Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Luring Malaysians Abroad

Returning Malaysian professionals will be eligible for a flat rate of 15 per cent income tax for five years under its returning Experts Programme (REP), Prime Minister Najib Razak said.

He said this was to encourage more Malaysian working abroad, with their varied experience and expertise, to return and play an active part in Malaysia's economic transformation.

This transitional income tax incentive will be introduced with a host of other incentives such as new residence Passes which will enable highly-skilled foreign workers to stay in Malaysia for 10 years as well as limiting the tax free incentive for 2 cars under the REP to locally assembled vehicles.

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Well, bully for you returning Malaysian professionals.

We'll just have to see if these are attractive enough for you!


Sustainable Living Institute (SAVE) said...

Circumstances and purposeful quests have landed many Malaysian professionals overseas. For reasons best known to themselves they are lured or preferred to work in other countries - have settled down there, high income, job satisfaction, excellent working and living environment etc. It is not just for money in most instances.

To entice them back on pure economic terms is not convincing enough. Whatmore with the rampant politicking and cronyism. The experts' English is par excellence and here have to deal with poor speakers!

Let them come back on their own terms as when and where they please. In the first place why the ETP is so ambitious, elitist and Klang Valley-centred to the exclusion of proletariats.

Anonymous said...

as usual our politicians think that money is everything and the only thing....when will they learn?

ps: and some petty government servant envious of their luxury cars, restricts it to locally assembled only...as if it will cost the country billions

Anonymous said...

it takes more than the tax incentives to lure those people who went abroad, we need an efficient system which is fair to all citizens.

Its the differential incomes that count. Why we attract so many forwign immigrants into the country? Beacuse the immigration is loose.The governemnt didnt give them incentive to come but yet they comes in drove uninvited

They burnt the camp that shelters them.
Just study this...

vinnan said...

UMNO will NEVER seriously want the people who left this country. Stop your Mat BS

patriot jawa johor said...

They said its brain drain....does that mean we are short of brain in this country. Or is it those who are loyal to this country and stay to serve here do not have proper brain. My brother is a neurosurgeon who continues to serve in a government hospital despite the lure of private practice and job offers from hospitals in Singapore and elsewhere. He is a very good surgeon and believes that the poor who cant afford to go to private hospitals deserves an equal access to proper medical treatment as those who are rich. Now that the government is offering such nice incentives to his fellow surgeons who prefer big bucks overseas to come home, he may decide to go over there too and then come back here for the same better pay. Why stays if your sacrifices are not even appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I easily make around US$15K a month without struggling one bit. Go to work at 9 am, home by 5pm. Cars are nothing more than US$20K. Rent is affordable. Tax rate is around 30%. No political BS or red tape. Everything black and white. But why do I still feel like coming back? Because I still call Malaysia, home! sigh....if only the country was not run by morons

Ki said...

Tax incentives? Tax incentives don't work if there are no jobs, no career advancement prospects, no hope of anything higher to achieve to... All these incentives.. they are just talk.. talk to make it look like they want us back. Does he really want us back? I don't believe it for a single second.

NotoTalentFake said...

Why we ask the Chinese professional who work oversea to come back?

Giving them 15 percent tax rate is an insult to the Chinese who stayed behind.

The ratio of Chinese with Malaysian citizenship overseas is very much higher than malays. Beside if they come back then the ratio Chinese votes to DAP will rise.

Why should UMNO shoot itself?

Why not just attract any expat who dont votes and much better. There are russian scientists and chinese scientist who would jump to come to malaysia not to mention indians. They can go back once they have finished their kpi so doesnt affect malays.