was tied up like a dog and robbed in his home.And an ex CPO of Penang was robbed and killed in his home in PJ.

I think that the GOM is to be blamed for placing cronies in important positions in law enforcement.An ex IGP was accussed of rampant corruption.And a present AG was also accused of corruption.They were accused of jumping into bed and sleeping with alongs and underground taikohs.

And these guys and their partners in crime are freer than a bird while innocent law abiding people are sent to prison.Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Bruno , aiseyman, can you stop being an asshole and get serious. Here we are talking about public safety and you stiiiilll want to talk stupid politics. Can go to sleep or not or just shut your face if you cannot contribute.


bruno said...


your name suits you fine.You must just come out from the temperong.Public safety and security starts from the top.If the top law enforcement officers flop,the people who appoin them must rectify the mistakes.

If the PM and his HM looks the other way and sit on their hands they must bear the blame.

If the country is on the right track the boss gets the credit.Things go wrong he has to take the heat.

It is cowards like you that inaction or looking the other way is better than action that has led the cowboys to run wild.Open your eyes and see how heavily guarded the politicians and rich people's home are.Do you not read the papers and see how the people are afraid of their safety being muddeg at the convenience of thugs.

Things like this must happen to you before you can gather the guts to speak up.To you every criticism about politicians is about politics.Grow up and be a real man and act like one,have real bolas.

Anonymous said...

Bruno has typical narrow retarded mentality-everything goes wrong must blame government. Thats easy coward's way out. Nothing but bile and vile from you Bruno , not bad for a stupidos.

So if most of the crimes committed in Selangor , blame the MB and blame the Selangor Government is it? Who else ..blame the god's gift that people dont want? No need think of solution la.

Which hole in the ground you come from? Same school like robert pang pang is it? The feller with mercedez benze got robbed , moral of his story , dont drive flashy cars. Aiyooo, you same school is it Bruno?


bruno said...

Anon 2:57pm.

you are so dumb that you cannot grow up and be able to see the forest from the trees.

Policies are set by the GOM.If thing go wrong do the people blamed you for being so stupid and ignorant.Do you fire LKS,Anwar and your idol Anwar because crimes are going sky high and illegals are running wild by the hundreds of thousands.Please grow up and figure it out by yourself if you are able too.Stupid dumb kid on the block.

Anonymous said...

Hei Anon 2.57 fuyooo you successfully make bruno really angry. You not sacred ah? Dei Bruno you go and see the movie "Dont Angry me" . your behaviour like that lor.

Bruno is a rascist , Bruno is a rascist.Illegals running wild in your backyard? Go and make police report la. Oops sorry, forgot , you cannot because you already say no hope in corrupt police.

Bruno , for a LOS STUPIDOS like you-
here guideline how to overcome your stupidosy- you donate to the POOR ANWAR WILL RESCUE UR SOUL fund .

He will,help you see the light, halelujah , halelujah. Trust me , go see Anwar he will cure your soul of your hatred rascist prejudices. He will make you see straight.
He will reduce your stupidosity.

Ya la Bruno you not clever - you have my permission to shut your face.


bruno said...

Anon 12.00pm,

you have just replaced a dumb asshole with a bigger bumber assholer.Please grow up baby.Hahaha.