Sunday, October 28, 2007

What's Recka's Story?


From the Star online (as at 3.30pm)

Penang:Ten-year-old Recka almost had the whole country fooled as she made up a story about being abducted from a VCD shop in Market Street by a woman last week.
Georgetown OCPD Asst Comm Azam Abd Hamid said the girl had approached a woman and told her that she was afraid to go home as her mother would beat her for playing in the rain.
"The woman, whom she befriended a few weeks earlier at the shop, pitied her and gave her shelter at her Bandar Baru Air Itam home on Monday.
"She stayed with the woman for three days. She then felt guilty and decided to return home when she saw her mother crying and appealing to her 'abductors' for her safe return in the media.
"She took a bus to Chulia Street where she was spotted by a man who subsequently handed her over to the police at about 10pm on Thursday," he said on Monday.
ACP Azam said the police are concerned about the girl's "state of mind," adding that she would soon be sent for psychiatric evaluation at the Penang Hospital.
"Her claims of being abused by her mother were also not true as the medical check-up showed no signs of any injuries. She is a bright and healthy kid with an over-active imagination.
"We have already interviewed the woman, who took her home, and the man who found her. Statements were also taken from the parents.
"Our investigations papers have already been handed over to the deputy public prosecutor's office for further action," he said when met at his office.
Recka's stepfather Ahmad Omar, 49, said he and his wife would be handing over the little girl to the Welfare Department as they found it hard to control her.

My earlier posting:

First, the spelling of her name, according to the Star is Recka Ahmad not Rekha Ahamad.

Further on the 10 year-old after she was returned safely home to her mother Salmah Sellamah Abdullah, 41 and her step-father, Ahmad Omar, 49.
We were not the only ones who found holes in Recka's story of abduction and captivity.
The police are not entirely convinced with her tale.

Here's the Star story:

PENANG: Police are investigating the plausibility of 10-year-old Recka's story that she was abducted and kept locked in an apartment in Bandar Baru Air Itam by a woman who wanted to raise her.
It is learnt that the police found many holes in her story.
State CID chief Senior Asst Comm II Datuk Abdul Samah Mat said investigations were still being carried out to determine if the girl was telling the truth.
According to sources, Recka was believed to have run away from her home in Kampung Kolam on Monday night after she was barred from going out to loiter.
When contacted, Recka's stepfather Ahmad Omar, 49, said Recka was still being treated at the children's ward of the Penang Hospital.


zaitgha said...

do not know if her loitering has got to do with the conditions of her home....reminded me of our Pak Lah suggestion of building a one room house to cut cost at one time...i told my other half how s*tu*id could a PM one of your commenter anak ex pak guard said were very true...not many of people are previleged...

Sri said...

the parents are sending her to a welfare home???? what the hell is wrong? Something about this family tak kena la!

Yeah some kids have wild imaginations but remember....its a KID!!!!

Nisa said...

I feel its the best for the Rekha if her parents to send her to the welfare home . At lease there she will have proper place to eat n sleep n study .
Sri , u should seen their living condition , then u would understand . The stay there illegaly in a run down shop lot . w
I hope Gov will help them to move our from their "home" to some proper place to stay.

So far from what I understand , the did not get to stay in proper home coz of masalah teknik . One of the parents did not have IC or the father cannot produce pay slip to apply for low cost home or something . So if anyone able to help them on this I am sure they would be a wonderful thing to do for this family .

This girl is endangering herself and others . I dont think she is just a kid with wild imagination.
Perhaps she will have better life in the walfare.

Sri said...


you are right. I perhaps understand the situation better.

this is what makes me mad about this country. Poverty should not exist or at the least, people should have basic amenities.

This should be a human basic right, at least in Malaysia.