Friday, March 01, 2013

It Is Malaysia's First "Social Media" Election..

The last general election saw a burst of super mega huge activity in cyberspace that somewhat shaped the outcome. Like an insanely manic take-off from where online intrusion in the 1999 general election left Malaysians.

(I was down and out for three days early this week. A terrible bout of flu. Rare that I succumbed to it. Must be a nasty bug.)

Let me quote PM Najib when he was at the Malaysia Social Media Week 2013 organised by the Malaysia SocialMedia Chambers (SMC) in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday.

The PM said social media had the ability to include more voices into one issue, including political debates.

He predicted that this would be practised in the coming months as people went to social media to discuss issues related to teh general election.

"I can confidently predict that this will be Malaysia's first social media election".

Najib said he had imposed upon his ministers and potential election candidates to be social media savvy as it helped them to get engeaged with the people who are internet users.

Now..that's a long way from where everyone came from in 2008 when blogs and bloggers were despised, feared, whatever by the then leadership. Paranoid even.

I became a blogger then.

The administration was hostile towards bloggers.

But, someone (who himself got drawn into blogging and became an uber blogger) thanked bloggers .

Every opposition candidate had a blog, compared to only a handful of BN candidates.

Of course, post-election -- a wake-up call..yadayada..

Well, let's hope they have all woken up, I know some have.
 Najib was possibly the first Cabinet minister to give regard, acknowledgment and recognition to  bloggers..

I wrote something about this in the NST. Here's my column (March 2)


manmanlai said...

Nuraina,hope you are feeling much better now.I hate the flu.I would prefer to have fever than the flu.

First things first.We have the Trengganu stadium roof falling again for no reason at all.Then we have the Taulog's invading Sabah,for all the absurbity claiming it belongs to them.Now we have the seldom used overpass bridge,in Cyberjaya which leads to nowhere(like the bridge to nowhere in Alaska)suddenly collasping into halves.

Believe in grandmothers stories or not,Altantuya is back to haunt Umnoputras and bring a closure to her horrific demised.

the mean machine said...

Well,first of all we have to give a thumbs up for Najib.At least he knows better than his so called overhyped advisers.The internet is a very powerful tool,which the opposition substituted for their lack of exposure in the mainstream media.

Let Malaysia followed the US presidential system in elections.Then the popular Najib will be elected as PM,while the Umno/BN smell the boots of Nurul and Teresa.Let the Umnoputras join Dr Chuah and Chuah Jr to tend to the chicken farm in Johor.

bludy busy misybodies said...

PM Najib knows that the war will be won or lost in cyberspace.But it is very hard to change the mentality of Umno/BN politicians.

Corruption comes at a price.The human mind is corrupted with the ringgit sign.With easy money comes power and sex.And of course complacentness and laziness.

But Najib doesn't care what his useless Umno/BN politicians think.He wants them to change and is forcing them to change.So dragging their feet,Najib's useless lackeys have no other choice but to change.

It is better to be late than never.At least that is what they say.But alas,it is to late as the horses have already left the starting gates.Hahaha.


manmanlai: i had the flu and high fever.

now now....let's not believe in grandmothers' tales...

Anonymous said...

Social Media has been in the limelight for many many umpteen years but it is still meaningless if the battle is still fought under uneven grounds. I am quite sure the opposition will not feel satisfied if they win because the government is accused by the rakyat for being very very unfair for taking advantage of the mainstream media. A good example is the live telecast of the "Perhimpunan Ulama dan Asnaf" being televised live today. Just because the PM has to give a speech, the MC took the advantage to start campaigning for the government. There is no relationship between the event and the election. Unless and until the government take positive steps to transform the manner in which they use the mainstream media, they will always lag behind the opposition.

Anonymous said...

As for the Altantuya issue, somebody must tip off that Bala, how can he go into so much detail in the exposure of the murder that he even pointed out the sexual preference of the VVIP mentioned.