Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Punishing Bad Neighbours

THE HAGUE: Amsterdammers guilty of really unacceptable behaviour towards their neighbours will from next year be removed from their homes and made to live together in special housing complexes, the city said on Friday.

"It happens that people are intimidated, persecuted by their neighbours and find themselves in such an unbearable situation that they decide to move," said Tahira Limon, spokeswoman for Amsterdam's Labour mayor Eberhard van der Laan.

"That's an upside-down world," she said.

"We feel that it is the people behind the intimidation who are really unacceptable, and not the victims who must leave their homes," she said.

This city has around seven cases of such extremely anti-social behaviour each year from the 13,000 complaints that police receive.

"We're talking here about really extreme cases that cannot be resolved any other way," Limon said.

The anti-social residents will be housed in shipping containers or caravans that will be placed in sparsely populated parts of town so that they can easily be monitored.

They will have to stay in the cooling off units for six months at most after which they can move into another normal home, but not in the neighbourhood they came from, said Limon.

"The aim of this project is to be able to reinsert people in society, not to isolate them for life," she said.

"The ultimate aim is for them to go and live normally in traditional housing," she said.

The so-called reception centres will consist of a maximum 10 housing units, city hall said in a document outlining the project and seen by AFP.

The city wants to set up two such centres, one for people living alone and one for extremely disruptive families with multiple problems.

While evicting someone from a rented property would apparently not pose much of a legal problem, evicting someone from a property that they own may prove problematic, the city said.

Temporary reception sites will be set up in the coming weeks and permanent sites chosen during 2013.
(source:AFP report)


Anonymous said...

Over here bad and inconsiderate neighbours should not be asked to move to another neighborhood. They should be asked to leave the country. Especially the upper middle and the rich. The proud and ungrateful ones, I mean.

Anonymous said...

What about people who have no homes,in other words homeless.Homeless means people living on the streets or in city parks and subways.

Then they creat commotions and are given free housing,abeit in a secular spot.What a plan.

Anonymous said...

"Then they creat (sic) commotions and are given free housing, .."

Going by your logic if you want to invest in property you just go and display your anti-socialness in several housing estates. The problem is;
1) Not much of property cause it's either a shipping container or caravan and
2) That wouldn't be anti-social behaviour by a neighbour. That would be loitering or even rioting. I mean, who's your neighbour if you're homeless?


manmanlai said...

Are we talking about the Israelis and the normadic Hamas and the Palestinians.The palestinians needed tongkats to lean on like cripples.

And after having their homes,been bombed down to rubbles many are homeless.But the Hamas terrorists are feasting on lambchops and steaks and getting drunk like drunkards..What a life for animals who killed innocent Jews.

Anonymous said...

what is this article all about.Makes no sense,do you?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:57

It would be better if you could take them into your house.

Anonymous said...

I am deeply surprised that such people still exists.

Anonymous said...

Tell that to former Malaysian Information Minister!
The Next time he badmouth Indonesian personalities

manmanlai said...

PKR's Manickawasagam will be a froggy soon,and will be bad neighbours to PR supporters,but very good neighbours to Umno/BN supporters.

Soon he will be carrying the bolas of Umnoputras.So to be good or bad neighbours will be to whom you ask.

mariamsu said...

Nuri,ypur picture looks good,when young.Do you look the same nowadays.

Anonymous said...

Being a senior journalist,do you not know how to write your own articles.Instead of recycling others,make an effort and write yours.Let us see how smart you NST journos are.Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

the dap juggernaut is on the way.what will happen is that puppets being place in your nst will be in jeopardy as umno will be decimated this will be good for you as a promotion is on the way for you,post ge13.good luck.

Anonymous said...

When stupid and ignorant people think that they have rights.To abused their neighbours.

The Palestinians and Hamas terrorists think that they have rights.To shoot rockets and terrorised their neighbours.

The crazy and sicko guy in Connecticut think that it is his rights to shoot at his neighbours and schoolchildren.

Because blind people like you support these crazies blindly.


manmanlai: you need an education.

manmanlai said...

I am a very realistic man,maam.I am not bias,as I do not have anything to gain.I call a spade a spade.Thanks again and you are welcome.

Anonymous said...

"Because blind people like you support these crazies blindly"

Wrong."Because ignorant people like you support these crazies ignorantly".

Anonymous said...

How can there be good neighbours,when neighbours do not even know who their existing neighbours are.Do you know your neighbours and by their names.Or just nod your heads when you see them leaving for work in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Nuraina Samad,wait till you have the palaetinians or hamas as your next door neighbours.Wait till the police raided their homes and arrest them for having explosives.Then you will wish you have not have blindly supported them because they are Muslims.They are Muslims of different mentality.The "i have nothing to lose mentality".

Anonymous said...

Do you have bad or hostile neighbours in your workplace,called the NST where cronies mushroomed?I guessed so.Do you need the pest control company to send a fumigator over to flush out these pests.Give me a call if you need any help.

the gaffe guy who know's said...

PRU13 will be held on the third week of Jan 2012.This is from a very realible source.Have you got any news on the date yet,kak.

anon 8:57 said...

Anon 1:59 pm

Since that I do not have a house big enough for them to move in,why not yours.If yours is to small then please ask your mum to adopt them.Hehehe.

anon 8:57 said...

anon 1:59

or you could ask mamanlai to move in with you.Both of you would make a handsome couple.He needs an education,just like you.Hehehe.

manmanlai said...

AES is suspended.The corrupted cronies are scared,very scared.Very scared because they are afraid that Umno will get the sack.And the goose that lay the golden eggs are gone.Then they will makan sendiri.Always flipflopping,mana boleh,itu macham lah.

What about your saving lives AES going,kak.Going to the zoo to enjoy birdwatching.Yoy backing the wrong regime lah.A regime change will be good for you and all Malaysians.Less corruptions means less stress on honest hardworking Malaysians,like us.

the gaffe guy who know's said...

Hahaha,your all out support for the AES has gone to the dogs,because your political bosses have made a u-turn.They are desperate for votes,that is the reason it is temporary on hold until the GE is over.

It is time you wake up.Blindly supporting a corrupted regime is bad for one's health,especially the toxious fumes they generate due to the over gobbling of the people's money.Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

Bagus di praktikkan di Malaysia.

Kita miliki ramai chauvinist not only inconsiderate but rather ungrateful + thick face and purely black heart.

They should be pool @ the far south of this peninsular and let them there.

Anonymous said...

Is your blog closed for good due to lack of original articles.It just shows how highly or good a journo you guys placed yourselves in the category with,Utusan.Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

anon 1:52

the palestinians had their land taken away. do you expect them to keep quiet? if you are asked to leave your land at the barrel of a gun would you just leave and forget about it? what are you? a pondan?

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Anonymous said...

Are you sharpening up your writing talents before your next posting?

Anonymous said...

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