Thursday, April 16, 2015

Not Pretty : Tun Dr M Vs Najib

The heat is getting more intense now. The knives are out. All this in the wake of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's relentless attack on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak not only to answer those nagging questions surrounding1MDB (where has the money gone?) and so on but for Najib to step down as PM.

It seems to Dr Mahathir, Najib has no choice but to do so because he has failed the rakyat. He has failed to perform as PM.

Dr Mahathir has also resurrected the ghost of murdered Mongolian Altantuya Shaaribuu by urging Najib to reopen the case following a declaration by her murderer Sirul Azhar that he and his partner-in-crime Azilah Hadri were instructed by someone to kill her.

Sirul, inexplicably escaped to Australia where he now is. So, Sirul -- just tell us who instructed you, will you? For crying out loud!

So, really. All's not pretty about the whole thing. If you are not depressed about the whole thing and about where is taking the country and how it's going to end, you can switch on your sense of humour and laugh out loud. Only that is not funny.

You have those questions and you have Najib's response that it is all being investigated by the Auditor-General, an external auditor and the Public Accounts Committee.

So, we'll just have to wait.

But Dr M has no confidence in them -- he wants a totally independent body to investigate 1MDB.

This is all so hot that on social media - Facebook, twitter and the blogs - people are having a field day. Dr Mahathir has his ardent and loyal followers and so has the Prime Minister. In fact, Umno Youth only the other demonstrated their open support.

One person I feel so bad for is Datuk Mukhriz - Kedah MB and Dr Mahathir's son. Talking of knives -- those pesky politicians are now turning their knives and guns on him.

Support the party president or step down as Kedah MB. they yell. Talk about fishing in muddy waters and seeing opportunity in calamity.

But we worry where and how this will all end.

Not pretty at all right now.

And then there is that ubiquitous Jho Low. For heaven's sake -- Was he or was he not involved?

Hey. Don't look at me. I have no freakin'  idea..

I just want a happy ending.


Anonymous said...

So do I. And I think most of us.

Praxis said...

Well, Dr Mahathir hasn't lost his sense of humour. He said PAC will be still investigating come next election, and it was not him who gave the orders as Sirul didn't kill anybody when he was prime minister.

Anonymous said...

Told Je...

The Sh#t has hit the Fan and all those involved are running helter skelter!!

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is PM seems to tell us that he know nopthing of 1MDB even thouigh is under FInance Ministry where he the Finance Minister too. ALl will be investigated, that ALL? He know nothing on 1MDF? If he can satisfied UMNO Youth KJ with his closed briefing on these issue why not DR M? plus US THE RAKYAT? His post recorded live interview does not do any good, It just repeating his comment but not answering it. The point is is he really clueless on 1MDB thay he has no answer except to passit to relevant authority to investigate but the fact is it UNDER FINANCE MINISTER and he is the FINANCE MINISTER and sorry I not nothing???

bruno said...

Nuraina,long time no see.It's been a long time since I last visited your blog,since you went into hibernation(no updates for an extended period of time means hibernation or forced exile,haha).

The Altantuya murder trial is a very mysterious case.No one,the prosecutors and defense attorneys included,wanted to know who is the main player in this particular murder case.It seems that all the lawyers,(prosecutors and defense) had a gun pointed to their pea brains,ready to go off if they ever had the guts to ask who?

In this particular case,everybody involved in it all failed,in the name of justice.

Najib's name was involved because that creep,Baginda was a trusted adviser and lap dog of his.But,of course,one need not be a rocket scientist or genius to figure it out,that Najib did have a hand in keeping those cowards (lawyers) from asking the right questions.

The Mahathir versus Najib script will end with Najib hightailing into the forests.The momentum is going very high and strong on Mahathir's side.I do not see how Najib can hold on and take the heat from the pressure cooker any much longer.Give or take,six months from today and Najib will be an ordinary citizen of Malaysia.

Have a nice and wonderful weekend.Cheers.

IT.Scheiss said...

RE Altantuya, why not ask Azilah who is here. Why is all the spotlight on Sirul alone when Azilah was involved too?

As for Najib, well the 1MDB fiasco happened under his watch and could well badly impact Malaysia's economy, so Mahathir is quite right to ask him to step down as any corporate CEO would be asked to resign or fired for such a blunder.

However Dato' Nuraina is right in how Malaysia is drifting with politicians battling it out between parties and within parties.

Malaysian news media are preoccupied with disputes over racial and religious issues, when media in other feature economic and other matters.




Praxis : Haha.. he hasn't, has he?

Anon@7:07AM : Is there a hiding place?

Anon@8:12AM: really don't know what is fact and what is fiction. Problem is the damage control came way too late.


Hello there Bruno !

So nice to see a familiar name here.

Yes it has been a long time.
Perhaps because Facebook is more practical and direct .. and Instagram for the fun. And twitter just because.

But I do miss blogging..
And when I do, I come up with something,

This whole Tun Dr M vs Najib fees bugs me bad because I have so much respect for the Tun for a lot of (fairly obvious) reasons -- and I do know Najib as a good decent person. But then..well obviously its true what they say -- nice men don't win wars. And I am convinced he has a deficient bunch of advisors..

It's tragedy that it has come to this..



Indeed... what can I say that's not been said.
Cheers.. nice to see you here too!