Thursday, March 03, 2011

Don't Wait Until The Last Minute, Ok?

It is a Malaysian malaise, for sure. Putting off things, including important ones, until the eleventh hour.

Last weekend when Pos Malaysia counters were opened nationwide for people to pay their fines and so on, not so many turned up. But on Monday, the last day, there was mayhem. Also made worse by a systems breakdown.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein announced a "reprieve" -- an extension of a week.
Traffic counters nationwide are now open (until March 10) from 8am to 10pm daily.

Let's see how the crowd is on that last day.

So, go now, if you have not settled your fines.


Anonymous said...

Hai Datuk! Long time no hear from you. Went for a vacation?

Anonymous said...

This discount for traffic offences is not doing any justice for road users. Apart from inconveniencing road users and cheating those who paid up early, there's absolutely no other justification.

Those who do not pay up should be hauled to court, not offered discounts. It is clearly stated at the back of the summons ticket.

And what about the silly hide and seek speed traps? There's no summons issued and it is the duty of road users to find out the inconvenient way???

What's the Bar Council's take on this? Where's Karpal Singh? Where's the street riot leader?

Hey, this could be one hell of an election issue and point scorer for political lawyers and will get the support of the millions affected by the nonsense ruling.

What serious accidents have happened at highways with the ridiculuous speed limit of 80kph? Cars of today have good braking systems and are better built than the highway laws meant for the 1950

It's just another legal extortion, in my opinion.