Sunday, May 17, 2015

Al Fatehah: Remembering Kak Eda

My older sister Noraida would have been 60 today.  But she is not here with us. She died on March 8, 2007 after battling breast cancer.

Kak Eda was only 15 months older than me. We were very close. In fact we were in the same class in primary school - standard 5 and 6 and in form one in secondary school.

In the beginning, people thought we were twins because we were in the same year throughout school. This was because I was in express class and jumped to standard two in the middle of my first year in primary school in 1963.

Kak Eda is survived by her husband, Aziz and their four chidden - Safiya, Umar, Hajar and Maryam.

I wrote this the day she died

My sister, Noraida Samad, passed away about 2.55pm today. I was with her. I held her hands. I saw her go.
Kak Eda had cancer. She was 51.
She leaves behind Aziz (her husband) and their four children - Safiyah 16, Umar, 14, Hajar, 13 and Mariam, 10.
Farewell, my sister.
May Allah SWT bless her soul.

We miss her very much. 
Not a day I do not think of her.
She is in my every prayer.

Al Fatehah

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