Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bringing Down Taib Mahmud

From the latest posting by Rocky's Bru "Bolsover Revolution, Against Taib Mahmud : At 9am on Feb 28 (Monday), a group calling themselves Friends of Pakatan Rakyat will be at Bolsover Street, London, to speak up against Sarawak chief minister Taib Mahmud, highlighting his excesses and abuses, his ill-gotten wealth etc.

Here's the email that Rocky received:

"On 26th March 2011, it will be
30 years since the Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud, one of the most corrupt politicians of South-East Asia came to power. On the 28th February concerned Malaysians and friends would like to highlight Taib's personal responsibility for the chopping down of most of Sarawak's rainforests at the expense of the indigenous communities. We would also like to protest against the international community's inaction with regard to Taib's blatant corruption and his placement of assets worth millions of dollars in Western countries.

With the impending election, we aim to:
- discredit the Taib reign internationally as a corrupt kleptocracy that has earned its riches through logging and corruption.
- Pressure the authorities in Malaysia (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission MACC) and western countries (Canada,USA, UK and Australia) to start investigations against the Taib family.
- In England - assets of Ridgeford Properties Ltd, belonging to the Taib family, should be frozen. The serious fraud office (SFO) should determine if the Taib family financed the real estate swindler Archilleas Kallakis."


Selangor menteri besar Khalid Ibrahim has already called on the Sarawak people to bring down Taib in the upcoming state elections.

"Stepping down is the biggest challenge Taib has to face, and I hope that the people will answer this challenge by electing leaders whom they believe have the interests of the people at heart and one who will lead the state to greater heights and prosperity.

"There is no need to be agitated or frightened by Taib's refusal because we do not want to answer him by arguing with him. The answer for the people of Sarawak lies in the ballot boxes," he said in an interview with Radio Free Sarawak yesterday.

The rest of the story HERE.


al-Deen amin said...

He has definitely overstayed his welcome and now become a liability to BN. With the cronyism, excess baggage and collection of skeletons in the cupboard his hands are tied and subject to giving way and even blackmail.

Easily, the Chinese demand 2000ha to help finance their schools. This idea started in Perak. Zambry (BN) being in a weak position need to appease Chinese voters.

He has been saying all the while that no one yet capable to replace him. That shows poor leadership but more of greed. He is supposed to groom people during the 3 decades at the helm. At one time he was hoping his son could take over.

He is a man of the past when head-hunting was a passion. How many heads he has rolled in the land of the hornbills!

Ir. Wahidah said...

You have posted articles criticising John Mallot's piece in the Wall Street Journal.

Now John Mallot has replied to some of the allegations made about him by all the pro-UMNO bloggers and by NST.

It can be found here:

Now if you are truly a deserving editor, a truly balanced purveyor of information, do you dare post John Mallot's response in your blog, to go together with your posts that criticised him?

Let's see if you would do this.

I can bet my last penny you won't.

Anonymous said...

Kak Nuraina

You have to understand why the people of Sarawak want him to go. Please read

Anonymous said...

kak ena,

i have no idea what's going on in Sarawak.

Whatever it is, the people should vote wisely....because in the end, they deserve the leaders they choose.

By the way, kak you think someone (mentally deranged, you know who) is posting comments in your blog...
same person posting the same thing in Rocky Bru's.
We will always know, right? the tone is always, er...bitchy and vicious. That ugly green thing always popping out.
hassn't gotten over you. haha.

Lee said...

Why demonstrate in London ? Kalau ada bola demonstrate lah di Kuching atau KL !Better to vote him out of the government lah instead of seeking publicity.Peaceful demonstration will be more meaningful if done in Kuching !

Haslinda The Cutiepie said...

Those who here ask "if Taib really stole Sarawak's money, why isn't he in the top richest man in Malaysia list?"

Simple answer --> The money is undeclared, cannot be estimated by known stocks and holdings, and is hidden.

IT IS FOR THE SAME REASON that Hosni Mubarak, with his estimated US50 billion, is not No. 1 on the Forbes Billionaire's list. In fact, he is not on that list at all.

Similarly, Taib stole the nation's wealth through Sarawak for decades.




Anak Perelih said...

Taib Mahmud is the only MB/KM that own a bank... Bank Utama which swallowed RHB Bank... that made Rashid Hussin shed his tears when he was forced to sell RHB Bank to Bank Utama by Mahathir's bank merger...

Anonymous said...

RadioFreeSarawak is a political tool created and funded by the commie DAP regime of Penang. We know exactly who they are and what they do. We also know that some purportedly pro-Govt media personnel are also "feeding" this anti-govt elements. Its just a matter of time.
freddy kulleh

Anonymous said...

Sarawak is by far a better developed state than Kelantan.

Both states are run by old coots. But why is there so much hue and cry by outsiders about Sarawak?

Just compare Kelantan with Sarawak. Zero in on Kuching and Kota Bharu. Both states are run by grumpy old men but Sarawak outshines Kelantan by miles.

So, what does this indicate?


Zirafah said...


EVEN IF Radio Sarawak IS founded by DAP "commies" as you say...

This is one thing you cannot dispute ---> Is it true or not that Taib Mahmud is a filthy corrupt guy that has sucked up hundreds of millions if not billions of Sarawak's money for his own pockets?

This is what Radio Sarawak has exposed.

So, are you saying that the "commies" are doing a damn good job at exposing kemungkaran?

Then DAP is more Islamic than Barisan Nasional, which has corrupt 'billionaire' Menteri Besars like Taib!

Way to go DAP, way to go Pakatan and Third Force!

man on da street said...

May I ask how many of the comentators are from Sarawak? Lets do a head count not head hunters mind you!Its easy, sit in front of your PC and throw some comments without realising and understanding the racial composition of the various ethnics groups in Sarawak! How many do we have in Semananjung, and how many do they have in Sarawak? Anybody true blue blood Sarawakians like to comment? Does anyone of the commentators really been to the interiors and absorb the various ethnics cultures? By the way does anyone of you is that linguistic savvy to relate to the ethnics groups? IF not shut up your fucking mouth and try to stay in the most interior of the longhouses and do your wayang kulit , konon konon untuk menegakkakan keadilan. Stay at the long houses without feeling any remorse! What trees are felling bro, thats the sumber pendapatan for Sararawak, other than the Minyak,, what else you want to generate the economy, jual kacang putih kah? Are you idioits telling me US of A does not fell trees? Canada does not fell trees? Or the Sothern American does not fell trees? What else Sarawak wants to trade , hunts crocodiles and sells their skin, thats is also wrong aint it. So BABI AKA Anuwar Ibrahim is not rich? Where does does he gets his wealth from , selling his seasoned , old timers backside? I dont think thats gonna sells aint . it you faggots? Just there is an oppurtunity to criticised, you guys just jump the bandwagon and join the crowd. So convenient, so does anyone of you does any homework? So does any polticians is poor and mesra rakyat, take Gandhi the great for example>? until today, starting from INDIRA GANDHI, RAJIV, Now menantu, originated from italy, running the helms of the Congress Party, and her son is also a congressman? Politics is dirty , but dont be an idiotic fools to simply supports idiots!

Anonymous said...

Those who say that others are corrupted. Are you yourself free of sin?