Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/11 Remembered. Nine Years On...

It feels like only yesterday the twin towers of New York came crashing down. For many of us, that fateful day that forever changed the world, remains crystal clear in our minds. Etched in our memory.

And for so many of us, we remember what we were doing that day.
So, what were you doing that morning -- September 1 2001 -- when American Airlines flight 77 struck the first building?

I remember it minute by minute. I was with the NST London correspondent, Tony Emmanuel, in the living room of the NSTP Bayswater apartment where he was staying. Ahirudin Attan (then Business Times editor) and I (then NST's deputy chief news editor) were assigned to cover the visit by our then PM Datuk Seri Dr Mahathir Mohamad to Russia and we were stopping over in London on our way to Moscow.

Tony and I were watching the morning news when suddenly there seemed to be some kind of panic over the news and quick visuals of the twin towers and this approaching aircraft and then an explosion...the rest, was, of course, history..

Tony and I were stunned. Loss for words. Cold sweat.

Needless to say, Dr Mahathir cancelled his Russian visit. (He made the visit a year later)

When we arrived in London a few days earlier, processes at the immigration and customs were normal, just as they had been for so long.

The day we left London for home, everything changed drastically. Security checks were stepped up by a thousand times.

And the world was never the same again.....


schenker78 said...

thanks to Osama and other fundamentalist.....the rest of suffer in Airports.

Ahirudin Bin Attan said...

And imagine, Ena, how Sept 11 was used to promote the agenda of Bush and Blair against the Iraqi people, Afghanistan and the Muslims in general.

And for all the Rambos and Terminators that they have, they can't get this Osama Ben Laden?

And we ask the question 9 years on, Was it Osama Ben Laden at all?

Anonymous said...

Indeed it was an eventful and very sad day as many innocent people's lives were snuffed out tragically.
The atrocities commited on the day brought about even more atrocities in other parts of the world and is still ongoing.
Thousands of lives on many fronts have till today been lost while thousands more are injured or maimed for life.
The damage on property and teritory is unimaginable and crazy.
It also shown that two wrongs dont right things.
The world today is already spinning out of control and God save us (passive observers) from this madness.

Cry cry..

GUiKP said...

We were at Salusbury Road, Queen's Park London at that time. Right infront of the bedsit I used to stay in 1985/6 while completing my ICMA (now CIMA) at Emile Woolf College. Next to the bedsit is a halal fastfood joint, with a TV mounted on the wall, showing the CNN news. After watching it while uttering OMG OMG OMG, we went to Trafalgar Square to feed the pigeons and throw paper boats in the fountain.

A few months later on our flight home, the airlines no longer provided stainless steel cutleries.

sesat said...

I was actually on a plane when it happened.

I was on my way back to Sydney after attending my aunt's funeral in Penang. Only heard about it after I got into a taxi; the taxi driver filled me in on the gruesome details.

Selamat Hari Raya to you and family.

Old Fart said...

And that is why Osama Bin Laden succeeded way beyond his wildest imagination!! (Osama/Obama, strange co-incidence?)

Anonymous said...

When the 1st plane hit the twin towers, I was ordering fuel for CI 004, China Airlines flight from Taipei to San Francisco. I was then called to a tv set and observed the 2nd plane hit the other tower. As commander (ex MAS, employed by China Airlines) of CI 004, I advised our dispatcher to contact San Francisco and give us some feedback. A few minutes later I heard a MAS flight (Taipei to Los Angeles) telling the tower that they are turning back as US airspace has been closed.

My next flight was to San Francisco again a week later, and goodness gracious, the security procedures.

Despite a "Mohd" and a "bin" to my name, I have been operating to the US without any problems since that day in September.

prabha nayar said...

Unless I'm mistaken, Dr M was scheduled to leave KL the time 9/11happened.At the airport, on being informed of the event(and the subsequent closure of US airspace), he allegedly made an unsavoury comment with regards to the United States;so says a friend who had then watched the TV3 news coverage on Dr M's scheduled departure. To my knowledge, at that moment in time, Dr M was not aware of the gravity of the event.

True/Not True

Anonymous said...

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schenker78 said...

Ahirudin Bin Atan aka Rocky Balboa

Osama Laden admitted for 9-11, so did Aywan Al Zawahiri.

If u tell me, that Bush knew the attack going to happen,maybe he did...but if you going to tell crap 9-11 staged by USA, I tell you , u are a lunatic....

Go study Popular mechanics rebuttal on 9-11 myths you people always talk about. You fellas are just as psychos as the UFO nut cases...

Afghanistan deserve it. Iraq no....
Keep on supporting your Taliban gangs. Rocky...

Muhd Afiq Syazwan said...

the truth about the 9/11 tragedy is still remain a mystery. some people says it was osama and other one says it was bush agenda to conquering Iraq.

Muhd Afiq Syazwan said...

To some people 9/11 tragedy just a propaganda to conquering iraq just for oil. Others say it was Osama. The truth still remain a mystery. nobody knows.