Wednesday, June 29, 2011

And Is Malaysia Airlines Banning Babies In First Class?

When I read this article on, I thought Malaysia Airlines is really taking care of its high-end passengers.

It said that the airline has introduced the baby ban after receiving a number of complaints about crying infants from first class passengers.

And I expect some quarters would take exception to the "ruling" because it does smack of "discrimination". Today, babies. Tomorrow?

Anyway, I thought we should not take the Australian Business Traveller's word for it, although it quoted Malaysia Airlines CEO Tengku Azmil as saying that first-class passengers complained about spending a lot of money and not being able to sleep “due to crying infants".

A colleague checked with Malaysia Airlines to confirm it there is such a ban.
A statement was swiftly issued.

MAS denied the story. No such ban.

The thing is bassinet facilities were originally available in the First, Business and Economy class zones of the 747’s.
"In 2003, Malaysia Airlines embarked on a revamp of First and Business class cabin of the B747s. The First class seat configuration was reduced from 18 to 12 for passengers to enjoy increased cabin space and extended legroom."

"Each new seat came with an electrically operated ottoman that doubles as a visitor seat and could convert to a lie-flat bed with the main seat. As a result of this seat revamp and the introduction of the ottoman, there was no facility for positioning bassinets in the First Class of the B747s."

"The business and economy cabins of its 747-400s, like the rest of its current fleet, are equipped with bassinet facilities to cater for infant travel."

So, what about Tengku Azmil's remark?

No comment on that from Malaysia Airlines.

Well...First class passengers don't want babies in their class, so they "pass them" to business and economy classes.

Babies don't fly for free. And when you travel in whatever classes, you share that space with other paying passengers. It is not your private space.
It's "public transport" -- not a hotel, as a close friend remarked.

There are ways to fly on public transport without having babies for company.....

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