Thursday, April 01, 2010

Melayu Or Malaysian Or Melayu...

It seems it is unpatriotic of you if you confess to being a Malay or a Chinese or an Indian first, and Malaysian second.

I tell you...politicians can make hell for you.

I really don't care if Lim Kit Siang says he is a Chinese first and a Malaysian, second. And nobody should. Really. Hell, I know Uncle Kit is Malaysian through and through.

Cornered by Kit Siang, DPM Muhyiddin Yassin said he's a Malay first and Malaysian, second. He said why he had to say so. He was being honest.

Wrong answer, right?

Whatever. That doesn't mean that Muhyiddin is less Malaysian, nor that he is unsupportive of Najib's 1Malaysia.


Petty politics!


Anonymous said...

Malaysian? Malay? Chinese? Indian? Sabahan? Sarawakian? Kelantanese?

We are probably just looked upon as labour and ringgit revenue for some.

art harun said...

I beg to differ Cik Nuraina. The statement "I am a Malay first, Malaysian second" carries with it a deeper connotation that it's face value suggests.

In time of crisis, for example, faced with a choice between acting for the benefit of Malays OR Malaysia in general, that statement connotes that the DPM - who is the DPM for Malaysia and not Malays - would act for the benefit of Malays first and Malaysia second.

Or at least that is how I perceive the effect of that statement.

The DPM, like any other Ministers take an oath of office and a part of that oath is to uphold the Federal Constitution.

His declaration that he is a Malay first is repugnant against hos oath of office as such.

That is my humble view.

Lee said...

Big difference.Malaysian refers to nationality whereas malay refers to ethnicity/race.Do you not know that there are malays in Singapore, Indonesia,Thailand, ...etc even in Ceylon and South Africa!If one is asked one's nationality when overseas a malay should say a malay
sian and not a malay.Similarly a chinese malaysian/malaysian chinese should answer a malaysian and not a chinese who could be from China or Taiwan, not to mention American Chinese or a Singaporean Chinese.That is what 1 Malaysia is trying to convey!Or am I wrong?Nationality should come first.No doubt about that.There are numerous races in USA but they are all Americans.They don't say Irish, British, Chinese, Korean etc.etc.They are American first and then Irish.Period.

Keith said...

it's ironic you have the satu sekolah untuk semua logo on your blog but seem to think our DPM was right.

The fact is, that Satu Sekolah untuk semua which is streamlining everything into one MALAYSIAN system is incompatible with someone saying he's Chinese first and Malaysian second. It's incompatible with someone saying their race comes first before their nationality. It's just hypocritical to say 1Malaysia for all and Satu Sekolah untuk semua and at the same time go about saying I'm Malay first and Malaysian second. Lim was just asking Barisan to be consistent in their views.

Anonymous said...

i have to agree with you on this(a first on politics issue).

petty ,petty,petty politics .just like the apco issue.pakatan rakyat ,there are more important things to do.

pakatan rakyat supporter

Anonymous said...

I am English. It also says that I am British. So what's the fuss about when your DPM says that he is a Malay. He is no less a Malaysian.

1Melayu said...

The word Malaysian begins with MALAY first and later on SIAN being added to become Malaysian.Historically this beautiful country is known as The Malay Peninsula or Semenanjung Tanah Melayu.

Mahyuddin is right in saying he is a Melayu first and Malaysian second,Kit Siang was never a patriotic person,he is very much chinese chauvanis and very

tebing tinggi said...

Iam a Malay, and my country is malaysia.
Iam proud to be a Malay in Malaysia .Ask the same question to lim kit siang and ofcourse politically he would say that he is Malaysian.
At least Mahyudin give an honest answer.

jo said...

how to tell kids to respect the leaders if they talk about petty stuff in parliament and sometimes childish. my niece once laughed at the antics of MPs in parliament when she saw them fighting on TV.



thank you.

I don't think his statement connotes anything of that sort. that would really be imputing something about which we may be so wrong.

i'd take his statement as it is and am not inclined to accuse him of anything.

thanks again

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what is so ironic about that?

why are we so ready to accuse people for this and that?

we all claim to be so open, so liberal, so fair, so just, so this and that and the other, and when someone -- ok so this time our DPM, says something like "I am Malay first....", we do not hesitate for a second to shoot (at) him.
we are so insufferably intolerant of views that are not in sync with ours.

we are so petty because we get so swallowed by our own prejudices.

Anonymous said...

I think this crisis does not affect us Malays or even other Bumiputras much. If we travel some foreigners may ask, and we say we are Malaysian and that's about it. We identify ourselves very clearly..

Guess its the same with Kadazan, Bajau, Dayak, Murut or Dusun. Besides BI, majority are FLUENT with our National Language.

Problems more with the Chinese/ Indians. They look, speak even behave so like the ones from their original Land, so, may confuse or to some extent create suspicions or their true Nationality, esp those who speak BM as if they learnt it from India or China.

So this is what all these uneasiness is all about to them. They have identity crisis I presume?

For eg. if in USA,they bundled prostitutes from one of the Chinatown,these people may have a tough time having to prove they are Malaysians????? Bahasa Malaysia pun tergagap2,lagi buat orang suspicious.


Anonymous said...

Well.. at least honesty is better than hypocrite. Unlike politicians we really don't need to lie for the votes.

Anonymous said...

I am Malay. I am also Malaysian. I have good Chinese and Indian friends.

There's one thing we have in common. We all hate politicians. They mess everthing up.

Tim said...

It is not a matter of intolerance or pettiness. It says right there on the GTP roadmap website:

The goal of 1Malaysia is to make Malaysia more vibrant, more productive and more competitive – and ultimately a greater nation: a nation where, it is hoped, every Malaysian perceives himself or herself as Malaysian first, and by race, religion, geographical region or socio-economic background second and where the principles of 1Malaysia are embedded into the economic, political and social fabric of society.

Apparently the DPM doesn't subscribe to this.

Nik said...


Wonder how it compares with Americans that said they were Arab First, American Second or Russian First, American Second....
They would be considered not only unpatriotic but placed under suspicion. In our case Malays have no where to go, so there is less of a suspicion....That would not be the case if the Chinese said he was Chinese First!



i see that. And I am more forgiving than, perhaps, a lot of others, of the DPM.

It is petty when we start making so much of a deal of it and start accusing him of ..oh, you know.
He said what he said. big mistake, we say.
But I won't be to quick to crucify him and do him in the way he's being done in.
I suppose tht's becos I'm no politician.

And yes...perhaps the DPM should have said out loud that he is a Malaysian first...if it is only to prove to all and sundry that he subscribes to iMalaysia and has no disagreement with the PM.

It doesn't matter to me what he said because it's more important to me, what he does or does not do, will or will not do.

charleskiwi said...

What the DPM is saying he does not agree with his boss, to win Malay votes for himself to become the next P.M..
Watch out Najib your Deputy has fired his first salvo ! This is only the beginning of many of his disagreements to come. He knows he is no spring chicken especially when he is older than his boss and at best will die as deputy P.M..
Like all the Umno goons he wants to be the P.M.
before he dies. Just mark my words !

La-di-la said...

Art harun

Aw come on. Don't be such a hypocrite. Or a so politically correct wanna-be.
Dont tell me you go around calling yourself a Malaysian.
Or you are ashamed being a Malay?
In this zest for IMalaysia, some of you make us feel being a Malay as a pariah or a shameful race.
Malay bashing seems to be the order of the day.
But you guys keep demanding why Chinese and Indians don't get this and that. Wanting to be equal.
I once worked for an MCA-owned company. One or two kept reminding me: "This is a Chinese company what."
To another whose mum is Chinese. they said: "She's one of us.'
Isnt that racist.
There's a difference between racial and being racist.
As a lawyer you know better.
P.S. Only when we are overseas we refer ourselves as Malaysian.

Anonymous said...

Lim Kit Siang is only being mischievous and very naughty. He has ran out of issues. All I know is that LKS is stupid for not realising the vast difference between race and nationality. Asking Muhyiddin preference between Malay and Malaysian is like asking between the Sun and the Moon. How stupid can LKS be?

Why not he ask his Malay peers in Pakatan Rakyat the same question he had ask the DPM. I doubt he is man enough because for all I know he is not prepared to hear their honest answers.


Anonymous said...

1. I wander what citizens of America say if Obama similarly said... I am an African first, or

2. Manmohan Singh similarly said... I am Sikh first in India, or

3. Lee Hsieng Loong similary said.... I am Chinese first in Singapore, or

4. SBY similarly said... I am Javanese first in Indonesia...

Maybe that's what Uncle Kit is driving at...

Tra-la-la said...


You are sooooo right.
Chinese especially are so proud of their race.
And that is not wrong. It's your identity, your ethnicity.
But for a Malay you cannot call ypurself a Malay. Haram you know.
I am working in a Chinese company too.
There is this chap who always addressed me "hey Bumiputra." All the time, mind you. What does that insinuate?
Do the Bumiputra or Malay companies do that to the non-Nalays?. Puan Nuraina should know.She works in NST.
To the dissatistfied, go to China, India, Phlippines, Myanmar, Sri lanka etc and you come back counting your blessings.
Malays are indeed a benign race. Look at how the Singapore Malays are being treated.
Are they demanding or revolting? No siree. Malays are very accepting.

Art harun
You and Haris are in the company of racist like Zorro. So I understand why you are not proud being a Malay.
You have to fit in right?
It's a nice feeling ya, bashing your own race.
You come out as a super-hero, a true patriot.
You dont see Chinese bashing the first class racist Lim dynasty.

Nik said...


You said;

"It doesn't matter to me what he said because it's more important to me, what he does or does not do, will or will not do."

What he says DOES Matter as he IS the DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER and not a person like you or me. He cannot say what he PERSONALLY FEELS...
He has to say what the Deputy Prime Minister's position requires him to.

Imagine if DS Najib says what he excatly feels when Chua Soi Lek won the MCA Tussle... He can only say "clean your house first" instead of "I don't like you".
among others...

sukhi nahir said...

The real question should have been, as art harun stated: Would the Hon' DPM,in a matter where, for example, specific Malay intersts are not in accordance with the Constitution, and therefore national interest, how would he carry out his responsibilities-as a Malay DPM and spin away on explanations and rhetoric or as a Malaysian DPM and take the flak from the expected quarters? Any guesses??

Anonymous said...

If somebody say he/she places something first, I'd think that thing is the most thing in the world to that person.

So if you say family first, I'd think you'd devote more time to your family than say your career, which makes sense because resources, in this case, time, as we know, are limited.

So now what should we think about DPM's remark that he is 'Malay first'?

We appreciate the DPM's right to honestly express his view but we also appreciate that the same right be given to us to say that 'I think that's a dangerous thought in a multi-racial country like Malaysia and especially when you are the DPM'
Nuraina's view is that the DPM is innocent and that we are too quick to accuse. Still I wonder how can she be sure? Bearing in mind the context under which the DPM answered the question (isn't it 1Malaysia?)and considering the quantity of racial remarks this man has made recently I'd say the timing is about right.

Not to say we are surprised about his view. He is after all a member of the country No.1 racial organisation. Which is why we are better off without racial parties. Why can't we have leaders that are not sworn to place interest of one race over the other?


donplaypuks® said...

The King, PM, Ministers and Cabinet members et al hold positions on apsects of M'sia and all M'sians as a whole first, not just a Malay aspect. That is the clear undisputed position of our Constitution.

Any view that someone is Malay, Chinese or Indian first and only secondly a M'sian, goes against all international norms of nationality.

A Constitutional or naturalized Indian, Red Indian, English, Irish, German, Fench, Pakistani whatever in the USA always calls himself American first. That is also the case with the nationals of UK, France, Germany and the rest of the world as to who they are first.

When the DPM of M'sia, supported by the PM, says unashamedly that he is Malay first and M'sian a distant second, that clearly means 1 M'sia has been consigned to the rubbish bin and talk of racial equality and unity is pre bunkum. They are not prepared to walk the talk!!

The PM and DPM are therefore blatantly signalling that racial politics is the order of the day for UMNO!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

art harun said...

Mr/Miss La Di La,

Please don't put words into my mouth. Have I said I am ashamed being a Malay? Or that Malays are pariah, as stated by you?

I am a Malay myself and am proud being one.

If you can't argue, please do not direct your so called answer at the writer of the argument. You argue against the position which I take and not against me.

Fahri said...

Once a statement is made, you cannot control how others react to it. DPM's statements bears all those connotations Art fairly explained. Anyone who claims that there is no connotation or that is not what DPM meant are either incredibly shallow and operate only at face value or are hypocrites, and often they tend to be both.

Let me put it very simply. Two people are drowning. One looks Malay (we don't know from where - Indon or whether s/he qualifies as one under the Federal Constitution). The other is obviously Malaysian.

DPM's remarks indicates he will save the Malay over a certain Malaysian. Why? Because he claims he is Malay first (although he makes a far more powerful case for Moron first). When you put this into the national context and in terms of policing making - it suggests DPM and now PM since he has defend him, will save the Malays over Malaysia (and the Malaysians). Thta is why 1Malaysia is an expensive sham and nobody believes it.

Someone who really believes in Malaysia would say I am human being first and Malaysian second.
All the pretenders would talk about their race and/or religion, whichever suits the occasion at that moment.

And seriously, haven't we Malays shamed ourselves enough? Isn't it shameful enough we keep beating our chest and saying how stupid we are, how pathetic we are, how kampung we are and so give us projects, money, quotas etc., etc.? People try to get out of the whole that they are in, but the political Malay just cannot stop playing their victim mentality. When did the Malays lose their fierce pride and self-respect for themselves?

Let's just shut up and get on with life and living.

And we should asking ourselves why is it after 50 years of BN rule the Malays are still at the bottom rung? Who's fault is it? The opposition? Western superpowers and culture? And here some of us are defending this DPM who probably buys imported/foreign stuff, wears designer clothes and indulges in Western culture.

Malay first? Don't be fooled people. You all have come in last.

It's the political and financial elite (and they are all quite muhibbah up there) that are getting the spoils of their politicking. Not us. We are the spoils.

tebing tinggi said...

We have one Malaysia ,does we have one Malaysian ?, i guess not.
We have verity of Malaysian who cant even communicate with each other becouse they dont speak the Malaysian language,that is bahasa Malaysia.
There could be millions who cant even understand what more to speak,so are we on the right parth to talk about one Malaysian just yet ?.
Instead of provoking Mahyudin in parliment ,wasting paliment time on his political ajenda ,it would be better for lim kit siang go to his supporter and explain the concept of one Mlaysia,make them understand and work toward it,if kit siang really belive in developing one Malaysia.
After 52 years of independent we still failed to reconized the core factor in devoloping 1 Nation that is the language ,could we claim we belong to the Nation when we couldent speak the language and how could we ever felt as 1 Malaysian if we cant even communicate.
If you are lost, and asked for the direction ,they just 'geleng kepala' make you wonder are they deaf or dump or couldent understand you,just giving you ONE MALAYSIA answer !.

Anonymous said...

DPM is trying to sabotage Dato Najib ... when was the last time did a PM have to comment on a statement made by a DPM. Clearly there is a war brewing.

Cumi and Ciki.

A Real Malaysian said...

If an MP of Indian origin says he is Indian first in Parliament, dah sure anjing-anjing UMNO dah menyalak suruh dia "keluar Malaysia! Balik India!"

Hah, macam mana pulak tu Nuraina??

So when org yg kaum lain sebut gitu, kena serang.

Muhyiddin tak harus diselar ke???

What Lim Kit Siang said is 100% CORRECT: what Muhyiddin Yassin said is AGAINST Najib's 1Malaysia formulation.

In the 1Malaysia policy document, it states:

:a nation where, it is hoped, every Malaysian perceives himself or herself as Malaysian first, and by race, religion, geographical region or socio-economic background second.

So Lim Kit Siang should be respected for pointing out this truthfully.

And isn't Muhyiddin a racist?

Would Barack Obama say that he is a Black first and American second?

Can you understand the situation now, about how racist Malaysian politicians in BN are?

Even I identify myself as Malaysian when I am overseas, not as Indian or Chinese.

If Obama goes abroad and identifies himself as a Black, what do you think?

Nuraina, cara engkau defend yourself against what Art Harun said macam damage control habis. You cannot counter Art's arguments. You just plead 'no comment' and neutrality.


A Real Malaysian said...

One more thing, Nuraina.

You are very deceptive.

Lim Kit Siang declared in Parliament for all to hear that "he is Malaysian first, Chinese second".

And he is honest about it. His struggle has always been about Malaysia first. This even you cannot deny.

So why did you write "I really don't care if Lim Kit Siang says he is a Chinese first and a Malaysian, second"?

That is bloody mischievious, even if you qualify it with an "if"!!

You are learning well from Rocky at the art of spinning.

Vish said...

It is nice to say that we should judge politicians on what they 'do or do not do', but if that is the case - what has Muhyidin done exactly?

Leveraged himself on bringing Mahathir back into the fold?

Eliminated the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English?

Put a cap on the number of SPM subjects?

It would appear that what he does is as drivel-worthy as what he says.


Old Fart said...

Did anyone remind Muhyidin that he is the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia? It was idiotic of him to say that he was Malay first! He was not asked the question in his personal capacity. And even if it was, he should know better and to respond as DPM first than a Malay. Not knowing he distinction he makes me wonder who he is a DPM of.

Anonymous said...

Learn from White America...

How do you stay powerful?

Get a black man as President but make sure you call all the shots...

You don't have to talk much, you don't have to give speeches, you don't have to create a huge organisation to back your ethnicity. You don't have to apologize for who you are.

Stay behind the lines and stay in control.

Tariq said...


Go read what Hafidz Baharom has to say about this in The Malaysian Insider.

An excellent critique on this matter, the final word on it.

You and all other readers will be very, very interested.

Anonymous said...


Maybe you can get your Malay reporter to ask Indian and Chinese cabinet ministers the same question. Better if you can get Dong Zong or Hindraf leaders to answer the same. Now we will see how those people who claimed to be ultra Malaysians would respond.

Rasputin Beliong said...

Honda car. Manufactured in US by Mexican labour. Used by Italian diplomat at the UN. How is the car identified?

Hello Kit. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

dun worry lah : 2012 is coming very2 soon !!

Kris said...

Cik Nuraina,

You state that it WOULD SEEM that it were unpatriotic of one to confess that he or she were Malay, Indian or Chinese first and Malaysian second? It would seem? The very act of stating that you were a Malaysian second is unpatriotic.

Muhyiddin is also the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, not some casual street bum. For him to state that he is a Malay first and a Malaysian second is worrying and unpatriotic for it defines his allegiance to his ethnicity first and his country second. For a Deputy Prime Minister or anyone holding such high office in any country that statement would be grounds for dismissal.

Sonia Sotomayor who was appointed to the Supreme Court of the United States last year went through a trial by fire for this comment "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn't lived that life." Can you imagine the results if she had said she was Latina first and American second? She would never have got that appointment.

If any Malay were to announce his allegiance to his ethnicity first and Malaysia second I would conclude that he would act in the best interests of Malays from anywhere first and Malaysia second. The same would go for a Malaysian Chinese or Indian. That wouldn’t just be unpatriotic, that would be treason. Your attempt to trivialize and in fact gloss over this statement by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia is to put it mildly, disappointing.

I Melayu, there are many theories as to the origins of Malaya. Himalaya is a Sanskrit word meaning snow mountain. ‘Malai Yur’ in Tamil means land of mountains for instance. To say that Malaysia is defined with the word Malay first but having no knowledge or understanding of the origins of the word does not reflect well on anyone who wishes to carry that as a basis for argument.

Anon at 11:33, Yes I’m sure you say you’re English first down at the pubs surrounded by fellow Englishmen. But if Gordon Brown were to declare that he was a Scot first and a Brit second, he’d get booted out of office so fast it would make the crash of the pound yesterday look like it happened in freeze frame…

La-Di-La, your P.S is refered, “Only when we are overseas we refer ourselves as Malaysian.” I am a Malaysian, not just first (or second or third) but completely. In my shower, in my car, in Malaysia, out of Malaysia. I fill out forms stating I am Malaysian no more, no less. That is the difference.


A Real malaysian,

a pity you are anonymous.

you know you remind me of a lot of people yang nampak aje terror. belasah orang macam terror.
habuk pun tadaq.

I think that's the kind of language and mode I'd deliver to you.

i don;t wish to be drawn into an argument with you because, (just listen to yourself), well...hahah.

thank you for visiting my blog.




thank you.

Anonymous said...


Good that we have a situation where he can prove to us that he is Malay First...

DS Najib just announced that the DPM will announce the BN Candidate for the Hulu Selangor? byelections...

If he is Malay First as he claimed to be, then he has to Choose a Malay Candidate!!

Failing which he is not honest in his remark as he claimed to be!

Joe Black



thank you.
how deep. of course, i tend to disagree with you on your presumption about that shallow bit yadayada.

i'm not here to argue merit points - just what i think about the whole thing.

i'm not even going down that road about DPM making silly remarks becos, as a politician, he should kno better than to open/subject himself to attacks -- as we have seen.

it is so obvious that people are ready to pounce on him and attack him. And i know where they are coming from.

but me..i'm sticking to my guns. perhaps it was a mistake for the DPM to have said what he did. That's his burden now. And he is facing all the attacks that came so swiftly.

To me -- well and good all this debate. You have your views and I have mine. Surely we cannot claim to be right, or that the other is wrong.
And we don't have to agree with each other. Something some people don't understand.

So, you sees, I will not use that against him. as i will not (a lot of things that could be used) against other leaders -- PKR or BN.
i don't buy into all this dirty tricks (yes..dirty tricks) and political mumbo jumbo-- from either side of the political divide.

thank u for your comments. appreciate it.



excuse some typo errors in my response...

Nancy Kadung said...

A Real Malaysian

You have a point.

1. Obama doesn't say he is Black first.

2. In Australia where I studied and where they have a lot more different races than Malaysia, no one says 'I am White' or 'I am Latino'. Everyone proudly declared they are Malaysian, never by their race.

3. Lim Kit Siang declared he was Malaysian First, Chinese Second and his actions have always lived up to that.

4. Najib's 1Malaysia tranformation policy clearly states -- every Malaysian should be Malaysian first, then race etc. second.

5. If even the Deputy Prime Minister cannot conform to this, then what is the value of Najib's 1Malaysia?

6. How are we going to build a country that is proud to be Malaysian first if top UMNO leaders shout Malay first?

It's clearly time to move on from UMNO-BN to Pakatan Rakyat. No question about it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't strange such thing was mentioned by the Grand Old Lee in Malaysia Parliament? Or something like that.
What if LKS were to mention he's a chinese first......Isn't that the basis why Chin Peng is still in Thailand?
Another disapointing thing is the support of Perkasa.....

Remember Suqiu! & the outlash

art harun said...


Yes. I would be ashamed to be a Malay, if Malays are like you.

Anonymous said...

Kalau bapak Melayu mak Cina kita panggil ape? Melana.

Kalau bapak Cina mak Melayu kita panggil ape? Cilayu.

Kalau bapak Melayu mak India kita panggil ape? Media.

Kalau bapak India mak Melayu kita panggil ape? Inlayu.

Kalau Cina kawin India kita dapat apa? Melayu. Cuba tengok anak kacukan Cina dan India, bukan macam muka Melayu ye tak.

Kalau kita pikir terlalu mendalam tentang isu kaum, ape kite dapat? Kita tak dapat ape-ape, sebenarnya orang-orang kat atas jadi lagi kaya.

Old Fart said...

Nuraina, you said: "... we all claim to be so open, so liberal, so fair, so just, so this and that and the other, and when someone -- ok so this time our DPM, says something like "I am Malay first....", we do not hesitate for a second to shoot (at) him.
we are so insufferably intolerant of views that are not in sync with ours."

Well, I can express myself and so can many others. But when you are the Deputy Prime minister, you got to weigh what you want to say very carefully. I can say what I want and no one will bother. But with a DPM saying such things, fact is he can actualise it in the policies of the country. He can actualise it in laws.

Nuraina, you too, as a media person with certain credentials, have acquired an influence over your readers that would be far greater than the mutterings of an Oldfart like me. Likewise, whether you like it or not, you don't have the same liberties as I when wanting to say what you want.

The shooting that Muhyiddin got was not because of anything else other than the fact that he forgot that he was the Deputy Prime Minister. That is why in my earlier comment I said it was idiotic of him for saying it.

Tun Fatima,

You talk absolute cock!

Ken said...

The truth is, he is not being honest. He is just being politically correct.

In other words, he is just doing what a Malaysian politician will do. Get more votes in the next election. And of course, since Malay is the majority, his statement will garner majority support. Thats why he choses to be Malay first, Malaysian next. Thats the only truth to that as I see it.

I won't be so stupid as to trust what he says tho, I'm not that dumb.

If he says I'm Malaysian first, even if he don't mean it wholeheartedly, I'll probably respect him just a little bit more, but I still won't believe what he says.


Anonymous said...

You're Malaysian when you're overseas.

You're Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc. when you're back in Malaysia.

You're Malaysian at a social function.

You're Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc. at a private function.

You're Malaysian when you want more stuff.

You're Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc. when you have enough stuff.

You're Malaysian when you're in love with him or her.

You're Malay, Chinese, Indian, etc. when you don't love him or her anymore.

You're Malaysian when you're happy in Malaysia.

You're Singaporean, Australian, British, American, African, etc. when you're no longer happy.

You're Malaysian when you want to eat.

You're not Malaysian when you want to buy furniture, clothes and books.

You're Malaysian when you main bola.

You're MU fan when it comes to support team bola.

What it means to be Malaysian? Wow, I don't think anyone can answer that.

Anonymous said...

You wrote, DPM Muhyiddin Yassin said he's a Malay first and Malaysian, second. He said why he had to say so. He was being honest.Wrong answer, right? Whatever. That doesn't mean that Muhyiddin is less Malaysian, nor that he is unsupportive of Najib's 1Malaysia. The answer is - you are his ball's carrier.Cari makan.



i actually am loath to reply to anonymous posters like you.

but since you are anonymous in posting that comment, i cannot help myself-lah. i feel very vicious like you. so here's my remark to you -- so typical of an idiot like you who have no basis for an argument. here's my midddle finger to the likes of assholes like you.
anything that doesnt attack leaders u don't like, u simply say thos who say it are ball-carriers.
that's why i very lazy to layan morons like you. don't know how to argue. very intolerant to views tht you don't like.
i don't like to be presumptuous (like you), but you sure hate BN and anything or anyone who represents BN.
I'm not at all like you. I don't like or dislike BN, and I don't like or dislike PKR.

now -- that was mildly cathartic.

it would be better if you tell me what you said to my face. but, unlike me, you must be a ball-less coward. and if you happen to be female, a mindless biatch.

now. that was good.

soldadujingga said...

cakap salah tak cakap pun salah....jangan dilayan isu yang dimainkan pembangkang...biar mereka jadi anjing menyalak 'gunung'....

Anonymous said...


You know Nuraina..
After all this nation has been going through race-wise..
can u imagine how Wonderful it would have seemed if the DPM had ONLY said that he was MALAYSIAN first and Malay second..

Afterall it was Almighty God who chose to place him in this country first at birth while simultaneously to parents who were of the Malay race, incidently.

Yet he said otherwise and so we all ...other Malaysians i mean , now haggle over who is right or wrong.

But there was always the great opportunity to say Malaysian first especially becos PM Najib was having this 1Malaysia theme ongoing and the person himself being the DPM should have just ikut the leader saja..but no, something analytical had to uttered forth and now we are still wallowing in MUD.