Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boot Camp For Boys Who Are Effeminate...

I'll get to the point -- their schools have identified them as boys who are effeminate. I suppose based on the way they behave, talk and walk.

Then these schools sent their names to the state education department which is holding a four-day camp for these kids.

The NST carried a blurb "Boot Camp For Sissies". And got blasted by some people for using the word "sissies" which showed the newspaper to be so bigoted, so prejudiced, so so bad. People were livid.

Of course, the NST, meant no disrespect. "Sissy" by (conventional) definition refers to an effeminate boy or man, but the term now has, apparently, taken on a derogatory meaning.
But it is not NST that is making a judgment of the boys. The newspaper was using this one word to mean "boys who are effeminate" as stated by Terengganu education department director Razali Daud.

Is there another term that is socially and politically acceptable? Still means the same.
Nevertheless, the S word offended people - for that NST apologizes. It was unintentional.

Would another word make a difference to what the state education department is doing? To the obvious prejudices some people have for these kids?
That is the ISSUE.

Ok. Back to the boot camp for "these boys who display effeminate behaviour" -- I gather these kids (66 of them) aged between 13 and 17 have got their parents' permission to attend this remedial camp.

Razali did not offer details on the programme but I'm guessing that it aims at making "men" out of these boys..
And if they're all Muslims, I'm guessing that the programme will have religious input to make them "insaf".

Women, Family and Community Development Minister Shahrizat Abdul Jalil and Sisters In Islam, in strongly-worded statements issued separately yesterday, said the department's action was in violation of laws.

Shahrizat said: "The boot camps must be abolished on the basis that they are harmful and do not serve the best interest of the child, and are therefore in clear violation of the Child Act 2001, which stated that "every child is entitled to protection and assistance in all circumstances without regard to distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, social origin or physical, mental or emotional disabilities or any other status".

SIS said the department's policy to regulate the behaviour of students is against the basic tenants of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) which Malaysia ratified in 1995.

"The act of identifying and singling out boys who behave effeminately is highly discriminatory bordering on predatory. Article 2 of the CRC dictates that ALL children should be accorded equal rights and treatment without exception, the Education Department of Besut is clearly in violation of this."

Obviously, to the Terengganu Education Department, these boys are a problem. The "fact" there are many of them makes it a serious problem. So if it takes a "remedial" camp to make these boys "stronger, physically and mentally", then off a-camping they go to make them so.

Simply put, these boys are being rehabilitated. In the eyes of the department, boys must be boys. Boys who don't behave like boys, are flawed in character and this is not natural.
So the department feels that it is their responsibility to right what is wrong.

And so the boot camp is part of the solution.


shankar said...

A giant step backwards. read the BBC story.

Mr Bojangles said..., so clever, one! No apologies needed. Inability to discern nuances is par for the course for our leading lights like the NST and Utusan.

You know, in some countries, its against the law to even ask for a job applicant's photograph, on grounds of possible discrimination.
Much less labelling people. Guess Canlanders are still light years away from the light.

I now just pray that the guardians of these sissy, no, effeminate, boys will not be that way inclined too, as there have been cases of musangs doing what comes naturally to the chicks in the rebans.

And this is a thing abiding seeing how matters posterior and all issues coital seem to be hogging the headlines of late, the temptation to resist wallowing in the gutter being to difficult for our Asian values.

I pray these appointed guardians themselves will be strong mentally to at least avoid the temptations that have, by some stroke, of luck come their way. Rezeki comes to mind.

And that the selection of these wardens/coaches/abangs will be as good if not better than those manning the PLKN camps. Or for that matter the Pulapol camps. Or the residential colleges. Or...I could go on. But you get my drift.

Next I suppose a camp for hoydens can't be too far away. Then we could proceed with one for the communists, the trade unionists, the socialists, the Jews, the Gypsies.

Dearie me.I'm getting ahead of myself. That were the Nazis.

My bad.

Sumitra said...

Sorry Nuraina :( I meant to post a comment in response to this blog entry, but accidently entered it in response to your newest post (ASEAN bloggers). If its not too much trouble, would you be able to move the comment to this blog entry.
Again, my sincerest apologies on the mix up.

Anonymous said...

Ini yang susah ni...bila mereka dah bersetuju, ini bererti ibu bapa mereka dah setuju. Jadi, apa pulak hak SIS dalam hal ini? Apa masalah mereka? Nak membetulkan buluh yang melentuk, tak boleh ke? Shahrizat tu pun satu. yang menyokong statement SIS tu apa pasal. bagi ramai kaum Islam di Malaysia, SIS tu bererti Sisters in Syaitan, tak boleh diikut sangat

Anonymous said...

Apa yang saya dapat tahu (melalui STAR, dah lama tak sentuh NST)ialah pelajar-pelajar ini memberikan reaksi POSITIF terhadap program berkenaan. Maksudnya ialah objektif program ini untuk menjadikan mereka ini inklusif dalam masyarakat dah tercapai. Orang luar tak payah komenlah. Jaga kementerian sendiri bagi betul dulu baru komen kementerian orang lain.

Mat Teropong

ria shah said...

i had the privilege to have once met a very interesting and knowledgeable practitioner of metaphysics by the name of pak budi (not his real name) from jakarta. sadly, he passed on 2 years ago. pak budi specialised in "pulling" negative energy out of anyone with problems related to the spiritual and the unseen. he informed me of his experience in pulling negative energy from very young boys sent by parents who detected feminine traits but this problem can only be fixed when they are at a tender age. these boys had grown into normal man after this treatment by pak budi. We need more of pak budi's around.

Wawa Ras said...

This is an insult to all effeminate boys all over Malaysia. They are only effeminate, not gay or homosexual. As a male myself, I do think this kind of sexist. These kids does not want to be "sissies", but they just, as quoted by Gaga "born this way". The only way to change them is by teaching them what's right and wrong, especially if it is taught by their parents and teachers (close relatives). Sending them to a week of boot camp will never solve this problem. This is a long term ordeal, so, the right teaching method must be made.

For the Malaysian education system, I have this one question; why boys? how about another boot camp to treat the so-called Rough Girls ("Pengkid", as they say it). They also as different as "sissies".

Concerned People said...

Why sissies? why not a boot camp for the "pengkid", they also inclined for something.

jiya jackson said...

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Trina said...

I just want to ask, what is the problem of being effeminate anyway? Is it a crime or is it not acceptable in the society? Well, if it is then serious actions should be done but if it is not then it can be solved within the household or institutions. I just can’t believe how people could be so over reactive.