Friday, December 09, 2011

The Sultan Of Selangor: On covert attempts to convert Muslims and Apostasy.

Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has ordered the Selangor Islamic Religious Council (Mais) and the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) to take strategic steps to root out a subtle attempt to proselytise Muslims. "I was informed that the proselytisation of Muslims, which occurred over the last few years, was done covertly and those involved were cunning in concealing evidence," he said when opening the RM5mil Kampung Gulang-Gulang Mosque in Tanjung Karang today (Friday).

The Star has the story HERE.


bruno said...

Nuraina,this proselytising of Muslims are all wet dreams and fantasies of politicians and trouble makers.It is all politics.The Sultan of Selangor should know this is all about politics.Jais is made up of officers loyal to Umno.

We all know that allegations of corruption involving sums of 2,000 ringgit of opposition members has the MACC and PDRM springing into action,hours after the report has been made.Reports made against BN politicians has seen inaction from the authorities,even after months and years after the report has been made.

And the beauty of it is,cases involving hundred of millions of ringgit are not probe,for example the recent NFC fiasco.Allegations of a few thousand ringgit against opposition members has seen witnesses flying out of MACC office windows.

Let us used our heads and figure it out.If these proselytising of Muslims are true,why no action from the authorities.If these accusations are true,those culprits involved in these proselytisation would be arrested and beaten black and blue,before being thrown into Hotel Kamunting.
This is a fact.


I really don't know whether proselytising of Muslims has been/is going on in this country. I do know that if there were anything like that,it would not be done openly.
I have heard of Muslims converting but no proof, just talk. So I can't say more.

But Bruno, you have made some sweeping statements and generalisations about corruption etc.

WE ALL are against corruption. It is a scourge.I strongly believe that any form of corruption leads to destruction of governments and structures.

But, I've been made to understand that corruption cases are very hard to prove because of our laws on evidence and so on. That said, I don't agree that the MACC only acts against alleged corruption of opposition members and let those of BN members remain uninvestigated.

I don't need to tell you of cases involving BN leaders and members that have been taken to court.

That said, i agree that there's so much that needs to be done to make things right in this country.

Thank you.

bru said...


we must assume that the sultan of selangor knows. he is trying to be very subtle and diplomatic here. proselytising is a crime in Malaysia. if nobody commits it, well and good.

it is like corruption, though some say it is worse than corruption. proselytising is hard to prove. the dumc's case, for example. and like corruption, there are so many who commit corruption and cover the asses of the corrupt.

in macc's case, at least they have scored some successes in recent times. some vvips have been charged in court, mate. some sapu millions and some sapu hundreds of thousands. shame on you to feel that the Macc should not investigate alleged corruption involving hundreds of thousands of ringgit, just because they involve Opposition politicians.

See how corrupt you are youself, mate?

Now go find a window ..

Anonymous said...

Hey bruno! What's wrong with you? You don't know what is going on.

bruno said...


you have to go back and read carefully about what I said.In case all your years as a journalist and your later stint at Malay Mail did not polished up your English.Or your recent trip to Australia.If you need an interpreter please feel free to ask.They have many half past sixes at Utusan.

By the way what I said was that BN politicians involved in cases of corruption of hundreds of millions has seen inaction from the MACC after months and years after the reports were lodged.Whereas opposition members alledged to have committed corruption involving thousands of ringgit has saw the MACC and PDRM springing into action after hours the reports were lodged.

Surely you,Bru is oblivious of the happenings going on inside Macc buildings.In case you do not know,let me update you of cases where witnesses went sent flying out of MACC office windows like UFO's.

And if in case you do not know if our public institutions are really independent or under the thumb of their political masters,please feel free to ask any strangers you meet on the streets or on your way to work.Or you can call and ask Dr Mahathir.Did you not hear Dr Mahathir ask Shahrizat to start packing her bags.After asking and doing your own homework then please come back and tell me if I am right or wrong.

bruno said...


have you done your homework.Talk to the guys on the streets yet.Pro Umno bloggers can only spin so much,and the carrots Umno is dangling in front of you guys are to juicy to pass.So who is the corrupted now.

Look at the mirror and ask yourself what has happened after you left NST's and the time you joined MM.Sometimes it is better not to open your big mouth,mate.Speaking Aussie,without slang after recent trip,eh.

Anonymous said...

To Bruno and other doubters like him I can only assure them that proselytising of Muslims in the Malay states have been going on for a long time; at first very subtly because pre- MERDEKA the British were quite scrupulous about their agreements with the Malay rulers.In the colonies of Penang, Malacca and Singapore it was a different story, just as in the conquered territories of the Philippines and the Netherlands East Indies. However,after Merdeka some church leaders slowly started to 'test the water' beginning with the orang Asli.

The real turning point came with Malaysia's expulsion of Singapore without consulting Britain and the White Dominion countries. It really angered them. They were convinced that a Malaysia without Singapore would soon become another middle-east failed state. So, it got to some church leaders in the region that a quickening proselytizing effort was necessary using christianized people of the Malay stock from Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak.
Overtime they found the Malay community's achilles' heal - the neglected poor, the rejected drug- addicts (the ranting ulema called them 'najis' but the priests and church workers call them 'my son').
They use subtle arguments to promote the idea that they are the true muslims, the true followers of Allah because, among other things the Qur'an mention Jesus over a hundred times but Muhamad a bare four times. So, what does this mean? (This was part of the quiz questions found on the scene at the controversial Methodist church in Selangor.)Then they go about to show their entrapped subjects how little they know about their own religion Islam compared to these ensnarers. And all the time they give these rejected people a place to belong to, a deep sense of care, worldly comfort, etc. You can imagine the effect.
Read the introduction chapter of Reza Aslan's book,"No God but God"which is on the shelf of most book stores. Aslan is an Iranian American teaching religions at two US universities. Then you will understand why the current insistence by Christian evangelists to call God, Allah. and why the invitees to the Selangor Methodist church thanks- giving function, whether christians or targetted muslims, to wear malay dress, pass through bunga manggar and be greeted with muslim salutations.
Then why were the ensnarers not charged under criminal law? can't answer that. Politic, insufficiency of evidence? Even to charge for attempt to commit a crime, the rules on proximity and remoteness applies to the inchoate crime.
Muslims have never prepared their children and people how to see through these subtle evangelistic activities and how to counter them.But when we start to go along this line where we have to show the flaws in the arguments about the LOGOS, about Arianism, about the concensus at the Nicean ecumenical conference, about the unitary christians, who still have an association in the US, this will surely lead us on a collision course and is this what we want?

I appeal to Malay Rulers, ulama and political leaders to hold a conclave of intellectual muslims and the ulama so that needy Muslims are taken care of, so that Muslims are properly educated and not treated with condecension by ulama are not capable of meeting this new threat with wide scholarship. Neumann

Anonymous said...

Well said Anonymous 12.52pm

- Elizabeth Taylor @ Saodah Puteh