Friday, April 09, 2010

The National Enquirer In The Running For The Pulitzer

The National Enquirer -- America's "master of celebrity gossip, the king of the supermarket tabloids and one of its most scurrilous yellow journals" is officially in the running for the Pulitzer.

The Pulitzer Prize board deemed the Enquirer's breaking story and coverage of the John Edwards extra-marital affair to be eligible as an investigative reporting entry.

Here's an excerpt of an earlier report last month about the Enquirer's entry for the Pulitzer:

"This Monday, the Pulitzer Prize board will announce whether or not it will bestow its esteemed award on the National Enquirer for its coverage of the John Edwards sex and morality scandals, putting an end to months of grand debate.

The mere notion of the tabloid's eligibility this year sparked a furor amongst journalists around the world, some still asking: should its penchant for checkbook journalism take it out of the running -- and is the Edwards material too salacious for consideration?

Well, that's all academic now. The Enquirer is in.

The Enquirer pursued the reporting of Edwards' affair (which he had earlier "confessed" to have ended) while the mainstream media were loath to follow up (after his denial).

The Enquirer announced on March 3 that an Edwards indictment was “imminent.” Within a few days, CBS News, the Boston Herald, Fox News and practically every member of the MSM followed with their own stories, citing the Enquirer as their source.

The story prevented a major scandal in the Democratic Party.

However, contrary to reports, the John Edwards' scandal story was not the Enquirer's first entry for the Pulitzer.

According to Pulitzer Administrator Sig Gissler, the tabloid has actually had an entry on four previous occasions.

* 1997 - In the Investigative category, a story entered by Executive Editor David J. Perel on behalf of reporter Larry Haley related to O.J. Simpson.

* 1996 - In the Explanatory category, a self-entry on pap smears from freelance reporter Nick Isenberg.

* 1995 - In the Public Service and Explanatory categories, a story on deadbeat dads from Editor John Cathcart on behalf of reporter John William Blosser.

* 1987 - In Spot News and Feature photography categories, self entries from photographers Anne McGuire and Thomas E. Devins. Their subjects are unknown.

The Enquirer has surely come a long way. Recognition at last, eh?

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