Thursday, March 31, 2011

Eskay Met With Bloggers...

..including Syed Azidi, otherwise known as Kickdefella.

As we all know, Eskay is one of the Datuk Trio (Datuk T) -- the guys behind the sex video purportedly of an opposition leader having sex with an unknown prostitute.

The original copy of the video is now with the police as investigations are underway.

Eskay is Shazryl Eskay Abdullah - sports physiotherapist, businessman and friend to many politicians. The other two are former Malacca chief minister and Risda chairman Rahim Thamby Chik and Perkasa treasurer Shuaib Lazim.

DSAI diehards are up in arms against the trio, accusing them of fixing DSAI (who is said to resemble the guy in the video or vice versa). Some have wished them hell, and worse.

According to Syed Azidi, Eskay met with some bloggers two days ago and told them about his relationship with DSAI.

At the end of it, he has 5 questions for the Opposition leader.

Read Kickdelfella Lima Soalan Untuk Anwar


Anonymous said...

hey stoopid govt propa chick from hell !!! report on real issues la wey ... edu, hsing, inflation and shit that concerns raktay la .. no propa tak abbih abih ... its theeconomy la stooopit!!!

Lee said...

Strongly advise Puan Nuraina not to meet up with the criminal should you be invited.Meeting such a fella will definitely not enhance your presently acceptable status as a reasonable blogger !



whoops. sorry i approved your "stoopid" comment.



frankly, sir, i would have met them if they had wanted to meet me. simply because i am a journalist. I'm not prejudiced. in my journalistic life, i have sat down with "saints" and "crooks".
Mine is not to judge anyone. I have my own bias, in the sense, at the end of it I will make my own conclusion but i won't judge anyone.
As for the trio, it's a little bit too late for them to want to meet me. what's more to be said.

Anonymous said...

There must be some degree of truth in all these, but all those who have first hand knowledge have vanquished or been demonised by the PKR, DAP and PAS thuggery system.

The light at the end of the tunnel seems to be a bit clearer as time goes by.


Ramli AR said...

29 Rabiul Akhir 1432

.... it is your blog .... write whatever you like .... but I like it better when it was 'Tuesday with Bapak' .....

Ramli AR

Anonymous said...

I do not believe in DSAI's leadership
nor the PKR but I strongly believe that all these nonsense on character asassination of DSAI should stop. Please remember the homosexual case only make him received sympathethic votes. I strongly support Datuk Najib and his for the parties concerned stop this accusations. It will backfire, He has done well since his in why start again?