Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Uncle Kit....

This photograph that appeared on the front page of the New Sunday Times was NOT doctored.

It was taken by an NST photographer. Authentic.

The NST did not say that he was carrying a knife, nor made any suggestions about the protester.
In fact, at the point of the photograph being taken, the identity of this protester was not known until of course, he revealed himself later.

So, it is just this picture. And by any newspaper standard -- a good picture.

It may not be worth a thousand words nor tell the whole story. But a good picture.

So, Uncle Kit, you may not like this picture but it was not doctored, nor tampered with.


Anonymous said...


Tak payah nak ber'uncle, uncle' dengan Apek Cina Tua tu. It's not the time for diplomacy with this kind of creature.

Kalau sudah hati komunis, komunis jugak. Even though how hard we tried to tell them that the picture is not doctored, they will not accept fact.


I support free and fair elections said...

Kak, i think the point is made by you - it does not tell the whole story. And that really is the point. The photo is not doctered but the story is. Why should the the oldest broadsheet in the country resort to such selective journalism?


I support F&F elections,

Thank you for your comment.

You know, no picture taken during instances like this will tell the whole story.

I imagine if it turned out that this guy was an Umno guy, the chorus would be different.

You do understand what selective journalism is, don't you?

This will not be the last time such a photo will appear in the NST. It was not the first time, either.

And if you scan past issues of some of the major publications of the world, you will find similar photos.
ANd they don't tell the whole story either.

So, please-lah. Just because the photo does not serve some political leaders agenda...%$#^&&

Anonymous said...

Berita Minggu Front page (not NST) did stated that knife was carried during the rally... Yes the picture was not doctored but to falsely report that was a knife instead of a flag is wrong and highly seditious



i cannot speak on behalf of BH. yes, i agree, it was wrong to have reported that the flag he was carrying was a knife.
But it is not seditious.

Thank you.

Sally said...

" you may not like this picture but it was not doctored, nor tampered with"
So, Kak, what happened to the flag he was allegedly holding? Why can't I see it in the photo if it wasn't doctored, nor tampered with"?

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what is it that you want to see? the flag?

we never said he was carrying anything. the protester clarified that he was carrying a flag not a knife.

so, what do you think a flag that could be mistaken for a knife would look like?

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Anonymous said...

A simple picture. My focus was on its question, namely, 'PEACEFUL?' as well. A simple question.

Simple picture, simple question. Kudos.

Malay Mathematician, UK

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the NST is being irresponsible in a similar fashion to some of the UK tabloids, who are infamous for generating stories out of nothing. Whether it was intentional or not, the paper is pointing a finger at the intentions of the protestor and the rally in general. Pardon me for being pessimistic, but the government through the mainstream media has been making excuses to justify their over-reaction in handling the demonstrators (and I believe that the use of tear gas and water cannons is inexcusable). Thus, I am reluctant to believe that the NST is being unbiased in their reporting. If the NST is in the business of responsible journalism, a fairer stance might be to use pictures in a side-by-side comparison of the protestor and the police using tear gas and water cannons.

Anonymous said...


boleh sapa terangkan kenapa gambar lelaki itu agak menonjol..maksud saya, di belakangnya ada asap...dan semua pic org dibelakangnya kabur disebabkan asap dia tidak?

dan pasal bendera, saya ada tgk dlm utube...memang lelaki ni pegang bendera, tp dlm gambar ni seolah2 kain bendera tu dihilangkan...hulu batang yg dipegang tu masih sama dgn hulu bendera yg saya tgk dlm utube??


anon@4:24AM: tak pergi belajar photography..

ini basic saja.

pasal bendera -- hai..kalau dah tak percaya, apa kami nak buat!

Anonymous said...

please dont get personal to cover your shorcomings.

Anonymous said...

kena tunjuk ajar juga akak you, si dato' marina tu...kureng sgt dia sekarang ni!! memalukan Tun betul!!