Monday, February 20, 2012

Satu Lagi kena Tipu...

Here's something I don't understand. Don't these women read newspapers or portals or something?
Do they live in a cave?
There have been so many cases of this kind of scam.

I'd like to say: " serves them right"...

According to the NST today, a 46-year-old office clerk was conned of RM75,000 by her boyfriend whom she had met through a social networking site.

The woman, from Kampung Sungai Merab Hulu in Kajang, lodged a police report on Wednesday, saying her boyfriend, who introduced himself as Chris Joshwen from the United Kingdom, had told her that he would be coming down to Malaysia to visit her on Valentine's Day.

On Feb 13, she received a call from a woman who claimed to be a Customs officer at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) that Joshwen had been detained by the authorities for failure to declare the items that he brought in.

The "officer" then told the victim that she had to pay RM75,000 for his release.

Without questioning much, the victim withdrew her money and banked in the amount in four transactions into three different accounts as instructed by the "officer".

The rest of the story HERE.

How many similar con cases like this have we read? Are they that naive, that vulnerable?


bruno said...

Nuraina,these consters or tricksters or whatever we want to call them only prey on the men/women in their fourties up.The older the better as they are more vulnerable.Have a nice evening.

bruno said...

People never learn as they think that they are much smarter that the next gal/guy.People getting tricked out of their life savings are always regularly in the news.If they get conned so easily,I agree it serves them right.

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Anonymous said...

This woman wasn't thinking,was she? The dream of being with some male from "MatSallehLand" was obviously something she couldn't pass up. God Save the (British) Queen!

samdaddycool said...

I had similar experience, but my friend is a guy, conned by 'British born chinese'. He came down from Kelantan just to get conned.

I went to KLIA when my friend asked me to come as a translator. My friend also received 'a call from a woman who claimed to be a Customs officer at KLIA)'.

Everything sounds similar to me. Luckily he was conned for less than RM10k.

This comment has been removed by the author.

you mean they target desperate men and women. Desperation is one thing -- but being stupid is something else. do these "victims" live in caves? don't they read the papers or websites or many people have been conned..and yet, there's always one more sucker..

I don't think we should be helping these idiots. for being stupid, they deserve to be cheated. it's padan muka, as far as i'm concerned.