Sunday, June 24, 2007

Have You Seen Siti Mariana?

She is 22 years old and a Bio Medical undergraduate of Kolej Universiti Teknologi Malaysia in Shah Alam.
She has been missing since Friday night after she went out in her metallic grey Kancil (BHF 7472) to meet her boyfriend in Klang between 7pm to 8pm.
Her last sms to her boyfriend was after 6pm to tell him that she was on her way to fetch him. She never made it. And she has neither been heard from nor seen since.
I pray she is safe and sound. I pray that as I am writing this, someone remembers seeing her or she is on her way home.
Her very worried father, Capt Suhaimi Aziz, 47, has not stopped searching for her since her disappearance..
The Malaysia Airlines pilot lodged a police report at 4.15 am (Saturday).
According to Ahirudin Attan (Rocky) who has spoken to the Captain (here), he has sent sms to all his friends asking for them to pass the message around and for people to look out for his daughter.
"I don't know what to do, except to pray and to keep looking," he told Rocky.
Siti Mariana is a final year bio medical student.

I have nieces her age. I have friends' daughters her age. My heart goes so weak everytime I hear of any child -- younger or older -- missing because I know what is out there.
Again, I hope and pray that Siti Mariana is safe and sound.
(I have asked Rocky to get a photo of her.)

Please help find her, if you can.


bergen said...

Let's have the picture out. Will do what I can to help.


i feel angry whenever something like this happens. and scared, too. this morning i pushed the wrong number and spoke to capt yusof the ancient mariner instead of capt suhaimi. ancient mariner said he has two daughters and he worries for them all the time. he has told them if they have a flat tyre anywhere anytime, they are to call him and not to try and fix the flat by themselves. they are to wait until he arrives. paranoid? no. maybe. i would tell ahirine and riana the same when they grow up. but like your nieces, kids are cocky and they tend to take things for granted. and why shouldn't they, really? why should there be too many goons out there? we have the police. we have the highway patrols. we have neighbours!

btw, am still waiting for capt suhaimi to call back. the picture of siti mariana will help. shar called me to suggest that the capt registers a pre-paid number so that those with information about her daughter or the car or whatever can contact him directly. i have conveyed the idea to capt suhaimi.

Elly said...

Dear Nuraina,

It's really terrifying to think how unsafe the Klang Valley is nowadays, really!

When I first started working in KL about 10 years ago, I felt safe enough to wait for my bus at the Chow Kit area even at late hours (I was a reporter with Bernama back then). But today, I don't even feel safe at all while being at the crowded KLCC area! The fear of snatch-thieves, car-hijackers, kidnappers, etc is just too real to be ignored...

I truly hope that Siti Mariana is safe somewhere. Let us pray for her safe return...

bakaq a.k.a. ~penarik beca said...

Sebelum ini, emak Alex dibunuh bajingan hanya kerana kemalangan kecil.

Ni, Siti Mariana pulak. Siapa boleh nafikan apa yg berlaku itu mungkin akibat jahat bajingan?

Kaum wanita nampaknya jadi target kegemaran. Bangunlah wahai wanita! Anda mustadh'afin (the oppressed) sebenarnya dalam persekitaran seperti ini.

Di peringkat peribadi, belajarlah ilmu mempertahankan diri. Para ibu (dan semestinya bapa) didiklah anak-anak supaya jangan jadi syaitan. Di peringkat yg lebih meluas, NGO-NGO wanita mesti bangun bersuara dengan lantang. Desak, ajak dan pastikan semua pihak, tak kira parti apa pun, persatuan apa pun, supaya berganding bahu menghentikan semua ini!

Saya menjerit ni kerana anak perempuan saya pun jadi sasaran. Nak belajar pun tak senang! Takkan saya nak ajak kawan-kawan saya yg gedebe pi tumbuk budak-budak tu! (Teringat Nuraina yg pernah diejek anak komunis oleh kurang sivik punya bingai. Lari ikut tempat sunyi di School of Architecture pun depa ikut..)

We need a safer place to live!

shanghaistephen said...

My dear,
These are times everyone rallies behind the tormented parents....but again I say our police are not doing enough...say what you want, I am not happy!...just did a post too on this and other crimes on my blog...sad BUT rest assured Captain you have the desent folks of Malaysia, praying all will be well and your girl safe !

Anonymous said...

to rocky
please informed capt yusof that
asking the daughter to call him to fix the flat tyre is NOT A GOOD IDEA.
It depends on how far away the flat occurs?It may take hours.They (the bad guys)actually patrol the highways and roads looking for potential victims and waiting alone is the worst thing one can do.
I always tell my daughters to drive on(slowly) with the flat until you reached a petrol station,police station or a busy shopping area.Then only you call for assistance.Yes,you may have to replaced the wheels but it is only money!

former 22-years old said...

PETALING JAYA: Student Siti Mariana Suhaimi, 22, who was reported missing since Friday night, has returned home, much to the relief of her parents. 
The final year bio-medical student went missing after leaving her campus in Shah Alam for her boyfriend’s home in Klang on Friday night. 
Her disappearance caused a frantic two-day search by her parents. They lodged a police report, sent out text messages to all their friends. Her missing person story was even covered by several on-line blogs.