Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kak Ton, the Blogger! (now) eldest sibling and sister, Maria Samad AKA Kak Ton has finally started blogging.
Indeed, she finally found blogging irresistible.
The pull is so strong.

Yay! Quick, go to her blog which is simply named Tok Mommy.
She is Tok Mommy - grandma - to her three grandchildren - 8 year-old Adam, 2 year-old Ayra Qistina and one year-old Ayna Larissa.

Welcome to blogosphere and the blogging community!

Kak Ton was a journalist way back when...with the national news agency Bernama and was, among the positions she held, its Johor bureau chief.
She then joined the Star as assistant news editor/political writer.
Kak Ton later joined the NST as special correspondent (politics).

She took very early retirement from journalism and set up her media consultancy - Media Strategy - in 1989.
Last year (March, 2006), she decided to play grandma full-time and to retire as a media consultant. She handed the company to me (soon after I quit the NST.)

So, Kak Ton, the world is your oyster (hahaha...).
Blog on, sister!


Anonymous said...

Maria a Tok Mommy???
Well... I remember her as Bernama's Angels of the 70's together with Karima.
Seeing her in a tight sarung kebaya makes a young man's dream interesting.
Her curvacious and Karima's voluptuous figures makes me wonder why we have Uji Rashid and Nozie Nani in the silver screen back then instead of the both of them.
Morgan Fairchild's pointed nose reminds me of Kak Maria.
Those were the days Kak Maria.
I would love to try her mee rebus someday.

cakapaje said...


This is the first time I'm commenting. Have to do it otherwise, I can never forgive myself> Thank you for MRT last Tuesday - I came with Matsalo and kerp.

BTW, Matsalo sent me some pictures of last Tuesday, of which one I'll certainly put up.

Oh, I've already bookmarked Kak Ton.

Bailey said...

hai kak ena. wow...ur sister, kak ton was a journalist with bernama?

hey...i'm a rookie there. =)

mekyam said...

Shake 'em, Tok Mommy!

Am hopping there right away, Ena. :)

zhmi said...

Dear Ms. Nuraina,

I remember reading Abang Med's comment (in one of TWB comment sections) that Kak Ton ought to start blogging. He made the remark many moons ago. Guess Kak Ton must have received enough urging from him, you et al that she has no other option but to start writing.

Btw, Abang Med has been conspicuously absent from TWB for far too long. How come?

Dilla MShukri said...

salam kak ena...
my cousin encouraged me to read your blog and i'm glad i did. :-)

i'm a rookie blogger and i've read Tok Mommy's blog. It is sooooo right! the pull is so hard to resist!

i just love writing!

P/S: I've bookmarked both of u ;-)

WANSHANA said...

Hooray K.Ton!!!

Hmmm...Abang Med has been pretty quiet for some time. I wonder if he's cooking up a surprise and will be joining the bloggers club soon, too?!


maria a samad (kak ton) said...


I couldnt come hear earlier. Been mannning that blog of mine.

Thanks to you, rocky and Zorros for the introduction.

I am overwhelmed by the number of visitors to my blog. It was beyond my expectation.

Undoubtedly, the real crowd=puller was the teaser about a blogging grandma Rocky put at his blog.

Yup, a blogging grandma. Lol!
Siapa yang tak nak jengguk apa nenk ni tulis kan?

Rocky got influence, maa. Shows the power a blogger. Not just any blogger but one with ingterity & credibilty. And that's you, Rocky!

Anyways. thanks, Ena. Will be seeing you tomorrow at Bapak's... now that I'm offcially a blogger. :)

ahiruDin aTTan said...

aiyo, i'm blushing here ...
blush, blush, blush.


breathe in ...

now, anon 8.05pm who said,mong many other things, that Morgan Fairchild's pointed nose reminds him of Kak Maria.

now, now .. when I joined the Star in 1985 as a rookie, Maria Samad was THE political reporter at that time. I can't remember the baju kebaya but I still can recall how the young male journalists would stop doing what they were doing when she walked pass.

I thought she was so damn cool.

Still is, anon. And some of us tuck into her mi rebus every Tuesday. Woo hoo!

mekyam said...

Ena & Kak Ton,

I can already see the byline for the growing legion of very articulate women bloggers - "The men can link but they cannot touch!" ;D