Friday, November 28, 2008

MIC Welcomes Pak Lah's Yoga Statement

MIC has welcomed and thanked Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for his statement on the yoga ruling by the National Fatwa Council.

MIC secretary-general Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said Abdullah's statement was an explanation acceptable to all parties.

"I hope with the explanation, there will no longer be disagreements or conflicting statements on yoga practice," he said in a statement here Thursday.

He said MIC considered the prime minister's explanation as sufficient and the issue should not be prolonged.

On Saturday, the National Fatwa Council ruled that systematic yoga was haram (forbidden in Islam) as it involved chanting of mantra and acts of worship which are against Islamic teachings.

On Wednesday, Abdullah said Muslims who performed yoga exercise with no elements of worship could continue and the non-Muslims should not feel hurt or slighted by the fatwa as it was only applicable to Muslims.

(Source: Bernama)


Mahyudin said...

Diharap selepas ini isu pengharaman yoga tidak lagi dipertikaikan oleh mana-mana pihak. Pak Lah dah pun buat kenyataan berkenaan isu ini. Lepas ni jangan ada lagi yang menghentam Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan yang menjalankan tugas meleraikan kekusutan dan kesamaran berkaitan isu agama...

rozi66 said...

What's the fuss? Why need until PM to clear it? Can't all of those that questioning the fatwa understand what the fatwa says? To me all is very clear with the fatwa issued. Except those whom do not want to understand or those from other religion which does not understand the fatwa (and forgot that they hv no right to question it).

White said...

Glad to know that the leaders are setting good example to rakyat about this issue.
That's the way to go. Make it as clearly as possible so that there's no misunderstanding later.

Anonymous said...

korang memang bodoh, apa, kalau bodawi kata ok, semua beres??? Muslim, islam fatwa, jihad? apa kata fatwa haramkan rokok? tak boleh kan?? korang nie tak kan maju!

razali hakim said...

i dont think there's any need to stir up on this matter.with the statement made by Pak Lah,it's already clear that muslims also can practise yoga without the elements of to all Hindu people do not feel that the fatwa is an insult towards Hindu religion.the fatwa applies only for muslims.

Anonymous said...

jangan-lah beryoga,
mari-lah bersilat,
dengan keris-lah !!
( tune : cindy-oh-cindy )

Anonymous said...

Too small an issue to argue about. There are other bigger issues to look into by Majlis Fatwa ......maksiat, RASUAH, murtad, dan banyak lagi.

Anonymous said...

Tanda nak akhir zaman....yang tak arif agama membicarakan soal agama!!