Friday, November 09, 2012

It's About Saving Lives, Stupid!

LET me tell you about a country that has devised a tool to catch criminals in the act of breaking the law, writes Rita Sim (columnist with the New Straits Times)

This tool enables enforcement authorities to track down wrongdoers in many locations, punish them and effectively reduce deaths of innocent people.
For some reason, however, there are people opposing the use of this tool. They say that the tool will "burden" the criminals.
They say that there should be signs put up to alert wrongdoers about the tool, so that they can avoid them (and go on to commit the same atrocity elsewhere, presumably).
The country is Malaysia. The tool is the Automated Enforcement System (AES) and the "criminals" are drivers who speed on the road and run red lights, putting themselves and other road users in danger.
As for those opposing the AES? They are the usual suspects -- political players who see the potential to cause disruption and cast doubt on the project by making opaque statements about "having the people's best interests at heart".
I couldn't agree with her more. And not because she's my old school mate. Because she is right.
All that I have read and heard is from people attacking the project because it went to the BN's cronies, and that they don't want to enrich the cronies. 
And some petty issues about unsuitable locations of the cameras. Really petty.
What's your problem? You don't speed, they don't get rich.
As for the poor locations -- oh. just get over it.
Honestly, I don't care who got the project. Someone or other will get the project. Crony, cronies. Or not.  
By the way, that word "crony" is so overused and misused.
So, get your politics out of the equation.
Never mind that AES  will discourage people from speeding. Isn't that a good thing?
Statistics have shown that most fatal accidents were caused by human error which really, means speeding and recklessness.
And for heaven's sake, you have a state assemblyman Chang Lih Kang (PKR-Teja) smugly refusing to pay seven fines totalling RM2,100 which he claimed were issued under the AES.
Wow. What a hero!
And then you have Mahfuz Omar (Pas) instigating people to not pay the fines and that he would get 100 lawyers to help the people.
Wow. What a hero!

The number of fatal accidents in the country is alarmingly high. Everyone should be concerned.
I'm sure we all are - except for some idiotic people bent on playing politics.
It seems  most Malaysians want or need to blame someone.
Poor enforcement, poor roads ..poor everything. Never themselves.
So, just blame the weather-lah.
We have good roads, you can't deny that. We can improve on enforcement. 
But when enforcement is stepped up,  the very people who cry "bribery" and "corruption" are the very people ready to give "duit kopi".
In this scenario I always believe that no giver,. no taker. And you should always report corrupt officers.
The truth is, generally speaking, most Malaysians are horrid and nasty people behind the wheel or on the motorcycle.. They are inconsiderate, they blithely and cavalierly and knowingly break the law - like running the traffic lights, making illegal turns or u-turns and mostly speeding, even on neighbourhood roads.

And motorcyclists are another story altogether. They follow no rules.

We should worry that one day we will all be so immuned to grisly accidents, that we don't care, until of course, it happens to our family.
So, enough already. If it can help save lives,.why don't we just give AES a chance?


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more with your comments,right on

bruno said...

Nuraina,put the proponents and opponents of AES inside a room.Let them slugged it out bare knuckles.Winner takes all and has the final say.

Have a nice weekend.Cheers.

Anonymous said...


'Sincerity' is the keyword. with PDRM, we have had cases of trapping (in real sense of the word) 'speed demons' at 50kph zone doing 60kph at 1am, or police lurking unsuspectingly to 'trap' motorists - like 'tak pakai tali pinggang keledar masa baru lepas bayar tol tadi.'

The question looms - nak keluarkan saman banyak2 ke ikhlas nak banteras bahaya jalan raya?

AES case 1:
24/7 with perfunctory 'warning', no leeway even if you do 81kph at 80kph zone. Its RM16 per 'catch' between the operator and the government. whilst we cannot question the sincerity of implementation, we can do a lot to create a good accountable impression.

AES case 2:
ample warning, average speed detected over the enforcement zone, enforcement varies according to gravity i.e. time of day, season, type of vehicle etc. the whole idea is to make the motorists slow down for safety; sincerely so.

I think the number of those who complaint would reduce drastically in Case 2. Its Case 1 that they are not very happy about.

IT.Sheiss said...

Hi Dato' Nuraini,


Some of these politicians and NGO-types are professional opposers.

In the 1980s, they opposed the construction of Penang Bridge on grounds that it was a "waste of public funds."

Now I guess they use Penang Bridge, instead of the ferry and try to take away Penang Bridge and watch the public outcry.

In the late 1990s they opposed the construction of the LRT system, citing that it would be a "white elephant" but ten years later, the LRTs were so heavily used that the operator had to increase the number fo trains on it to relieve the long queues during rush hour.

Now they oppose the MRT on grounds that it costs too much, etc.

Anonymous said...

Could not agree it shows, we got a very disoriented and low mentality opposition.

Anonymous said...

These people who oppose for the sake of opposing. They find any and everything they can to exploit, aggravate, twist, spin and slant. Many DAP people have done those.

Penang DAP Lim Guan Eng was the first to reject the AES. Then Selangor PR. Pending further tests, analysis, whatever excuse they said.

Hell, what further tests do they need. They even opposed the Penang bridge before. Now, aren't they the ones who want a 2nd bridge? Their exploiting anything for political mileage knows no bounds. The country won't progress if they get their ways.

Thank God, the voters have wisened up to those antics. Many of those who voted them at PRU12 have realized they are not a better alternative to BN. All the weaknesses BN has, they also have. And shown to the rakyat just 1-2 years into power. If longer than 1 term, the states can go topsy turvy. Already yards can be written about Talamgate, garbage collection problem, water supply problem, no low cost housing built in Penang, etc.

Anonymous said...

Pojek EAS memeng baik.tapi overtment sepatunya melaksanakan projek ini.Yang ramai oang membanahialah projek ini di buat oleh swasta.
Kenapa idak ada oang complain dengan police camere for speedtrap.

Anonymous said...

Stupid !!!!

It's about awarding the AES contract to two UMNO link company without tender !!

Siapa yg Stupid now ??


pakteh adam said...

To Mahfus,...
I know it is not ok to pray something bad for other...but I'll pray anyway....
"may one day orang yg palin disayangnya got killed by hit and run kind of thing... and I hope the guy who hit and run will get protected by one of his 100 lawyers"

Anonymous said...

To the authorities I would like to say 'carry on with the enforcement'.

Anonymous said...

We shouldnt be so excited about so called life saving systems especially if it cost nearly a billion ringgit.

With this amount of money it can be used to repair the roads to make it safer.

Pay for proper driving lessons, pay for busses to cut down cars etc.

But most of all we should learn from those who have implemented AES before.

Read website to read about all those places in the US which installed and then uninstalled AES.

Redflex is one of the company which was secretly chosen to implement AES.


Reports and data continue to surface showing photo enforcement to be ineffective at best and in many cases, making roads more dangerous where cameras are installed. Be careful when evaluating pro-camera studies as they often do not account for changes in traffic volume and do not compare camera-equipped locations to locations without cameras.

NOTE: Not all of these articles are about Redflex services and equipment. This page is to show the ineffectiveness of photo enforcement in general. For a more complete list of references to articles about cameras NOT improving safety, please see (opens in a new window).

Florida: Review Shows Increased Red Light Cameras Accidents

Sep. 7, 2012 | | Article

A review of the accident history at red light camera intersections in Hallandale Beach, Florida suggests automated ticketing machines have failed to yield an overall safety benefit since Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions (ATS) began paying for the right to issue tickets and collect fines at a pair of intersections more than two years

There are many more eye opening articles. Its not too late. Stop wasting the taxpayers money and making australian and germany rich.

Anonymous said...

Puan, can we start a poll by concerned parents and drivers to support AES? I am worried of my young son commuting from Ipoh to KL monthly. I am not afraid of AES, I am afraid of him speeding. I dont want to wait for him in vain.


basha wahid

PAShit said...

Trust me these crooked politicians will only change their stance when their own mothers are struck in a hit and run accident!