Sunday, June 17, 2007


Let me wish all fathers out there, a very happy father's day. And to our fathers who are no longer with us, let us offer Al-Fatihah. May they rest in peace and may God bless them. Amin.

It matters not that Time has shed
His thawless snow upon your head
For he maintains, with wondrous art.
Perpetual summer in your heart.
- WilliamHamilton Hayne.




happy father's day to all. ena, pls wish pak samad for me.

and to all women who turned boys into men into fathers.

J.T. said...

A Happy Father's Day to Pak Samad and all the fathers in your family.

Daphne Ling said...

Happy Daddy's Day to your dad, A Samad Ismail (hehe, see I got it right this time!), and to 'Uncle Nuraina' ;)...

pokchad said...

Terima kasih Ms Nuraina atas ucapan to all fathers out there.

Anak-anak nak bawak aku (kereta aku minyak aku) makan kat Shakeys tengaharinih. Aku bukan sukapun pizza. Yang balun nanti dorang (bayar aku). Lebih-lebih dorang cium aku sorang sekali (yangni duit menggunungpun takleh beli).

Aku jugak tumpang ucap happy father's day to all fathers out there.

sesat said...

Dear Nuraina,

A Happy Father's Day to Pak Samad, your Abang Med, and all the fathers in your extended family and your family in the blogosphere.

Put your feet up fathers, and enjoy the love and attention heaped upon you - deservedly so, may I add.

monsterball said...

Happy Father's Day to Nuraina's father!

bakaq a.k.a ~penarik beca said...


Aku tangkap cintan ayat hang ni: and to all women who turned boys into men into fathers. Tahniah, Bro!


Maaf la, dan harap sangat tak naik angin kat kutu ni. Mempunyai ayah yang lemah ingatan jauh lebih baik dari tidak mempunyai ayah seperti kutu ni!

Harap sangat tak marah.

Happy Father's Day to all!!

Nora said...


Happy father's day to all.

old female fart said...

To you Nuraina Samad, Marina Mahathir, Zainah Anwar and to all the women who have inherited their fathers' principles, courage, grit and pioneering spirit I say NEVER SAY DIE!

Yes their spirit will never die in us!

Elly said...

Hi Nuraina!

Please convey my "Happy Father's Day" wish to Pak Samad. He's been a great father for sure, that I can tell:-)

I haven't seen or talked to my dad for three years (looong story, I tell you!), but in case he's reading your blog (I know he's quite IT savvy) I would like to wish him "Happy Father's Day, Abah! You are always in my heart, that's for sure..."

Take care!



thanks, rocky.
I was at Bapak's yesterday and conveyed your greeting.
he said, thank you and asked "Apa macam si Rocky tu?
Masih kena saman, kah? Apa cerita dia?"



JT: Thank you, JT dear.

Daphne: Thank u,my dear. Hahaa. got it right this time. alamak...uncle nuraina some more.

Pokchad: gitu-lah lagu nya, Pokchad. Happy Father's Day!

monsterball: thank you for the greetings. Happy father's day to u.

Bakaq AKA Penarik Beca: Terima kasih-lah. Tak de hal-lah saudara...tak de sebab pun nak naik angin dan nak marah pun.
sedih dengar saudara dah tak de ayahanda.
Saya ucapkan happy father's day kpd saudara.

nora: Thank u, bro. And a happy father's day to u too.


Sesat: Thank you....
oh.. what a day for them. All spoilt!

OFF: Hi there!
Thank You! And to you too... Never Say Die!

Elly: Thank u, Elly. Oh dear... i hope your dad reads your comment.

KH said...

Better late than never, Aina!

Pak Samad must be one strong father 'cos I know he was one strong "Editorial Adviser" :)

Please convey my regards to him.


mekyam said...

Happy Father's Day to Pak Samad and all fathers reading Jalan Sudin.

Hope you were spoilt rotten yesterday! :)


KH; Thank you, KH (KHLIM?), I surely will. thanks again.

Mekyam: Merci beaucoup, madame.
thank you.

lina said...

Dear Kak Ena

This is Na, your cousin from singapore. we were in KL last week and dropped by Section 16 to visit your dad and Sharmaine Hana. He asked why my abah never visited him and was 'shocked' when i reminded him that his bro passed away 12 years ago. Anyway he entertained us by serenading some songs, one of which went like this...' aku pulang dari rantau, bertahun tahun di negeri orang....' ..very apt i thought.

Anyway i love reading your blog, esp. 'Tuesdays with Bapak'. Learnt alot about our heritage...that we have Parsi blood and your family's dark days during Cik Mel's detention...I myself can still remember clearly the day the ISD came to my house and took my abah to their office.

anyway stay cool.



oh dear..didnt manage to catch you when you were here.
Lina, don't tell me you never knew about yr heritage? Perhaps your abah tak sempat tell you.
Anyway... just look at CIk Mel and some of our aunts. And just look at you own abah. People thought he was Arab. Of course, that was a common mistake.

and just look at your own adik beradik. Goodness, Heikal looks like Tom Cruise, you look macam anak arab (of course yang lawa), Aja looks like Christine Hakim.
okay-laa, cousin.

thanks for dropping by, I am glad you enjoy the blog.